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Summit Select Solventless Apple Fritter Mixed Micron Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:41 pm
March 24, 2024
Summit Select Solventless Apple Fritter Mixed Micron Live Rosin Review
Summit Select Solventless
Apple Fritter Mixed Micron Live Rosin
Animal Cookies x Sour Apple
Sourced From
The Green Solution
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Alluring diesel-apple aroma
Clean, mellow smoke
All purpose high


Apple Fritter is a strain that has fans all over, and Summit’s mixed micron live rosin version is sure to please most dabbers. It has a wonderful diesel-sour apple aroma and a high that could be applied to pretty much any phase of your day. While it may not meet our highest accolades, it's a reliable, decent quality choice that has earned its approval. For most dabbers, Summit’s Apple Fritter is a good all around smoke that deserves picking up the next time you see it on the shelf.


This cut of Apple Fritter from Summit came in their signature blue-green flip top box and a simple, small white glass jar container. Its texture unrefrigerated is a beautifully thick, sticky rosin budder that firms up slightly when chilled but is rather fun to scoop and play with. It has the color of a soft, creamy undercooked caramel and offered a slight terpene shine that made it pretty appealing overall. Once I started laying into the gram it slowly melted into a viscous puddle in the bottom of the jar and darkened ever so slightly after a handful of fridge-room temperature-fridge dab session cycles. It’s a little hard to work even when chilled so a second dab tool was helpful to grab and scrape my globs.

Note: Summit had a misprint on their boxes for the terpene test results (shown as 0% in the image below) but those terpenes listed actually tested at: b-Caryophyllene 2.29%, D-Limonene 1.06%, and b-Pinene 0.74%.

Summit Select Solventless Apple Fritter Rosin Box


Apple Fritter is a strain I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy in flower form, which I really loved, but thus far I hadn’t tried it in a solventless hash until grabbing some of this live rosin from Summit. It has a lovely floral-sour diesel mixed with freshly cut granny apples smell that lingers in your nose. It could almost be a heady cologne. The punch coming out of the jar is noticeable but softens quickly until you take another sniff, and then it comes right back in full force. While it won’t stink up your car or room necessarily just as an opened jar, it does have a subtle loud factor (I realize this sounds like an oxymoron) at close proximity. The aroma aspect is definitely the highlight here.

Mode of Consumption

I worked through most of this rosin in my Puffco Peak Pro in the medium temperature ranges around 520°F as I found myself smoking it while in the middle of a variety of activities, so the convenience factor of the e-rig was hard to beat. Of course it dabbed up perfectly in my Tsunami mini rig but I kept going back to the Puffco for some reason, whether it was day or night.

Apple Fritter Mixed Micron Live Rosin from Summit

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The flavor of the Apple Fritter is immediately a little sweet, piney, and a tad fruity. It comes and goes rather quickly though, even with decent sized dabs. I found that in the end taking more, smaller dabs to chase the flavor was my modus operandi for the review, but I do wish that tantalizing taste hung around a little longer on my tongue. Summit denoted this batch as “mixed micron” which means it was made from a wide variety of different trichome sizes and thus quality grades, whereas some of their other strains such as the Strawberry Banana is 90u to 120u only are made with the primo resin glands. That said, it's still very nice hash and the vapor is exceptionally light and clean when filtered through water.


Summit produced a true, all-purpose hybrid here that can be smoked most times of day with success, with the exception perhaps being first thing as a wake and bake unless the game plan is to do… something. Maybe. It hits me right behind the eyes every time and slows everything down a little bit, but also doesn’t want to lull you to sleep either. The high is moderately potent and the test results clock in just a hair over 69% THC content, with a solidly respectable 6.72% total terpene content as well. The mellow effects only ramped up noticeably when I took larger dabs than I’d typically try, but you have to find out where the deep water is sometimes, right? Despite having a rather fleeting flavor and a noncommittal effect, I found myself reaching for a dab of it almost daily until I ran out. If you want a gram of quality live rosin that has a diesel-sour apple fruit pedigree and highs that serve up nicely AM or PM, you can’t go wrong with Summit’s Apple Fritter.

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