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Single Source Lemon Heads Live Rosin Batter Review

Cliff Haney
Last updated at
4:45 pm
March 24, 2024
Single Source Lemon Heads Live Rosin Batter Review
Single Source
Lemon Heads Headstash Rosin Batter
Lemon G x Face Off OG
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Sweet dried lemon peel candy flavor
Soft and wet texture
Energizes the body, calms the mind


Calling all citrus lovers. Remember those Lemonhead hard candies you’d get at the movie theaters when you were a kid? The flavor of this Lemon Head Headstash Rosin Batter from Single Source is like the organic version of that. The smell of this strain will smack you in the face from a foot away. These genetics from Archive Seed Bank are a testament to the absolute bangers that were crossed with their infamous Lemon G cut. It’s hard to imagine a strain name better capturing the essence of the product itself.


This batter is one of the softest and thinnest I’ve ever gotten my hands on. At room temperature the texture is similar to almond butter that’s been heated. Straight out of the refrigerator it is a much more thick and firm batter texture. As I stirred the jar, I noticed there was barely any resistance to my dab tool.

Single Source Lemon Heads Headstash Rosin Batter Macro


Upon opening the jar, a strong scent of decomposing lemon peel filled the room. The fragrance was distinct from any other citrus or lemon varieties I had come across, displaying a remarkably intricate aroma with multiple layers of different scents. The combination of decay and zestiness stood out a lot compared to the large amount of similar strains on the shelf at the time. The strong aromas from this jar lasted for weeks sitting at room temperature.

Mode of Consumption

I picked this product up just before heading into the mountains for a camping trip, so the Puffco Proxy was the only device I had handy for my first taste test. The green heat setting seemed to be the perfect balance of flavor and effects. Once I got back home to my go-to Ill glass rig, I followed up with a 480°F on a quartz banger. I try to dab at lower temperatures with lemon strains, as many of them have caused some anxiety for me in the past if I dab above 500°F.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

My first inhale of this product was met with bursting flavors of dried lemon peel candy. The kind of citrus that will make your mouth pucker. The exhale added a layer of complexity to the flavor as my mouth was taken over by a velvety coating. A cotton mouth sensation was quick to follow. Overall, this strain was the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and citrus.


The first sign of the effects kicking in was the “headband” effect that increased pressure along the center of my head. It felt like I had a massive pair of ski goggles on. The next effect that took hold was a relaxed mind and heavy eyes. My body actually felt the complete opposite as I started to feel energetic and racy. My reflexes were insane. My tiny apartment has limited space in the shelves so something is always falling out of a cabinet. On one occasion, I caught two falling boxes mid air as I was trying to get to something at the very back. 

About 30 minutes after consumption, I started to devour all the food in sight. I usually don’t have the biggest appetite, but this strain changed that in a major way. If you’re looking to clear your mind and devour an entire pizza, this is probably the perfect strain for you.          

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