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Mighty Melts Le Mans Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:45 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Le Mans Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Mighty Melts
Le Mans Cold Cure Live Rosin
Lemon Tree x 007UP
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
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Seriously beautiful, clean cold cure
Light, crisp lemon flavor
Easy to session


If you’re into unsweetened carbonated beverages like many people are, this particular phenotype of the Le Mans cold cure live rosin that Mighty Melts put out is a gram to get your hands on. It's a beautiful, clean hash that tastes lighter than it smells but in an appreciable, delicate kind of way that has an upper class feel to it. The Le Mans is located firmly in sativa town by our estimation and delivers a well rounded body high in addition to some snacking potential.


The gram we received of Mighty Melts’ Le Mans cold cure live rosin is very visually appealing – it has a beautiful, light custardy-yellow hue that has a noticeably reflective sheen of wet terpenes. Cold cure rosins tend to be very shelf stable, and this one is sold unrefrigerated on purpose it seemed. The neat little round yellow dollop of hash in a black glass jar simply presents itself nicely. The texture of this Le Mans rosin is nice and soft, making it an easy medium to get the desired amount from. After mixing it around a little bit over the course of dabbing its contents, it became noticeably chunky but never lost its beauty. 

Packaging-wise, you can see from the pictures that Mighty Melts has made some investments into the look, feel, and performance of the full container. The foiled cardboard combined with an airtight pop-top seal on the jar itself is a touch of quality that many brands don’t spring for. It also came with a tiny metal dab tool, which is a neat addition but is rather flimsy for ongoing use. I’ll stick to my usual instruments but it was quite useful for getting some cool photographs with.

Mighty Melts Solventless Hash Packaging Example


Mighty Melts has been going hard on the lemon crosses as of this review’s writing period, and the Le Mans continues that trend faithfully. I’ve always been a big fan of Lemon Tree (the brand and the strain) so I certainly expected that the Le Mans would present limonene-forward on the nose, which it does. What was a pleasant surprise however is that the aroma rounds itself out in a soft, piney and herbaceous balance that isn’t so sharply acidic like some lemon-heavy phenotypes are. I was definitely able to detect a nice mixture of lemon and lime hints, so I can definitely see where the breeders were coming from name-wise. 

The genetics here are worth pausing on, as Mighty Melts’ denote this version of Le Mans is Lemon Tree x 007UP. If you go poke around, you’ll find Le Mans described as a couple different possible crosses, usually as Lemon Tree x Triangle Kush. This doesn’t appear to be the case for the rosin we enjoyed, as 007UP is a Swamp Boys Seeds creation that’s Lemon Tree x White OG. The Lemon Tree backcross is noteworthy as one of the more popular strains of its category in recent years for breeding, growing, and washing.

Mode of Consumption

I oscillate back and forth between my Peak Pro and my glass rig with its trusty quartz banger depending on the strain or how I’m feeling. For the Le Mans I decided to mix it up from the other recent Mighty Melts hash rosins I’ve sampled in my rig and sprung for the Puffco in the high 400°Fs with water to filter the vapor. The small side of medium-sized dab I took melted down into a beautiful golden puddle in the white ceramic chamber. So far so good.

Le Mans (Lemon Tree x 007UP) Cold Cure Live Rosin Macro Shot

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The smoke from the Le Mans came through as a thin, very light gray vapor that has a mellow, completely pleasant mouthfeel. Contrary to the scent profile, its flavor is not candied Meyer lemons or tart limes, but instead tastes like a soft, unsweetened aperitif-style citrus soda. While that description might seem very specific and suspiciously targeted given the hash’s genetics, that’s the vibe that I got on my tongue from it. My taste buds detected more of a flat Limonata San Pellegrino that was accidentally made without sweetener. It took me a moment to fully appreciate it because it isn’t very strong. Like most live concentrates, especially solventless ones, snippets of floral flavors like some edible flowers impart were also there and would perhaps be easy to miss if you’ve never eaten such a thing.


The sum experience of the Le Mans cold cure live rosin from Mighty Melts is one of peaks and valleys. It looks and smells strongly, its flavor is fairly light, but the high is deep. I found it to be deceptively potent at just shy of 69% THC content compared to other hash rosins I’ve had in recent memory at similar testing levels. I also appreciate the terpene test results that Mighty Melts has been doing; many brands aren’t these days due to cost. It’s not often that live rosin gives me a noticeable body high like flower or melt can, but this happened to be an exception. It emanates somewhat slowly from your mind down the rest of your nervous system, but rest assured, if you take anything above a micro dab you will be feeling it. 

Even though many people fairly dispute that indica, sativa, and “hybrid” labels (almost all strains are hybrids in some fashion) mean anything predictable experience-wise, I still find that they can provide a useful star chart for navigation. If you associate energy and mental stimulation with a “sativa”, then the Le Mans is definitely in that territory but is also not terribly focusing in its effects. For many, it would be a great rosin to pull out of the stash when light, uncomplicated tasks need to get done that are just better when you’re high. It also had a fairly noticeable munchy-factor that came as a bit of a surprise since not much rosin provides that for me, either. If I had to guess, the Le Mans’ I was fortunate enough to get my hands on probably has a nice, well-rounded makeup of minor cannabinoids and terpenes. If you enjoy rosin that has a delicate lemon flavor and a “time to do that shit I should have a while ago” feeling to match, try to snag some of Mighty Melts Le Mans.

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