Single Source GMO Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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March 24, 2024
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Single Source
Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog
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Strong, savory-funky profile
Plentifully potent
Great overall smoke


What new is there to say about the widely known GMO that hasn’t already been said? Thankfully, Single Source’s cultivation team has both a great cut of it and the skill to deliver some seriously powerful smoke to any who dares. Its modern vintage savory, skunky, gassy profile shines through as you’d hope for while packing an expected potent punch at 24.22% THC. Even if you’ve had GMO many times in the past, it’s widely loved for a reason and we’re confident you’ll probably like it as much as we did.  

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

I always appreciate it when cultivators bring their flower across the finish line to you in a decent quality container, which is how Single Source rolls for their limited dried cannabis drops. We got an opportunity to try an eighth of their cut of GMO, which was procured in their heavy duty black glass jars adorned with a simple black sticker and the distinct Single Source silvered logo. 

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had straight GMO (not to mention the crosses… so many crosses!) but boy does this recent batch shine in the bag appeal department. The majority of the nugs in the jar were fairly tall and have sharp, tight calyxes that are absolutely blanketed in trichomes. When you shine a flashlight on them, there are so many they almost shine like little tiny crystals which are only punctuated by peach-orange pistils and hints of dark forest green. The label indicates a THC test result just north of 24%, so automatically some strength is easily predictable. Just like the Lemon Heads I reviewed from Single Source recently too, the dry and cure appears to be just right.

GMO Cannabis Strain Review from Single Source Photograph


Unless you’ve been sticking to the same handful of strains for the past 5 or 6 years, chances are you’ve smoked GMO before in one form or another. Its characteristically funky, savory, faintly garlicky aroma is present in the phenotype we received that hits all the right notes you’d hope for. It hits you in the nostrils with a signature skunky, “what’s that cooking in the kitchen?” sort of vibe that always makes me a little hungry no matter when I last ate. Both of its parent strains (Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies) are of debatable genetic fidelity these days given how incredibly popular each one was in its heyday, but GMO, which is also often referred to as GMO Cookies is credited to originally being bred by Mamiko Seeds. Many cuts of GMO are also regarded as prolific yielders for ice water hash but as a standalone strain in rosin have largely lost popularity due to oversaturation on shelves. Thankfully, skilled cultivators like Single Source aren’t afraid to make the most of this time honored strain.

Mode of Consumption

I smoked the majority of the GMO we got in a mixture of pinners and packed bowls through my trusty glass spoon, which is what I would suggest unless you’re a water filtering purist (and if you’re curious about which way to go, check out our article on that very topic here). GMO tends to pack a very punchy flavor that isn’t necessarily known for being delicate or soft. One thing I will also suggest here is that GMO lends itself especially well to being ground up and mixed with other strains, especially fruity ones, to make at-home flavor blends that are fun to experiment with.

Single Source Solventless GMO Dried Flower Strain Macro Image

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

It had been a while since I’d smoked GMO prior to writing this review so I found that its flavor was right on point with the great cuts of it I smoked endlessly around 2017-2019 when it was all the rage. The flavor profile hits smooth and strong with a narrow cascade of diesel, earthy hashy-ness, and herbaceous spice that could be a little much for your casual smoker that wants something mild. This particular strain of cannabis is known for possessing powerful zest, and this selection was no different. All that said, as I noted just prior it is quite smooth all the same and only left me with a tiny, minor clearing single cough after even ample sized rips. The flavor really stuck around for a while after each puff, which I rather enjoyed savoring. I didn’t find myself grasping for a drink either, which is a testament to how well the plants were finished. 


My suspicions were proven correct about the anticipated potency and you can expect to get your money’s worth when it comes to its THC content. Single Source’s GMO is a heavy hitter that is going to get you nice and stoned in degrees of haziness. I found smaller amounts to be chill yet cognitively functional, whereas that second inhalation usually will result in procrastination concerning anything serious you had planned to do. I also found it to be rather hazy in larger doses, but that’s enjoyable for me when I know my day is winding down but I’m not ready to hit the hay just yet. Since GMO as a strain has been cultivated and shared so far and wide, there are many different chemotypes floating around everywhere. 

The effects of this cut match the “classic” GMO profile in my mind, being more on the indica side of the spectrum for the most part in touting a stout body high in addition to the relaxation with a sprinkling of mental acuity. I also found that this cut consistently had a very “let it all go” come down which pairs nicely with a shower and some comfortable clothing. Maybe a hot chocolate if it’s that time of year, which it is beginning to be at the time of writing. Unless you’ve completely overdone it on GMO over the years, you should definitely keep your eye out for the next drop from Single Source because it will bring you back to that very first time.

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