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Summit Select Solventless Chem Dawg Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:42 pm
March 24, 2024
Summit Select Solventless Chem Dawg Live Rosin Review
Chem Dawg Mixed Micron Live Rosin
Chem Dawg (Sour Diesel x OG Kush)
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Clean aroma
Pudding like texture
Smooth and fresh vapor


One thing is for sure about Summit Select Solventless: they have a stacked strain library, and we hope to try all of them. Recently we picked up a batch of their recently dropped solventless grams to review and among those is this Chem Dawg Mixed Micron Live Rosin. Its clean and fresh essence coupled with its stellar consistency reveal the quality execution of cultivation and craft that went into creating this. If you’re someone who’s constantly on the hunt for wet badder rosin textures, you’ll love Summit’s Chem Dawg rosin.


Since I went into detail about Summit’s packaging in the Melon Juice review, I’ll just quickly mention that the white jar comes inside of a green box with a top hinge opening. Inside the jar, the appearance of this gram is stunning. It completely takes the shape of its container like a pudding or thick sauce would. It appears to have some terpene pooling, which will make any hash lover eager to stick a dab tool in. The color is nearly mouth watering and looks similar to crème brûlée filling or a toasted vanilla pudding. I think the texture is the best characteristic about this rosin though. It’s loose, creamy, and scraping a dab out is almost reminiscent of the first scoop out of a brand new jar of Jif peanut butter. While I probably wouldn’t, I could literally spread this on toast.

An up close texture shot of Chem Dawg live rosin from Summit Select Solventless


To my surprise this particular gram of Chem Dawg has a uniquely mild aroma. In contrast to the anticipated deep, earthy diesel notes, the scent leans more towards an herbaceous botanical fragrance. Even some ginger and floral notes emerge, but just slightly. Its overall essence is extremely light and clean, which is a noteworthy departure from this classically punchy on the nostrils strain.

Mode of Consumption

I dabbed most of Summit’s Chem Dawg hash rosin through my trusty Leisure incycler and quartz banger in the 510°F region, and I cleaned my rig and filled it with fresh cold water to take my Tic-Tac sized globs. However, I first tried this rosin in my Puffco Peak Pro, right at 500°F, mainly because it was a quick and convenient option while I was giving my Leisure rig an isopropyl bath. Even with a standard ceramic bowl, the Puffco is a great option to guarantee flavorful dabs when the temperature is dialed in.

A green clam shell-style Summit Select Solventless box showing the product labels on a black background

Flavors & Mouthfeel

I scooped out about a pea-sized dab, as I sought to maximize its mild yet interesting profile. Surprisingly, the initial taste was a subtle fusion reminiscent of fresh cucumber, as if I were biting into garden-sliced vegetables. Delicate hints of ginger surfaced again here, yet, this ginger nuance gracefully transitioned into muted citrusy undertones, akin to the gentle fragrance found in premium soaps or shampoos. The vapor was exceptionally clean, which always enhances the overall experience.


Admittedly, Chem Dawg is a strain whose effects I’d say I have personally under-appreciated. As my first dab of the day around noon on a Sunday, this rosin uplifted my spirits and simply made me feel really good. Given the parentage, which is Sour Diesel and OG Kush, it’s no surprise that my day felt brighter. Sour Diesel’s stimulation and OG Kush’s euphoric sensation are separately alpha effects, so together they really pack a punch. The munchies set in pretty strong with this one, granted I was dabbing on an empty stomach in the AM hours. In my opinion, this cut of Chem Dawg is something I envision the majority of people enjoying, however if you know you’re sensitive to Sour Diesel or other straight sativas, this one may feel a little bit racy. Based on its fairly energizing properties, I would suggest using this strain during day time hours, but don’t let that stop you from dabbing Summit’s Chem Dawg anytime.

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