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Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Red Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:43 pm
March 24, 2024
Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Red Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Green Dot Labs
ROYGBIV Red Blue Label 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin
ROYGBIV Red (Headbanger X Rainbow Belts V2)
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Tart apple flavor
Mouthwatering sour essence
Expertly crafted cold cure
Palate notes on the label


If Rainbow Belts and its crosses get you hyped, Green Dot Labs’ ROYGBIV Red is one to try, because it’s as good as it sounds: Headbanger X Rainbow Belts V2. It delivers both sour fruit and earthy gas notes, which are well balanced and complementary. Expertly cold cured, this rosin has an enticing texture that’s stable and greasy. It’s the type of gram that will get finished quickly, simply because it’s hard to get enough. Plus, it has some strong effects that might be just what you’re looking for.


This gram of ROYGBIV Red cold cure is a part of the Green Dot Labs’ Blue Label Live Rosin line, which is strain-specific and extracted in small batches using their highest quality, grown in-house flower. It was given to us after it had been refrigerated, with its lid label clearly stating it should be stored cold - a nice reminder for those new to living extracts that proper temperature control is important. 

The hash came as a well rounded mass that was yellow-gold in color with a shimmering terpene layer blanketing the cold cure ball. It appeared to be greasy, so naturally I had the urge to prod at it with my dab tool. Maybe I was assessing it, maybe I got carried away, but I ended up fully crushing the nicely formed sphere into a consistency that was somewhere in the midst of cake batter and cookie dough. Rather than chip away at the rosin ball, I decided to flatten it into one uniform texture to loosen it, making it easier to portion.

Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Red Cold Cure Rosin Smashed


Because this gram has ‘gassy rainbows’ denoted on the label, I had high hopes for a ripe unique scent and I was not let down. I was hit with a citrus and earthy wave initially after unscrewing the cap. Upon breaking the rosin mass apart, the aroma intensified, and layered in the deep earthiness were some tart-fruity notes of cherry and apple. The longer I inhaled, the sourness deepened into a diesel sharpness. Given that an array of candy-fruit layered gas notes emerged, it’s safe to say that ‘gassy rainbows’ is pretty spot on.

Mode of Consumption

I consumed the ROYGBIV Red using my glass rig with a quartz banger heated to around 520°F. Taking the sizable glob produced an extremely thick and smooth smoke that provided a potent hit. The medium-high temperature allowed the terpenes and cannabinoids to vaporize nicely for a flavorful dab that delivered strong effects.

Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Red Rosin In Ball Form in it's container

Flavors & Mouthfeel

I took a cotton swab tip-sized dab out of my glass rig filled with fresh water. Initial pronounced flavors of tangy, sour fruit hit my palate. As I drew the vapor deeper into my lungs, the acidic sour-apple essence started creeping into my nasal passage, creating a tingle in my nostrils. Exhaling brought out some pine with earthy-diesel notes. In comparison to Green Dot’s ROYGBIV Orange that we tried, this one is overall gassier and less fruity-sweet, bringing more sour elements layered into the fuel characteristics of the red.


ROYGBIV Red came with effects that are quite physical and heavy almost immediately after exhaling. I realized my eyes were about two thirds of the way open a few minutes after each dab of this one. It was around 6pm when I first tried it, and it wasn't until about 8pm when I thoughtfully reviewed it. After another dab, of course. Both of which led to a heavy wave that was stimulating and euphoric. This was almost immediate, then I felt weightless and sort of tingly in my limbs. This wasn’t exactly a strain that got me up and motivated, to say the very least. But it was one that I know I could count on in the future when I need to shut the outside world off. It’s ideal for those quiet moments when you can dive into your own world with a book, TV show, or project. Green Dot Labs’ ROYGBIV Red helped me to briefly disconnect, and if you can pick up a gram nearby, I hope it helps you do the same!

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