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Summit Select Solventless Strawberry Banana (90µ-120µ) Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:41 pm
March 24, 2024
Summit Select Solventless Strawberry Banana (90µ-120µ) Live Rosin Review
Strawberry Banana (90µ-120µ) Live Rosin
Strawberry Banana (Banana Kush x Bubble Gum)
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Sweet fruit smoothie essence
Moist and creamy texture
Tastes like Wonka’s Banana Runts


Many people I’ve met, even non-consumers, can generally recognize and appreciate a cannabis phenotype that distinctly carries the aroma of commonly enjoyed foods or drinks. That said, I think we’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t think Summit’s Strawberry Banana 90µ - 120µ Live Rosin smells and tastes exactly like a fruit smoothie. You simply cannot have hash with an essence as appealing as this without utilizing some superb starting flower. The Summit team has been proving exactly that with what we’ve tried from them so far and this Strawberry Banana is no exception to that.


Summit’s grams come in a petite white jar which is housed inside of their signature green clam shell style box. The rosin itself is a warm blonde color and its surface glistens with a delicate terpene layer. This gram is formed into a rough sphere shape which appears to be intentional, and looks appetizing like fresh raw cookie dough. Its doughy texture is similar to a soft fake wasabi served at some sushi restaurants, especially when jabbed at with a dab tool. After some slight agitation, a terpy oiliness emerges causing the rosin to cluster up and stick to the metal.

Summit Select Solventless Green Strawberry Banana packaging shot


Immediately after unscrewing the white child resistant cap, you're smacked with a wave of acidic, fructose sweetness, like walking into a Jamba Juice smoothie store. The Strawberry Banana strain, affectionately known as Strawnana, is a creation from DNA Genetics. It's the result of a cross between Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, which was developed by hunting the "Strawberry pheno” from the Bubble Gum lineage. The gram we received from Summit had some pretty dominant banana notes, but the tartness of a strawberry is also undoubtedly there.

Mode of Consumption

In the spirit of giving my Puffco Peak Pro a break after a weekend trip and heavy use, I opted to review this gram with the good old Leisure incycler and quartz, cleaned and filled with fresh water. I went in right in the 500°F-510°F range with a popcorn kernel sized scoop of rosin. It melted cleanly against the hot banger, and left a grapeseed oil colored puddle to be soaked up with an XL 2.0 Glob Mop.

Summit Select Solventless strawberry banana live rosin gram on it's side with the cap off showing the hash

Flavors & Mouthfeel

While the nose on this one was more on the smoothie end of the fruit spectrum, the flavor is very much reminiscent of the banana flavored (and shaped) Wonka Runts candy. It’s punchy and bright but also has the sweet softness of a muffin or pastry. When I sampled this rosin at about 530°F, the candy-like sweetness evolved into a distinct bready-ness like extra ripe banana bread. The vapor on this one is not only rich and delicious, it’s also smooth and gentle on the airway.


Summit’s Strawberry Banana made its debut in my evening routine around 4 pm on a Thursday, serving as my first dab of the day. The initial effects were swift and impactful, providing both mental clarity and a burst of physical energy. Engaging in some pending computer work, I harnessed the invigorating high to accomplish tasks on my to-do list for a solid 30 minutes. However, as the high progressed, the effects had a transition and the intense motivation began to wane, giving way to a growing dinner appetite. The munchies soon took charge, and maintaining focus became a challenge. Evidently, this strain lives up to its hybrid classification, as indicated by Summit. For future consumption, I recommend enjoying Summit’s Strawberry Banana during the early afternoon when a balanced blend of mental stimulation and relaxation can be appreciated.

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