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Big Heads Little Necks GMO Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
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4:42 pm
March 24, 2024
Big Heads Little Necks GMO Live Rosin Review
Big Heads Little Necks
GMO Live Rosin
Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg
Sourced From
The Center
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Quite strong for rosin
Super clean hash overall
Unique aroma for GMO


Don’t let the ubiquity of the strain steer you anywhere but towards Big Heads Little Necks' GMO live rosin. From the jar to the hash itself, it presents beautifully and was clearly made with real care. It has a unique aroma for a GMO that carries a sweet citrus candy-like essence but still provides that classic savory taste the profile is famous for. At 79% THC it’s strong stuff but helpfully won’t leave you grasping for something to drink. The hashmakers here delivered and if you get a chance to grab some at your local shop, you ought to. 


The gorgeous jar of GMO live rosin we got from the hashmakers at Big Heads Little Necks is adorned with their signature textured wraparound, custom strain-specific graphic sticker. This one features their main trichome inspired character in the kitchen chopping vegetables. They really went the extra mile with the look and feel of the jar itself between the sticker and the self sealing POP-VAC™ container their rosin comes in. Anyway, onto the rosin. It’s appearance is a strikingly similar wet, canary yellow terpene-glossy badder just like their Cake Crasher we reviewed recently. It has hash bag appeal in spades and anyone who loves an aesthetically pleasing rosin will be quite happy with the look on this one indeed (I am one of those people). While some of that special terpene glaze predictably dulls when it's refrigerated, its consistency and appearance remain only lightly affected. 

GMO Live Rosin from Big Heads Little Necks Photograph


The cut of GMO that was washed and pressed for this review is unlike any phenotype I have personally experienced before. Whereas the strain typically carries heavy aromas of earthy produce such as mushrooms, garlic, and onions, this rosin has a noteworthy lemon-orange citrus gummy candy smell. Some of that classic chemmy funk sharpness does make its way through to your nostrils too, but it absolutely has more of a sweet fragrance than a savory one. Like any good live solventless concentrate, it also has some of that distinctly fresh floral essence woven throughout the profile both in scent and flavor.   

Mode of Consumption

I dabbed most of this delectable Big Heads Little Necks creation through my daily driver mini glass rig and quartz banger in the 500°F range with small to medium cold start globs. I am almost always on team water when it comes to the question of filtration or not, but I did enjoy this GMO both with and without. I also tried it of course in my trusty Puffco Peak Pro, which delivers a consistently hassle free experience with only a modest reduction in vapor production and flavor. 

Big Heads Little Necks Brand GMO Live Rosin Dab

Flavors & Mouthfeel

No matter what temperature or way I dabbed this GMO rosin, those surprising sweet fruity notes present in its aroma only made it through to my palate in very small quantities. Instead it tastes like an exceptionally clean yet mild version of that classic GMO hearty Italian cooking flavor the strain is best known for. It’s definitely got some crushed garlic to it but it’s zest is laced with light, loamy earth as well. I love both of its actual parent strains individually despite the fact Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg are lineages with some of the least genetic fidelity in the entire industry (read: an inordinate amount of cannabis labeled as GSC or Chemdawg/Chemdog are simply some other strain(s) else entirely). Even big samples yielded no cough or throat irritation, which was quite welcome. 


I really found the effects to be perfect for most afternoons as it has enough of a potency factor to get you nice and stoney but not so much you can’t function. Its tested THC content is reported as 79% on the nose, which is definitely on the higher side for most live rosins. One thing it provided consistently however was a noticeably slow uptake on certain kinds of information, such as extra struggling to find a particular spice jar in the cabinet or figuring out how I was going to elegantly respond to an unimportant email. I found myself cocking an eyebrow more than once trying to figure something out that might come to me a lot quicker whilst smoking most other solventless products, but that’s okay and I think a lot of folks would find it much to their liking. In my experience after talking to thousands of people over the years who consume cannabis, their intentions for doing so vary enormously, but for some it’s often to reduce mental acuity to slow down the otherwise off the tracks freight train of their constant thoughts. If you’re a fan of clean solventless dabs that get you ripped, Big Heads Little Necks’ GMO live rosin is the ticket. 

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