Cold Cure Labs Super Boof Live Rosin Cartridge Review

Eric Vlosky
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11:42 am
March 25, 2024
Cold Cure Labs
Super Boof Live Rosin Cartridge (0.5g)
Super Boof (Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies)
Sourced From
The Herbal Cure
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All around great rosin cart
Sweet cherry, orange palate
Focused and amusing effects


We always enjoy it when a particular rosin cartridge reminds us why we don’t vape anything that isn’t solventless. Case in point, Cold Cure Labs’ Super Boof in this form is a perfect example of that. It’s very tasty with clear notes of cherried-oranges and provides a fun, sativa-leaning high that will keep you very focused in smaller doses. It also came with full cannabinoid and terpene test results, which is something we appreciate sincerely because labs don’t do them for free. If you want a delicious solventless vape that is perfect for daytime consumption, we suggest you try and grab one the next chance you get.

Clarity & Perceived Viscosity

It turns out that the hilariously named Super Boof strain is making the rounds in Colorado right now. Cold Cure Labs has their hands on a cut that made its way into a beautifully colored 510 thread live rosin cartridge I was very excited to try. The packaging is simple and has “#ROSINFORTHEPEOPLE” emblazoned on the side of the cartridge tray, which is a nice message given their aggressively low solventless hash prices compared to other brands. They also went the extra mile and got full cannabinoid and terpene test results, which are discussed later on and are summarily solid. The half gram cartridge itself is filled with a purely translucent, aspen-yellow gold rosin that appears especially bright. As far as visual appeal goes for a cartridge, this one has it in spades and the hardware appears to be ceramic inside, which is what we prefer. Half gram volume really is the move when it comes to rosin too. Nice job.

Cold Cure Labs Live Rosin Cartridge Packaging

Hardware Used

We also picked up one of the spanking new AVD Alpha battery systems to do this review. It comes with a couple really nice features, including high and low voltage settings settings (3.2-3.5v and 2.3-2.6v respectively), as well as a very nifty auto preheat feature that helps get the air moving for a proper draw.  It also has an interesting haptic vibration when you draw from it, so you know you’re actually getting something instead of having to press a button, and is completely discrete with a metal screw-on cap. If you didn’t know exactly what you were looking at, it would appear at first like an expensive capped pen.

As with any rosin cartridge, always go for the lower voltage settings if your battery has one. You’ll get a better flavor experience in the mid 2s than anywhere in the 3s, although it usually is at the expense of vapor production. This enables reduced volatilization of the most delicate terpenes, so even though rosin vapes don’t match a proper low temp dab, some can get close.

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Vapor Production

More than anything I really enjoyed the flavor of Cold Cure Labs' phenotype of Super Boof in this particular rosin vape. It’s pleasantly sweet with real notes of cherry and oranges, just like the strain’s lineage suggests. It also has an added hint of floral spice at the end, which brings all of the flavors together nicely. This solventless cartridge comes in at 4.58% total terpenes, which feels appropriate. I really appreciate when brands pay the extra to get full testing done in this department especially, which they did in this case. The dominant terpenes are limonene (1.22%), b-myrcene (1.2%), and b-caryophyllene (1.14%), with a nice spectrum of others in much lower quantities (such as humulene, the next highest concentration, at .34%). It’s not going to smack you in the face, but it is delicious and I found myself sneaking rips throughout numerous days. 

Super Boof is a coveted cut of the strain Blockberry, which we’ve been fortunate to also cover recently in flower form from Bubba’s Kush and a cold cure live rosin from Olio as well. We'd guess they are not all the same chemotypes but are all similar in the overall terpene and effects profile. The vapor experience here was extremely smooth and easy going with no throat burn or any detectable unwanted aftertaste. The finer ripened fruit flavor notes aren’t quite as pronounced in cartridge form compared to the others, but amazingly they are still in there which is a testament to what is a great overall rosin vape.

Super Boof Live Rosin Cart from Cold Cure Labs


The effects are pleasant, fairly clear headed, and rather potent, with this batch testing at 75.15% total THC according to Gobi Labs. Helpfully the packaging features a QR code with a direct link to a full cannabinoid and terpene tests, which you can check out here. There is around 3% CBG and 1.2% CBGA in there too, which I find difficult to put my finger on exactly how it modulates the high but it is different from cartridges that have none in the sense it feels a bit more calming mentally perhaps. 

One thing that I did find with this rosin vape though is that the actual range of effects is interesting. In very small doses, it’s quite focused and hard to notice you’re high much at all. With medium rips or multiple puffs, that potency comes in quickly and you might find the classic “why is this funnier than usual” sorts of thoughts whirring through your brain. In heftier doses, it sets in deeply and will get you earnestly baked in a good way. These are pretty stereotypical descriptions of course, but if you wanted to get creative or stay on track with something complicated, you could probably do it no problem. I really enjoyed this one and while we exclusively smoke rosin carts at TerpGuide, the Super Boof phenotype Cold Cure Labs is running right now really drives the point home why you don’t want to be vaping anything that isn’t solventless.

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