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Olio Blockberry 90 & 120µ Premium Cold Cured Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
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4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Olio Blockberry 90 & 120µ Premium Cold Cured Rosin Review
Blockberry 90 & 120µ Premium Cold Cure Rosin
Blockberry (Black Cherry Punch X Tropicana Cookies)
Sourced From
Higher Grade Dispensary
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Delicious orange blossom flavor
Melts cleanly
Soft and easy to portion


There’s been buzz around Blockhead’s Super Boof (aka Blockberry) strain and it’s valid, especially when it's grown well, processed right, and cured into a doughy cold cure that packs a tart, pungent orange grenade. Olio did just this with their Blockberry Premium Cold Cure Rosin and it checked all boxes in TerpGuide’s criteria.


This rosin came in a rounded mass, which appeared to have a greasy sheen on the surface. This immediately made me curious about what the texture was like if I squished the mass with the Volkswagen Bus dab tool provided by Olio. Upon doing so, the rosin flattened softly, almost like a cookie dough. However, it was interesting to see how the round glob changed from a rich golden hue to a pale blonde color once I manipulated it a bit. The aroma also intensified significantly while poking at this cold cure which led me to believe that the ball shape was really locking those terpenes in.

The Olio Blockberry Rosin Box Turned to the side showing the package details and THC % with the rosin jar wrapped in a pink tissue paper with the Volkswagen dab tool leaning up against it


Given that the Super Boof flower we got our hands on had a strong Black Cherry Punch-forward essence, I somewhat expected that to be the case with this rosin too. However, one half of the Blockberry’s parentage is Tropicana Cookies, so there’s a good chance that orange notes will be present. While the Black Cherry Punch didn’t dominate , I’m pleased to report that the scent on this was a delicious, tart orange candy aroma finished with a classic Tropicana Cookies pungence. Unlike many hashes, there was not much, if any earthiness or skunkiness involved with the aroma of this cold cure. Taking a long deep whiff of it slightly stung my nostrils and the back of my throat with its citrusy punch.

Mode of Consumption

Based on the intensity of the aroma, I decided to do a cold start dab using my glass rig and quartz banger. Granted I tried it a few different ways, chipping away at the gram, the cold start is easily the most delicious. I find that valencene terpenes are pretty sensitive to high heat, so it’s best to go low with orange strains in my experience. When dabbing via cold start, I dropped a Tic Tac-sized dab into the cold quartz and heated it gently until it began bubbling, which was approximately 4 seconds here. I covered the banger then inhaled the smooth and flavorful white smoke.

A Small Scoop of Olio's Blockberry Premium Cold Cured Rosin on the Volkswagen Bus Shaped Dab Tool, Resting on the edges of the open dab jar

Flavors & Mouthfeel

When it comes to the flavor and mouthfeel of the Blockberry, you can expect a vibrant experience. As I inhaled my first dab, a wave of zesty orange notes tingled the back of my throat and a citrus rind-dominance coated the roof of my mouth. The flavor profile is reminiscent of tart orange candy, with a tangy punch that smacks the palate. All things considered, the flavor and aroma both lean heavy towards the Tropicana Cookies half of its parentage.


Around 4pm, I took my first dab of the day, which was from this gram of cold cure. Pretty much immediately after inhaling, I felt a warm sensation in my chest and noticed an increased heart rate. It gave me a second wind after a long day sitting at the computer working on various tasks. I felt a wave of motivation, so I decided to clean and organize the house a bit. I also felt a little goofy after this dab which was uplifting and fun, leading me to believe it would be an excellent choice for a social setting or just a good ol’ daytime energy boost. Olio’s Blockberry is a treat in every sense of the word with its delicious, tart orange flavor and tantalizing, get-something-done effects.

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