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Mighty Melts Pineapple Meatball Live Rosin Custard Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:47 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Pineapple Meatball Live Rosin Custard Review
Mighty Melts
Pineapple Meatball
Meatbreath F2 X Pineapple Sorbet
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
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Shelf-stable wet badder texture
Unique combination of genetics
Fruit-forward with a twist, memorable


If you appreciate novel strains, you’ll likely be drawn to the Pineapple Meatball Live Rosin Custard from Mighty Melts. Sweet-forward on the nose, this strain’s aroma takes you on a journey similar to the one of peaches being picked, then eventually over-ripened on someone’s kitchen counter. The complex flavor profile is sure to please anyone that values unique hash. Its mellowing effects are also noteworthy in that it’s relaxing and comfortable without making you feel too sleepy.


I picked this product up from Horizon Dispensary in Lakewood, where it was refrigerated until I purchased it. The Pineapple Meatball Rosin Custard came in a white Calyx container and was packaged in a black and gold, Mighty Melts-branded cardboard box. It even came with a little Mighty Melts branded dab tool — you don’t see that too often anymore. Once it was out of the refrigerator, I kept it at room temperature to assess its shelf stability. The initial texture after purchasing was more of a thick shaped custard dollop rather than a loose form-filling custard as the name might suggest. The surface of the rosin and the area where the dollop was sitting in the Calyx container, had a wet sheen from the emerging terpenes. 

This hash sat unopened at room temperature for about three days before I even stuck a dab tool in it. When I finally opened this product for a second time, after letting it sit at room temperature for 3 days, not only was the aroma overwhelming, but the texture had morphed into a melty gob of golden cured hash rosin. When I put my dab tool to the Pineapple Meatball, it stretched and peaked like freshly made, curing caramel. It had a slight stretch to it, but eventually divided when being twisted and pulled.

Mighty Melts Pineapple Meatball Packaging Product Image


To my surprise, the aroma note I immediately picked up in the Pineapple Meatball was peach. It wasn’t exactly a fresh peach though, more like you took a bite out of a peach and let it sit on the counter at room temperature for a day. I was expecting more of a pineapple scent to come through, but the Pineapple Sorbet crossed with the Meatbreath F2, a Terpfi3nd Genetics cross, only gave very light hints of pineapple. The only discernible hint of Meatbreath F2 in the blend was its subtle funk and cheesy aroma. Nevertheless, the dominant aromas were more fruit leaning as opposed to the earthy/gas notes that you might get from the Meatbreath F2.

Mode of Consumption

The first time I tried the Pineapple Meatball, I used my Puffco Peak Pro with a little bit of water. I heated it to 475°F before dropping the product into the standard ceramic bowl. As I have mentioned in other reviews, I find that heating the product in unison with the Puffco burns off some of the most favored flavor notes before the user can even taste them. 

I also tried this product with my quartz banger and glass rig. I cleaned my rig well beforehand, heated it up to around 505°F, and dabbed it again. I didn’t do a cold start, as I got a good low temp flavor when I tried it on the Puffco. The goal of trying the product at a higher temperature was to maximize the effects while still maintaining a pleasant flavor. I’m happy to report that I achieved exactly that.

Rosin Custard Mighty Melts Pineapple Meatball Product Image

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Aside from this product’s unique scent, what also stood out to me was how smooth it smoked. Even at 505°F and on a quartz nail, I barely coughed. The complexity of flavors in this strain is undeniable. This hash has a light and floral flavor with lightly sweet notes, reminiscent of a fruit iced tea. While the aroma leans towards overly ripened fruit and/or canned peaches, the flavor only has a hint of that. I also picked up on some floral gas and mild rubber notes. 

I smoked this hash multiple times, and each time, I picked up on something different. At times, the terpenes in the product reminded me of a slightly sweet, fruity bubble gum. Overall, the Pineapple Meatball delivers a complex aroma and flavor profile with a chill high and is great for those seeking out a smooth dabbing experience.


The Pineapple Meatball can have a range of effects. Even though it was incredibly smooth, it caused me to have a runny nose right after dabbing it. In my experience, a runny nose after dabbing is common. However, the severity of this side effect can vary depending on the product, with some causing it more than others, while some do not cause a runny nose at all. Luckily, it’s almost always short-lived.

About 10 minutes after smoking, I felt a sense of relaxation and calmness, leading to a super chill, “I don’t feel motivated to do anything” feeling. This was accompanied by a heaviness in the limbs, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day. On top of the relaxing effects, I also felt pretty spacy, especially after smoking the product with my dab rig and quartz nail. 

If you’re prone to anxiety after smoking certain strains, you’ll be in good hands with the Pineapple Meatball. It didn’t create any racing thoughts for me, in fact I sort of felt blank and couldn’t produce many thoughts. I personally wouldn’t suggest this strain if you have a hefty to-do list, you’ll enjoy it much more if that to-do list is all crossed off and you’re in relaxation mode.

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