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Big Heads Little Necks Cake Crasher Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
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4:42 pm
March 24, 2024
Big Heads Little Necks Cake Crasher Live Rosin Review
Big Heads Little Necks
Cake Crasher Live Rosin
Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher
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The Center
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Potent, relaxing mental effects
Variegated flavor and aroma
Delightfully balanced


Even though Cake Crasher has been making the rounds for a little while, the cut Big Heads Little Necks is running for this batch of live rosin hits all the right notes that make for a symphony of quality across each aspect. The gram we received dabs cleanly and while it isn’t the loudest on the nose or the palate, what it lacks in force it makes up for in its unexpected complexity. Perhaps the best facet of all however are its effects, which will chill your brain out without sending you to space. Most people will love it whether they’re a veteran or a casual dabber, so make sure to grab some at a dispensary that carries this boutique brand if you get the chance.


Before I even thought consciously about opening the jar of Cake Crasher live rosin from Big Heads Little Necks my attention was immediately fixated on the custom comic wraparound label. It colorfully features their hilarious trichome brand caricature smashing a cake apparently in full on Goblin Mode. The glass container itself is a black glass Pop-Vac® which is a welcome touch. The team went the distance here to put all the pieces together for the packaging. This solventless hash is rather beautiful and felt akin to finding a surprise pearl in an oyster. At room temperature its wet, harvest-gold sheen really stands out under any direct light source. When chilled, that vibrance dulls slightly upon thickening but its texture is a slightly elastic badder that is fun to squish and play with.

Big Heads Little Necks Live Rosin Packaging Image


If you haven’t enjoyed Seed Junky Genetics’ Wedding Crasher in either hash or dried flower form, you’re missing out. Upfront there is a small, delicate floralness that gives way to a sharper turf aroma that also offers hints of a tiny amount of berry fruitiness. This rosin isn’t incredibly loud but is instead a mosaic of multiple scents you might encounter in a blooming garden before the sun warms the finer fragrances out. I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried various phenotypes of this strain and its parentage in multiple iterations in the past right when they blew up in popularity, starting with the California market. It’s a combination of Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher (with the Crasher end of the equation being a Wedding Cake x Purple Punch cross), which are rock solid as far as genetics can go. 

Mode of Consumption

The new mini Tsunami Glass rig I bought was ready for its maiden voyage just in time for this review, so I elected to work through a good portion of the gram with it. I really prefer small cold start dabs in most instances (which is where you put the rosin or hash into the banger before it’s heated) around 490-510°F because it keeps the high from getting unruly and lets me savor the subtle flavors great solventless dabs provide. Of course for convenience’s sake I also had to try a couple dabs in my Puffco Peak Pro which gets the job done too. 

Cake Crasher Live Rosin from Big Heads Little Necks Macro Image

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The Cake Crasher’s flavor profile blends a slightly doughy, smooth gassiness with mixed berries and notes of vanilla. They’re all a tad understated but at the same time there isn’t a single element that overwhelms any of the others so you get a pretty full basket with each dab. The cleanliness of the rosin is apparent with any sized glob, big or small, but expect to let out at least a couple comic “tut-tuts” if you go hard in the paint. In the lower temperature ranges it pleasantly coats your mouth but doesn’t linger or dry things out to the point of putting in a beverage order like certain heavy duty strains such as great cuts of GMO often do


In our experience, most chemotypes of Wedding Crasher are likely to be 50-50 hybrids and this Big Heads Little Necks live rosin version of it fits the mold. It’s lovely to smoke at most times of the day, but isn’t one that will get you revved up or particularly focused so caution is advised against consuming before anything that requires either. Instead it delivered a fuzzy blanket over the top of my brain type of feeling that I experienced in equal parts relaxing and hazy. It also seems to warm the temperature of the lights around you ever so slightly if that makes any sense. I really enjoyed this strain in the evening for its ability to chill me out without any couchlock physically or mentally. The potency is on the higher side for most live rosins (riding high at a claimed 80.73% THC content) and it comes through with each and every sampling. While this hash won’t suit most folks well during the work day, it definitely has a stately place in my stash for those leisurely weekends and evenings hours I want to soften things up. 

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