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Mighty Melts Garlic Storm #8 Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Garlic Storm #8 Live Rosin Review
Mighty Melts
Garlic Storm #8 Cold Cure Live Rosin
Garlicane X Slurricane
Sourced From
Mighty Tree
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Slurricane’s sweetness dominates
Deep, strong effects
Outstandingly smooth inhale


With their Garlic Storm #8 cold cure live rosin, Mighty Melts has whipped up a true aromatic hurricane. This dominantly sweet on the nose combination of Garlicane and Slurricane is incredibly smooth with heavy effects that some might describe as stoned af. Its incredibly mellow vapor with a syrupy mouthfeel masks its impressive potency, making way for a deeply satisfying and memorable dab.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that this gram of Mighty Melts was packaged in their new Pop-Vac concentrate containers. This is the kind of thoughtful upgrade that a daily dabber like myself truly appreciates. When I picked this product up from Mighty Tree, it was refrigerated, but per usual with my cold cures, I let the Garlic Storm #8 live at room temperature. I opened the jar the next day to check out the texture, which wasn’t dry by any means, but it also wasn’t wet per se, it was more of a tacky semi-firm batter texture. It was greasy enough to stick to itself and form any size of dab you are looking to take though.

Might Melts Garlic Storm #8 Live Rosin Macro


This cold cure flaunts a robust aroma that combines sweetness and pungency. It carries ripe fruit notes that outshine any and all garlic or funk notes that may be present. Bred from parent strains Garlicane (GMO x Slurricane) and Slurricane (Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch), it’s no surprise that this strain smells so sweet, especially in cold cure form. Interestingly enough, the Garlic Storm #8 aroma slightly reflects some of the characteristics of Mighty Melts' Pineapple Meatball live rosin custard - specifically with its unique and enticing ripe-fruit-forward scent profile.

Mode of Consumption

I tried this product using the Puffco Peak Pro with no water as well as the glass rig quartz banger combo, both at various temperatures ranging between 475°F and 530°F. I did this to assess the flavor and the effects independently from each other. Using the Puffco set to 515°F, I added this rosin to the standard ceramic bowl after it was heated. It bubbled for about 15-20 seconds and then it settled into a clean golden oil. The vapor was milky white, and did I mention smooth? The flavor was not distinct and I couldn’t pick up any specific notes at 515°F, so I repeated this process at 475°F on the Puffco to further assess the flavor.

Might Melts Garlic Storm #8 Live Rosin Dab

Flavors & Mouthfeel

While the overall taste for me was mildly present, the Garlic Storm #8 was enchantingly silky to inhale. As previously mentioned, the smoothness of the dab was deceptively intense in the effects department - more on that below. The modest flavor notes that I did pick up, however, included somewhere between an unsweetened candy taste and a faint floral essence. Given the product’s loud aroma, I was expecting an intense fruity-sweet flavor to come from this one. While I didn’t get that, I was satisfied with the notes I got and paired with the products silk-like smoke, I have absolutely zero complaints.


This strain takes you to another dimension; it’s the perfect escape. It made me not want to converse or think really - not in a bad way, but in just the way I didn’t know I needed. Two dabs back to back on the Puffco at 3 o’clock in the afternoon almost makes you feel like a new day has started. Immediately post dab I could really feel the high warming and insulating my body from my chest up. Physically I felt light and floaty, while mentally, it was like entering a dream-like state where you're just along for the ride. Time seemed to slow down as I listened to a favorite of mine, FKJ, which was a very auditorily stimulating choice paired with this strain. If you’re to have a lazy weekend afternoon where you can escape reality for a bit, Garlic Storm #8 is perfect.

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