Single Source Rez Sour Diesel Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:33 pm
March 24, 2024
Rez Sour Diesel Flower from Single Source Solventless
Single Source
Rez Sour Diesel
Possibly (Sour Diesel Clone X Sour Diesel) x Soma's NYC Diesel
Sourced From
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Strong sour diesel flavor
Surprisingly chill effects
Smooth yet spicy smoke


Single Source’s Rez Sour Diesel flower is an enjoyably relaxed departure from the standard, let’s fucking go Sour Diesel experience while still coming correct with strong flavors and a sneaky potency factor. Even if you feel like you’ve had a lot of this lineage over time, it’s worth grabbing an eighth of when the next drop comes through because this Rez cut checks a lot of boxes most consumers are looking for. On the off chance you really haven’t smoked this strain or one of its close cousins, it’s a classic that demands sampling.

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

As with the other Single Source flower strains we reviewed recently, this eighth of Rez Sour Diesel came in their heavy duty, black glass jar and is apparently a different phenotype of the now vintage varietal. The medium-large, chunky calyxed, almost perfectly trimmed light green nugs are brimming with shiny trichomes. This cut has some real bag appeal and you can tell it was carefully grown just like the Lemon Heads and GMO they also dropped around the time of writing. These buds were easy to grind up or crush with my fingers with just the right amount of hydration despite our typically arid Colorado climate that would make even picky west coast smokers happy (I think). 

Rez Sour Diesel cannabis strain jar from Single Source Solventless


I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Sour Diesel in many varieties in my day but admittedly this is the first time getting my hands on the lauded Rez cut, which was most likely popularized by Reservoir Seeds and their breeder RezDog. It's lineage is murky as there are a few cuts of Sour Diesel Reservoir Seeds released, including the "IBL" version which could be a few clone-plus-Soma's NYC Diesel backcrosses. Regardless, upon opening the jar you’re greeted with that classic slightly fuel-laden, skunk aroma that’s mixed with hints of peppery earth. It isn’t terribly loud on the aroma scale compared to other samples we’ve had over the years, while at the same time it still wants to escape the jar and make sure anyone in its vicinity knows there’s something dank lurking in their environment. Overall it smells like it should but is a little soft on the nostrils as I’m accustomed to more aggressive Sour Diesel cannabis profiles that have a noticeable bite to their scent. 

Mode of Consumption

If you’ve read some of my flower reviews you’ll know that I tend to mix it up frequently with my vehicle of consumption, and if you haven’t, that’s also what I did here. I didn’t find that any particular way was my favorite, but since Sour Diesel can hit pretty hard on the palate, a little water filtration can go a long way even though it mildly dampens that raw, in-your-face flavor. If that’s your preference though, rolling up a joint and sharing it with friends is strongly suggested.

Reservoir Seeds Rez Sour Diesel Flower Macro

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Whatever the Rez Sour Diesel lacked in aroma, it certainly makes up for in flavor. It has that strong sour gas-skunk flavor any good chemotype should, especially in dried flower form. In comparison to the Single Source Sour Diesel cold cure live rosin I also recently reviewed, it doesn't have the same floral essence but packs a lot more oomph on the tongue and throat that got me coughing properly any time I ventured to take a decent sized rip. It’s quite smooth but does have some peppery, hint of actual spice accompaniment to the smoke itself which is robust and satisfying simultaneously. Even with a few coughs, the dry mouth was also consistently mild as it's a common side effect I can do without. You can really taste how clean the flower is through it all and it’s obvious this one was finished up with real care. 


The Sour Diesel lineage is perhaps best known for its foot-on-the-gas, ‘I can do anything’ feeling. This particular Rez version though is a little more relaxed than some varieties out there and even though it certainly makes you feel cognitively lifted, it’s not that sporty. I’d normally advise that only the night owls and the “I do my best work after 9pm folks” should entertain consuming some Sour D at night, however if you get a chance to try this one that isn’t always the case. Even during day time smoke sessions I found it took me down a gear physically and offered a comfortable body high too. It can also be introspective at times, which isn’t terribly common as far as dried cannabis goes for me anyway. 

The effects aren’t what I was expecting, although upon a brief introspection it’s clear that not every Sour Diesel out there, whether it’s east coast, rez, original, or whatever, is going to a strong sativa varietal. I can’t hold that against it either, because it really is a nice one to smoke if you like to toke up on stronger stuff. Even at a middle of the road THC test result narrowly above 18%, it’s a good balance of strength in flavor and potency. I’m a believer that the sum of the effects and quality of flavor are what really make for the best flower, not sheer inebriating power. It is nice to have all three though and if you happen to pay attention to THC percentages when making purchases, I politely suggest broadening your horizons to grab some of this one the next time it drops.

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