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Single Source Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez Headstash Rosin Batter Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:45 pm
March 24, 2024
Single Source Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez Headstash Rosin Batter Review
Single Source
Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez Head Stash Rosin Batter
(Wedding Cake x Grape Pie) x (Tropicana Cookies x Forbidden Zkittlez)
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Fruity flavors gone wild
Effects that are most chill indeed
Unique caramel, burnt-sugar color
Big time terpy and sticky


Attention fruity hash lovers: Single Source’s Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez Headstash rosin batter is calling your name. If the cross alone isn’t enough to pique your interest on a store menu, its aroma reeks of Concord grape, orange fruit smoothie and smacks the ole’ tastebuds with heavy flavor to match. We’re fortunate to have gotten our hands on some of it and think unless you're a gas or OG purist, you will want to as well.


The gram of Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez we got from Single Source meets their grade of “Headstash” for a rosin batter and came to us unrefrigerated. It’s a very shelf stable live rosin which is a nice touch and only changed consistency slightly after getting whipped and stirred some for the texture video I shot. I was somewhat surprised to see how burnt sugar caramel-brown it is given the intense fruity terpenes (more on that below), but upon closer inspection I think it’s also pretty likely there were ample anthocyanins in the wash. The trichomes must have been taken to full term too, which made for an uncommon but still very tantalizing color profile. It developed a beautiful terpene-puddle sheen after about 24 hours that reflects light from each little crease and valley that developed and softly melted post-stir.

Single Source Live Rosin Batter Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez Macro


In the most common application of the word, the Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez is a 7 out of 10 on the loudspeaker scale as far as hash goes. The aroma is a lovely jumble of botanic garden floral, fruity sweetness that’s hard to separate into any one particular analog aside from a sort of purple grape soda element that comes through at the end. The Grape Pie part of the Wedding Pie cross (Wedding Cake crossed with Grape Pie) is what that must be all about, and the phenotype Single Source probably leans in that direction. I dig it. It’s hard to describe how much I love smelling it in the jar. If you’re all about gas and don’t care for the fruit, I’d say steer clear, but if you have a sweet tooth there is no doubt the scent profile will be alluring in an uncanny way.

Mode of Consumption

No need to overcomplicate things this time, it was straight to the glass rig and quartz banger for me. I’ve been a big fan of cold start dabs lately, and decided to continue the trend here. It’s pretty simple if you’ve never tried it before. Just add your hash to the bottom of your banger, heat it with your torch until it just begins to bubble and melt, and presto – you’ve got a ticket to flavor town. If you’re OK with the mantra “waste to taste” then cold start dabs are the way to go, but if you want to rip clouds, keep it going with the torch just a bit longer. I did find this hash to be on the quite sticky side of most batters and struggled to get it off my tool into the bottom, so be prepared to work at it a little bit. No biggie though.

Headstash Live Rosin Batter from Single Source Packaging Image

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Single Source managed to pack a lot of flavor into a small jar here, but just make sure to swab your banger or bucket well after your dabs because the darker rosin will be apparent if you don’t hit it with a Q-tip pronto! It’s smooth and rich with the taste of sugared fruit tree flowers upfront that is reminiscent of straight Tropicana Cookies (one of the parent lineages here to be sure), which if you haven’t tried it, is a citrusy, pastry dough-like strain that’s been famous for years. True to form, I got another dose of the Concord grape towards the end and did not find myself coughing or hoping to tame it. This is some seriously tasty hash and it walks the walk in that department for sure. When you take two heavyweight strains in the fruit palate department and breed them together, wonderful things happen apparently. I really wish I had a full terpene lab test to look at because there’s no doubt in my mind this run of Wedding Pie x Tropical Zkittlez in live rosin form is stacked. Even a modest size dab will get your neighbors to come knocking to try some, so make sure discretion is not needed when you’re sessioning this particular rosin batter.


More than anything this hash will set your dial to chill mode as it did for me almost immediately. We talk about the vague and questionable nature of indica vs. hybrid vs. sativa chemotypes a lot in our reviews, but almost everyone is likely to have a prototypical, heavily indica-leaning experience here that stops just short of couchlock. It came on very strong at first and a little spacey but quickly mellowed out into a balanced, yeah I’m digging this, where are the snacks stoney feeling. I found it to be rather friendly too if that makes sense – it’s the kind of strain that would probably come to the sesh with pizza if it could, but you’ll just have to do that yourself unfortunately. If you don’t have a ton to do or are looking to hit the unwind button, this rather special live rosin from Single Source has what the doctor ordered. Overall it’s the kind of hash I would not hesitate to pick up another gram of when it came back around with the intention to share amongst friends. If you get a chance to try it, you’ll be happy you did.

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