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Egozi Strawberries N Cream Extractor's Choice Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Egozi Strawberries N Cream Extractor's Choice Rosin Review
Strawberries N Cream Extractor's Choice Rosin
Strawberries N Cream (Strawberry F2 X Cookies and Cream)
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Alto Dispensary
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Tangy fruit aroma
Carefree and content effects
Full terpene test results plus education included


If tartly sweet scented hash rosin excites you, Egozi’s Strawberries N Cream Extractor’s Choice Rosin might just be right up your alley. This tangy cured batter has terpene results to back it up, with limonene coming in at 2.56%. From the handcrafted, perfectly spherical rosin ball to the captivating aroma, even down to the finer details like the immersive packaging - this product is truly well done.


Egozi crafts their cured rosin so that it will be shelf stable for one year, outside of the fridge. In fact, the packaging instructs you specifically NOT to refrigerate it. The Strawberries N Cream that we got our hands on was presented as a perfectly rounded, hand rolled rosin ball inside of a black jar with a wood grain cap. The handmade sphere is a standard practice of Egozi’s, which I find to be unique. 

Putting a dab tool to that ball and cracking it open completely transformed the texture. It went from a firm, dry looking wax to a soft and buttery badder. This also fully revealed the mouth watering aroma that you will read about next. The texture firmed up a bit after several days, but the scent never faded like it would with most fruity, terpy hash that’s been outside of the fridge for too long. 

While a great product alone, what really takes this Strawberries N Cream to the next level is the detailed information that comes inside the metallic branded box. Not only is there a sticker with dominant terpene test results on the outside, but there is a handy mini-pamphlet that comes under each jar that explains a little about each terpene. This is exactly the kind of immersive touch that changes the game for me. There’s something really special about looking at the exact terpene test results right on the package, while being able to simultaneously read about them.

Egozi Strawberries N Cream Hash Rosin in a Hand rolled ball


Immediately when opening the jar for the first time, I picked up a tart fruit smoothie note from the hash ball that was quite enticing. Upon breaking open the sphere, a sweet and tangy wave smacked my nostrils followed by a sharp fruitiness. While it was hard to distinguish the exact type of fruit notes I was picking up, the terpene tests showed that limonene, coming in at 2.56%, far surpassed any other terps on this test. This explained that tartness that undoubtedly punches your nasal airway.

Mode of Consumption

The first time I tried the Strawberries n Cream, I used my Puffco Peak Pro with no water. I dropped in the rosin, capped the bowl, and set the temperature at 475°F. The hash bubbled slightly for a few seconds and settled into a clean goldish yellow oil. I really enjoyed how smooth this one vaporized, specifically at low temperatures. 

I also tried this rosin with my glass rig and quartz banger heated to about 525°F. While it still melted clean, the higher temperature felt a little harsh on my throat. I came to the conclusion that the lower the temperature, the better with this particular hash. Somewhere between 475 and 500°F seemed to be ideal.

Egozi Strawberries N Cream Hash Rosin broken apart in the black jar it came in

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The flavor notes that I picked up while using the Puffco were quite different from that of the dab rig. The vapor produced by the Puffco gave a floral-sweetness while dabbing this rosin on a quartz banger had more of a sour cookie-cake flavor. The overall mouthfeel was incredibly smooth, especially with the Puffco. But as mentioned above, dabbing at higher temperatures on the glass rig caused some throat irritation along with some serious cottonmouth. This was not the case with the Puffco at low temps, however.


Unlike the daytime effects of Veritas Strawberries N Cream flower that we reviewed, the cut that made its way into this rosin, which was from Boulder Built, was quite mellow for me. A lot of times limonene heavy strains don’t calm my mind, but this one did, while also providing me with a great deal of focus. It was a great tool for winding down and settling into a non-physically demanding task. I decided to recline on the bed with my laptop and I actually found myself being quite productive. In my opinion, this is a perfect strain for the last quarter of the day when you’re looking to feel relaxed and cozy while also still being able to knock some tasks out.

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