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Cold Cure Labs Spritzer Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Cold Cure Labs Spritzer Live Rosin Review
Cold Cure Labs
Spritzer Cold Cure Live Rosin
Runtz x (Grape Pie x MAC)
Sourced From
The Herbal Cure
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Unique sweet, Pine-sol aroma
Good hash for the price
Hazy yet energizing effects


If you like pleasing hybrids that lean towards the hazy side but leave you with enough energy to get out and do something, Cold Cure Labs’ Spritzer cold cure live rosin is a nice treat at an incredibly competitive price point (around $35 recreational as of this writing). It comes packed with an interesting sweetly Pine-sol aroma that is mild yet engaging in the flavor department while being more potent than you might expect. Its chunky white texture is easy to portion and overall is a gram of solventless that delivers real bang for your buck.


Cold Cure Labs’ Spritzer live rosin (which is also fittingly noted as a cold cured product) came to us in a simple but appealing white and blue branded box with a complementary white glass quarter-twist jar. The hash itself is a beautiful faintly yellow but mostly white perfectly grammed ball, which breaks up into a very chunky rosin that has an interesting texture we don’t see very often. It’s almost as though it came ready to be pre-portioned in a bunch of little mini dabs after playing with it but it’s really just the way the rosin must have slightly nucleated (aka crystalized) during the original cold curing process. It appears a little bit waxy too but not in a way that is a turn off at all. This batch of Spritzer is very shelf stable as-is, was provided unrefrigerated, and didn’t melt or homogenize at room temperature whatsoever but was a tad on the dry side.

Spritzer Cold Cure Live Rosin Review Macro Image


Before getting my hands on this rosin, I’d never tried the strain prior but really found that the aroma is very enjoyable here. It’s abundantly sweet upfront but has an interesting, distinct yet delicate Pine-sol cleaning product scent that I initially struggled to put my finger on. There’s also unquestionably some fruit lurking in the background of the terpene profile too, perhaps getting closer to raspberries than anything else, but my nostrils were not able to discern too many other specifics. There are at least a few varieties of “Spritzer” in the market it turns out, and the one Cold Cure Labs employed here is Cannarado’s work, which is Runtz x (Grape Pie x MAC). There’s also a Node Labs version out there under the same name with totally different parentage (Black Domina x 92 OG Kush) so if you run into Spritzer in the wild elsewhere and it’s the latter cut, it’s likely to be very different. 

Mode of Consumption

I’ve recently started trying most of the hash I review with TerpGuide using water in both my Puffco Peak Pro and my glass rig with a quartz banger just to see if there is much difference. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t, but of course it’s highly temperature dependent too. I find that the ceramic chamber of the Puffco does a very good job of bringing out most flavors, but I usually encounter subtle differences with the quartz in comparison. After trying a few dabs as a cold start both ways just below 500°F in each vehicle, I didn’t come away with a clear favorite but I’d usually lean towards glass if you don’t mind the extra steps. When time is short or I’m feeling a little lazier, the Puffco gets pressed into service.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This rosin has a relatively mild flavor that partially matches its scent with a few important differences. It’s less sweet than I anticipated on my palate, but comes correct with a soft yet weakly acidic piney, lemon taste. Clocking in at just over 5% total tested terpenes, Cold Cure Labs’ Spritzer had an interesting ever-so-subtle sour candy feeling that crept up after each dab in the back of my mouth even though the flavors themselves don’t stick around that long. Overall it’s a relatively smooth smoke that is easy to work with in more ways than one. 

I had to take a couple small dabs to really try and download an accurate description of how it tastes, but once I got my bearings there it became something I wanted to try again rather often. It’s reminiscent in many ways to the Le Mans cold cure rosin I reviewed previously, which I suggest also trying to get your hands on if you finish reading this one and think “yeah, that sounds good”.


I found this particular Cold Cure Labs rosin consistently delivered a nicely potent, semi-hazy high that must have some limonene in it because it also enabled some energy in small to medium doses, but beware, bigger globs will most likely leave you less than focused. The stated THC testing results have this one at 73.20%, which is perhaps right in the middle of the anecdotal bell curve for live rosins, but I experienced it to be a little stronger compared to other solventless grams I’ve had in recent memory in the same percentage tier. It also produced a notable appetite-inducing feeling, which is uncommon for me with rosin but more so with some indica-leaning dried flower. 

While we would never suggest consuming and driving, this might be a strain that you would want to especially consider that aspect for since I felt awake yet rather scatterbrained throughout each dabbing experience. That said, it’s a really good choice if you are trying to take your mind off of something or go outside just to enjoy the scenery and get away from your various screens. I couldn’t find the gumption to listen to a podcast or anything while dabbing it, but taking a walk is the perfect activity to go along with this cut of Spritzer. I think anyone who found themselves nodding in approval while reading the aroma and flavor sections who likes effects that are outside of the usual, grabbing a gram the next time it’s on the shelf is strongly suggested.

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