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We created TerpGuide because as cannabis connoisseurs and individuals who work in the industry, we became frustrated with the untrustworthy experiences trying to find great new products on existing websites. They rarely offered any information that seemed reliable to us when product quality is anyone’s and everyone’s guess. It’s our goal to help you find better cannabis options by offering up real information on only things we think are actually worth your money. Everything you see on TerpGuide has been smoked, dabbed, vaped, or eaten by our team.

Our Mission

TerpGuide exists to empower consumers so that anyone can find the best hash, flower, edibles, vapes, and accessories.

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Our Product Ratings Explained

At TerpGuide, we only review products that are worth your time. Just like anything that’s consumed, the qualities of cannabis can be very subjective. That’s why instead of overly complicated grading systems, we objectively evaluate each product’s main qualities and have three tiers so you can decide whether or not it’s something you’d want to try.

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Not everything can be Premium or Headstash rated on TerpGuide, but Approved products are ones that hit the mark on most aspects that we’re looking for a quality selection to possess. We only publish reviews that are at this level or higher, so even if it’s not going to win a trophy, it’s still worth picking up any day.

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Premium products are typically going to be some of the best you can find at your local dispensary. Premium rated items carry high grades across almost all aspects from flavor to effects and are ones that are truly better than the majority of what’s out there.

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Headstash products are ones that receive our highest rating – the coveted Headstash category is reserved only for the best of the best. This designation is given exclusively when every single aspect of a product is top quality. If you see this ranking, you know it’s a world-class option.

What Products We Review

Sometimes they say you have to stick to your guns, and that’s what we’ve decided to do at TerpGuide – we only review the following types of products because we believe they’re the only ones that are worth your money.

Extracts & Concentrates

We only cover solventless-only hash, rosin, and vaporizers because this ensures that whatever has gone into these products was high quality to begin with without exception.

Solventless RosinSolventless Rosin
Solventless Edibles


When it comes to edibles, we review all types because even though we’re partial to solventless, making a great edible often has as much to do with a magical recipe as it does the active ingredient.


We review dried flower and pre-rolls (especially infused ones) of all kinds, from every variety of growing media, but pay very close attention to test results, cultivator volume, and quality.

Dried  Flower


Does TerpGuide post sponsored reviews?

No, all of the reviews we post are organic and are based on our team’s opinions exclusively. We partner with dispensaries and plant touching brands of all kinds who provide products for us to review, but nothing we cover is pay-to-play. This is critical for us to maintain the integrity and impartiality of our process to give our audience the best possible information.

Does TerpGuide post negative reviews?

Answer: No, we do not post negative reviews of products, only positive ones of selections our team feels is truly worth of your time and money. TerpGuide is run by a small team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts who want to focus only on covering great cannabinoid-based products objectively. We do receive products that do not meet our minimum Approved criteria, which do not get coverage. If you’d like to learn more about our rating criteria, check out our blog on that very topic here.

Why aren’t there terpene results on every review?

Due to the cost and irregularity of terpene test results, many brands nowadays elect not to do them. It's unfortunate that this is the case very frequently and one that is deeply important to us as a company. TerpGuide’s reviews will always report all available testing data on a given product, which is usually just cannabinoid information in our experience. We do our best to use our senses to tease out what terpenes could be present when they are not tested for, but try not to speculate too aggressively in order to not accidentally mislead our readers.

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