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Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Orange Live Hash Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
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4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Orange Live Hash Rosin Review
Green Dot Labs
Reba Jam x Rainbow Belts V2
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Candy-like flavor
Easy to dab and super smooth
Full bodied citrus aroma


The gram of ROYGBIV Orange live hash rosin from Green Dot Labs we got our hands on delivers on all fronts if you like sour candy flavored or citrusy hash. From its heavily floral-forward aroma that is woven together beautifully with oranges to the surprisingly sour rainbow belt candy flavor, almost all hash connoisseurs could find something to love with this one. If you’re looking for an easy to dab, quietly-sweet strain that is enjoyable for many different situations, this is one you should try to pick up.


This gram of the Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Orange was sold as a shelf stable rosin badder and handed to me at room temperature where I purchased it at Billo. It hadn’t been refrigerated at all from what I could tell. Not knowing what to expect, I asked the budtender to open up the jar, which interestingly did not come in any kind of standard cardboard package like I’m used to. The ROYGBIV Orange has a beautiful slightly wet shimmer and whoever packaged it took care to dole out a slightly chunky yet uniform gram ball. 

Under the light, the thin layer of liquid terpenes gently reflected its light beige or even orange-blonde color depending on the angle when examined. The baddery texture of this batch of ROYGBIV Orange was somewhat granular, displaying characteristics of bits of clumpy, irregular sugar crystals after I opened up the gram up with my dab tool. I always want to figure out how easily I can get exactly the right sized dab I was looking for and these kinds of wet live rosin badders are always very easy to work with. The freshly broken up rosin seemed to be happy holding its new mix of shapes, which became a good bit more firm predictably after I stored it in an airtight glass jar in my refrigerator like I do with all of my rosin.

ROYGBIV Hash Rosin Macro Shot


A lot of us who have been consumers in mature markets take some of the live varieties of concentrates we have available for granted perhaps, but the deeply floral notes which explode out of the jar on this sample are surprisingly pronounced. It was only after I deeply inhaled through my nose that the more exquisite valencene terpenes and other citrus notes started coming through. Many of the citrusy hash rosin strains I’ve had the pleasure of trying tend to be a beautiful blend of lemons, limes, and oranges – it can be difficult to put your finger on any individual because often those fruit-forward terpenes blend themselves together even when terpenes like limonene exist in seemingly minute quantities. The ROYGBIV Orange however is indeed very orange-forward, which is one of my palette’s top favorite flavors (full disclosure). 

The best way to compare this hash rosin’s aroma to some of the “orangeish” strains I’ve had, whether they were flower or hash, is that it’s like taking in that light, fresh oily mist of peeling a fresh orange at the peak of the winter season that makes a mess on your cutting board and the surrounding area in general. That’s a price I’m willing to pay for the flavor, and in this case it was instantly reminiscent of such an experience. This one was more on the delicate side of the loud to quiet spectrum, but in a way that I found legitimately appetizing as soon as I opened the jar.

Mode of Consumption

My go-to is the Puffco Peak Pro with just a bit of water. Although I’ve only got the standard ceramic atomizer, I’ll get around to upgrading to the 3D Peak Pro Chamber at some point. As the saying goes, “waste to taste” so I dabbed the ROYGBIV Orange at 450°F, which is the blue setting. Although I love the high definition version of various flavors you get with a proper quartz nail and glass banger, unless it’s a TerpGuide Stash-level dab, the convenience of the Puffco for me at least is hard to beat.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The cross on this sample is Reba Jam (Jily13 x I95), a Green Dot Labs original I believe, with Rainbow Belts V2. I’ve been fortunate enough to try Archive Seed Bank’s Rainbow Belts strains in a few varieties before, which is now apparently on its third version, but boy did the Rainbow Belts flavor come out first and foremost on the ROYGBIV Orange. I found it pretty fascinating that this particular batch of hash was so deeply orange in its aroma but tasted of sour, mixed fruit candy on my palette more than anything. I found it to be a welcome surprise however as the distinctly sour candy taste lingered while the citrus flavors (which I figured would have to be there) were careful and mild. 

If you like fruit, or anything in the realm of dessert-oriented sweet strains that have come to dominate the premium genetics market as of late, the ROYGBIV Orange is almost certain to please. It’s not quite sweet like some of the Papaya or Pie live rosins I’ve tried recently that have a comparable nose, but the subtlety of the citric acid taste (which is what makes sour candy sour) tied the experience together nicely.

For those who are curious, the latest Rainbow Belts iteration from Archive Seed Bank are truly premium beans, which as of this writing command a $300 price tag per 12 pack. To me, the phenotype that Green Dot Labs must have washed for this production run was very Rainbow Belts forward and clearly came from very high quality genetics. Well done.


I really enjoyed the way the ROYGBIV Orange struck a balanced high that crossed between chill yet psychologically limber in a way that only a hybrid usually delivers. Although Green Dot Labs doesn’t really make a claim about where it sits on the Sativa-Hybrid-Indica-whatever continuum, I very much experienced it as an oddly right in the damn middle fusion of both ends of the effects spectrum. 

For me, it’s an all purpose kind of high that unless you go overboard on the dose will make sure you’re getting where you need to. Maybe that’s unwinding a bit or maybe it’s starting on a creative project, but I could comfortably dab a little of the ROYGBIV Orange in most situations to accomplish what I’m after. Case in point: writing this review was a slow yet purposeful stroll through my often tangled mental garden to come up with something accurate. Despite lacking some concision, I think I got there, and that’s how you might expect to experience it as well.

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