Single Source Lemon Heads Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:34 pm
March 24, 2024
Lemon Heads Cannabis Strain from Single Source Solventless TerpGuide Review
Single Source
Lemon Heads
Lemon G x Face Off OG BX1
Sourced From
Colorado Harvest Company
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Invigorating and powerful effects
Top shelf lemon profile
Super duper smooth
Basically caffeine


The cut of Lemon Heads that Single Source has hits all of the top marks a great lemon-sativa flower strain should despite its modest, almost bushy appearance. It was grown and cured to perfection, reeks of lemon rinds, tastes equally great, and will seriously get you going. Limonene lightweights beware: you may need a seatbelt for this one if you smoke too much of it in one sitting. This was one of our favorites in recent memory in the dried cannabis department and earned its stripes as a true TerpGuide Headstash product.

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

Single Source, which is mainly known for their solventless live rosin, also does flower drops if you’ve never gotten a chance to try them. For this review we got our hands on an eighth of their coveted cut of Lemon Heads (Lemon G x Face Off OG BX1) flower which, for full disclosure, came on the heels of some raving reviews from people we know. It arrived in a high quality full black glass jar that is the kind of packaging you’d keep around to store other strains in later. 

The buds in our vessel were all small to medium in size and not necessarily distinct in any particular way. The optics here are plenty of trichomes, a nice, classically pointy mottled green calyx structure, and overall a tightly manicured trim job. If you couldn’t smell it or taste it, you might not jump out of your seat to buy some admittedly. It was very carefully dried and cured it seems because the texture is just right – not crispy, not spongy, with just enough satisfying resistance to being finger crushed that doesn’t compress itself. Thankfully even though the Lemon Heads isn’t a show stopper visually, it nails it in every single other aspect, which are the ones that ultimately matter.

Single Source Lemon Heads Cannabis Strain Macro Image


There’s something to be said about high grade limonene-forward profiles, whether it’s hash or especially sometimes flower. This phenotype of Lemon Heads absolutely reeks of candied lemon rinds with a hint of skunk and even some bouquets of floral-ness on the back of my nostrils, which largely mirrors our live rosin review of the same strain. It’s pretty loud on the scent scale and you’ll be hard pressed not to stink up any room a closed jar of it sits in, let alone your car. Any time I put a modest sized nug through my grinder, predictably it takes the lemony zest to a much higher level. Even if lemon-flavored foods or beverages aren’t your thing, I think the vast majority of cannabis consumers (avid or otherwise) will love the fine perfume-like quality of the strain. You’d be hard pressed not to say this is one of the better smelling cannabis products you’ll come across out there.

Mode of Consumption

The age old debate of water-filtered bong, bubble, or sherlock versus glass spoon or joint was not settled this time unfortunately. I went through most of the flowers in my spoon but also took a few samples through my small water pipe as well. I’d argue that for this one, if you want to get the full palate effect, I’d stick with an unfiltered experience, but you can’t really go wrong either way. I’d also recommend packing smaller bowls in general if that’s the route you go to savor it, because this is a special strain that should be enjoyed consciously, not as a part of a giant joint or mega bong rip. 

Lemon Heads Cannabis Strain Close Up Image

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

What’s surprising about the flavor is that it isn't sweet at all in the way you might expect it to be, it’s much more sharp lemon with a small serving of loamy earth on your tongue. It asks you to actually think about what you’re inhaling unlike many strains that just come and go through your mind as the cognitive changes set in. As much as I love candy-reminiscent strains, especially in hash form like Single Source’s Wedding Pie x Tropical Skittlez rosin batter, this cut of Lemon Heads in dried flower is a welcome change of pace. This is a hard hitting strain from the moment you open the jar to when you finally come down off the high, so be prepared for its intense character across the board. That said, it does smoke very, very smoothly and burns down to the right white ash I’m always looking for which indicates a near perfect final flush and patience in the curing process.


If you like high octane sativas that get your ass in gear, Lemon Heads will deliver this for you almost certainly in spades. While we recognize that everyone’s experience with the sativa-hybrid-indica continuum is wildly different, and that some places online list this strain as a mostly indica, the chemotype Single Source is cultivating is not going to let most people cruise down the slow lane and chill. I found its effects to be sharp, focused, and even a little hyper at times whether I sampled it day or night. It provided me with a noticeably consistent caffeine-like biological response. It does have a bit of a sleepy come down at first, but that wears off and leaves you back at baseline if you’re adequately fed and hydrated. Thanks for the ride home I guess? Originally from the masterminds at Archive Seed Bank, the cross here between the modern classic Lemon G and Face Off OG BX1 (a clone only cultivar from them apparently) is a wonderfully aggressive combination of genetics. I’m sure there are cuts of Lemon Heads that perhaps lean in a more mellow direction, but I loved taking this ride while the eighth lasted. 

As a word of caution for the readership, if certain limonene-heavy strains give you a little anxiety, I’d go light on this one. I fortunately never get that raciness too much if at all, but as wiser men have said, know thyself. It clocks in at a claimed 17.64% THC but don’t let its moderate potency numbers trick you into thinking it’s not strong. It is. If you like going fast like I do however, Single Source’s Lemon Heads flower is an absolute must try and is one of the better dried cannabis strains I’ve smoked this year. I’m told they don’t drop it far and wide, so if you see some and that engaged sativa experience is your thing, you really have to try it.

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