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Äkta Early Riser Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:43 pm
March 24, 2024
Äkta Early Riser Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Early Riser Cold Cure Live Rosin
Sumo Grande x Early Orange
Sourced From
A Cut Above
Terpenes %
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Unique unsweet orange flavor
Uplifting, cheerful effects
Overall very clean hash


We’ve had pretty good luck with äkta products in general and their Early Riser cold cure live rosin is no exception. It packs a distinctly unsweet blood orange crossed with a little savory funk on your palate and consistently provides spiriting, somewhat cheerful effects. It’s definitely not your every day orange whatever strain either, which was a welcome variation amongst the multiplicity of ultra sweet limonene and valencene cuts that always make the rounds these days. If you like to get lifted with interesting fruity rosins, you’d be remiss not to try a gram when it gets dropped at your local store.


The Early Riser cold cure live rosin äkta (or Akta without the umlaut, which essentially translates to “genuine” or “authentic” from a variety of Germanic and Scandinavian languages) we got our hands on arrived neatly packaged in their colorful recyclable paper packaging and complementary white glass container. Its beautiful sunset orange-peach color evenly saturates the chunky, slightly wet legitimate cold cure texture. It’s fun to play with and easy to dab as this strain isn’t too sticky, which would require using two tools to drop the rosin into your rig or vape, like the very terpene-loaded cold cures sometimes are.

Early Riser strain review packaging image from akta solventless


Weighing in at just over 9% total terpenes according to their test results, I immediately got heavy notes of blood orange with a crisp, slightly sweet floral scent at the back of my nostrils. It also has a little bit of funk in there as well which I found rather difficult to put my finger on… just a touch of skunkiness perhaps? A small side of Panda Express Orange Chicken? Strangely enough it’s all of the above. For the record, these aromas were detected and written down prior to consumption, for attempted accuracy of course. In any event, this is a really nice smelling strain that has some layers to it and a delicate nature that invites you to keep your nose in the jar every time you open it up for a dab.

Mode of Consumption

I consumed the vast majority of this gram of Early Riser through my rig and quartz banger, which is always a safe bet for maximum flavor if you’re willing to take the time the torch-led ritual demands. It was almost equally good in the Puffco Proxy my friend lent me to try, but at the end of the day nothing beats low temp dabs on clean quartz. I go back and forth though, so don’t feel like you’d be missing out on much by dabbing this one through your vape. It’s just great rosin so you can’t go wrong unless you cook it!

Cold Cure live rosin Early Riser solventless review

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This particular äkta solventless creation turned out to be blood orange-y on my palate all the way down, but interestingly without much if any of that characteristic sweetness that so many valencene or limonene-forward phenotypes tend to offer these days (such as the Grape Mountain from Mighty Melts). The hints of funk I continuously detected during the smell-o-vision process did not appear, but some sort of dry, edible flower flavors definitely accompany the distinct orange peel taste it carries. Overall it has a rather smooth, unique flavor that isn’t Tropicana Cookies or something old school like Tangerine Haze, but is a bolder, flowery essence that stands alone in my experience. It’s really nice to dab as the smoke is buttery even at temperatures in the high 400°Fs, where some other live rosins tend to get rather wispy in their vapor quality unless you’re well into the 500°Fs. 


äkta helpfully denotes that the Early Riser is an (S), which is shorthand for sativa. This feels accurate as I found it to be rather uplifting and pleasant no matter what time of day I took a dab of it. My primary use case for this one amongst the variety of energetic options in my stash was for whenever I needed a little boost mentally but didn’t want to start on my chore list against my will. It consistently provided a feeling of focus with a side of happy, it’s-all-good sort of disposition. With snowboard season approaching I made a deliberate choice to nurse the gram and intend to sample it on future powder days for this exact reason. Hopefully äkta drops it again next summer, because it’d be terrific camping or hiking rosin for most people too I suspect.

Early Riser’s parentage is a little unclear as Freeworld Genetics is one of the only breeders with a definitive mention of its lineage (Sumo Grande x Early Orange, neither of which the author has tried alone). Sagamartha Seeds also may lay claim to the first cut of this strain, but the details are murky and given the generally orange-rich profile, we’ll default to the former until proven otherwise. With its THC test result hovering around 65% but the total active cannabinoids sitting just under 80%, it makes me think perhaps there’s a healthy serving of CBG in here which tends to induce some of those more positive feelings in me. This is just a guess but clearly it offers a plump assortment of other, non-THC cannabinoids that are quite nice, yes indeed. If you love live rosin strains that make you feel good and have an uncommon fruity profile, you should definitely grab some the next time äkta does a drop.

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