Veritas Strawberries N Cream Flower Strain Review

Mallory Tjaden
Mallory Tjaden
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4:34 pm
March 24, 2024
Veritas Strawberries N Cream Flower Review
Strawberries n Cream
Strawberry X Cookies n Cream F2
Sourced From
Pig n Whistle
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Strawberry parfait notes
Perfectly grown and cured
Euphoric yet functional effects


If you’re in the mood for some flower that’s sweet and fruity, Veritas' perfectly cultivated Strawberries n Cream flower is likely for you. Grinding, burning, and smoking this cannabis is a smooth experience that leads to an incredible high. Both new smokers and seasoned connoisseurs will find something to love about this one, as this bud is a delight for all the senses from start to finish.

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

My first observation of this flower was its beautiful, pale, sage green color. The nugs I received in a Veritas branded black ⅛th jar were medium sized with the exception of 2-3 smaller buds. They all appeared to be very soft and voluptuous in all the right ways. There was absolutely no visual “crunchiness” to these. When I finally picked up a bud to check out its structure and feel, I was pleased with its flawless cure. There was no sponginess or crumbling, rather it was somewhere perfectly in the middle of the two. Upon closer examination, I noticed a generous coating of trichomes covering the full and distinct calyxes. The trichomes were noticeably clearish-amber in color and sticky, checking yet another box for well cultivated flower.

Veritas Strawberries N Cream Flower Picture


When assessing the aroma of this flower, the first thing I did was pick up the entire jar to smell the buds together as a whole. The scent that arose from the container was evocative of fruit-filled pastries or a strawberry Pop-Tart in the toaster. Actually picking up a whole bud and deeply inhaling gave off the same scent but much sweeter and juicier. Like all weed I get my hands on, I prefer to use a grinder to break up the buds and unlock any other notes that may be hiding. After breaking up three medium nugs with the grinder, I was delighted by the aroma as I screwed off the top. Layered into the classic skunk-earthy cannabis essence, was a scent that was incredibly reminiscent of strawberry yogurt or a fruit parfait packed with strawberries. This alone was nearly mouth watering and certainly increased my desire to smoke it. We all know the saying “nose knows,” that totally applies here.

Mode of Consumption

I didn't have the luxury of rolling joints prior to my Saturday canoe trip, so I relied on my grinder and trusty glass pipe, both soaked in alcohol and freshly cleaned the night before. Not only is the pipe convenient, quick, and easy, but it allowed me to experience the strain's unfiltered essence.

Veritas Strawberries N Cream Flower Jar

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

This Exotic Genetix cross between Strawberry and Cookies n Cream F2, has flavor notes that are dominant to the latter of the two parents. Its creamy earthiness is forward on the palette and quickly coats your tongue. Dry mouth is quick and guaranteed with this strain so make sure you have a beverage on deck. As the milky white smoke enveloped my senses, I noticed additional flavor nuances, with hints of pepper attributed to the B-caryophyllene, and a subtle undertone of citrus rind.


The jar, intriguingly labeled with the word "innovate" and descriptors like "inspiring," "awakened," and "balanced," hinted at a promising experience. Prior to consumption, my boyfriend and I planned on taking the canoe out for the afternoon. Since I bring something with me to smoke 99.9% of the time, I decided the Strawberries N Cream and my pipe would tag along on this outing. Once we paddled to the middle of the lake and were seeking some mental stimulation, I packed up the previously ground flower from my grinder and pressed it firmly into the glass bowl. 

I sparked the bowl, which lit up quickly and easily despite a slight breeze, but was hydrated enough to burn slowly and smoothly. Shortly after inhaling and exhaling, I felt a wave of positivity and mental clarity wash over me. This effect was complemented by a deep sense of inner harmony and centeredness. Physically, I felt exceptionally good, right to the core, which can mostly be attributed to the terpene profile that featured myrcene, β-caryophyllene, and Limonene as the dominants. No matter what time of day it is, I’d highly recommend this strain when you’re seeking a euphoric mental uplift, a pick-me-up, if you will.

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