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Summit's Melon Juice Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:42 pm
March 24, 2024
Summit's Melon Juice Live Rosin Review
Summit Select Solventless
Melon Juice (90µ-120µ) Live Rosin
Melon Juice (Big Apple x Kush Mints BX)
Sourced From
Seed and Smith
Terpenes %
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Deep, pungent aroma
Gooey badder texture
Nice wind down strain


We don’t always come across melon strains or profiles, so it was exciting to get hands on Summit’s (formally Summit Select Solventless) Melon Juice 90µ - 120µ Live Rosin. The packaging has an elevated feel, and the hash itself is definitely in the TerpGuide Premium range by the looks and smell solely. Given its deep and distracting organic pungence, it’s obvious this rosin was crafted from some fine starting cannabis. Priced as one of the lower ticket solventless grams you can snag, this is definitely a bang for your buck that we highly recommend scooping.


Summit goes the extra mile to give their packaging a sophisticated feel, starting with the soft touch, primarily green box with a simple colorful mountain sketch. I appreciate an unboxing experience that’s meaningful and not rushed, and I think it’s admirable when brands want to educate their consumers. Speaking of such, this box has information printed on every side of it, including a QR code, some company background, and terpene details. As someone who wants to know as much detail about what I’m about to dab as possible, it made me stop and read before proceeding to open the jewelry box-style lid. The simple Summit-stickered white jar is housed securely in a sturdy circular insert so that the jar doesn’t tumble around inside the box.

Now, for the rosin itself. It looks soft and creamy with a greasy shine and has a beige-yellow shortbread hue. Seemingly it’s the type of texture that would get all loose and melty if it were accidently left in a warm area—which we don’t recommend for maximizing shelf life. Digging into the gram with a dab tool reveals its true nature, which is like moist batter-dough, almost like the inside of a cake pop. Knowing that it would get polished within the next few days, I ended up leaving this gram out at room temperature, which did stiffen the texture but just slightly.

Summit select solventless 1 gram of melon juice live rosin with the lid off on a black background


Right off the bat, this hash has a rich, penetrating aroma. It was clearly washed and pressed from a spectacular plant. It’s almost like a fuel essenced sour fruit fragrance, not specifically melon, but definitely fruity. Summit’s cut of the Melon Juice strain, which is Big Apple x Kush Mints BX, expresses an appealing organic earthiness that nearly smells like it’s been plucked right out of the wild. Amongst that earthy soiree, there are some gassy notes that eventually morph full circle back into the initial sourness.

Mode of Consumption

I dabbed most of Summit’s Melon Juice hash rosin through my trusty Leisure incycler and quartz banger in the 510°F region, and I cleaned my rig and filled it with fresh cold water to take my Tic-Tac sized globs. However, I first tried this rosin in my Puffco Peak Pro, right at 500°F, mainly because it was a quick and convenient option while I was giving my Leisure rig an isopropyl bath. Even with a standard ceramic bowl, the Puffco is a great option to guarantee flavorful dabs when the temperature is dialed in.

Summit solventless melon juice live rosin green box

Flavors & Mouthfeel

While the scent wasn’t specifically melon-y, the flavor actually was and came through clearly in both dabbing methods. If you can imagine a fruity chewing gum that is branded as melon juice flavor, that’s how I would describe this. To be clear, this isn’t sweet per se, but if I refer back to gum, the sweetness factor is as if you’ve been chewing it for long enough to think about getting a new piece because all the sweetness has vanished. It sounds odd, but it's a really delicious and delicate mouthfeel that hardly comes around very often.


I found Melon Juice’s effects to be ideal for the evening hours when it’s undoubtedly time to wind down. I probably wouldn’t reach for this strain as a wake n’ bake option or if I have a long to-do list given that when I sampled it, it was my first dab of the day around 4pm and it brought me down a couple notches. I had planned on doing a couple of house chores after, but felt lazy and pretty unmotivated to say the least. I don’t consider this a negative thing, it’s more of a right place right timing principle for using the strain, at least for me personally. For the record I could still function, I just didn’t really want to perform any physical tasks. Interestingly, I felt a heaviness sort of drape over my shoulders and collarbones that blanketed down my chest right after exhaling, which ended up fading about 5 minutes later. Its THC content tested at just under 72%, which is average for most live rosins. It might not be the go-to for productivity-driven sessions, but for moments of relaxation and a gentle mental escape, Summit’s Melon Juice hits the mark perfectly.

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