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Mighty Melts Grape Mountain Live Rosin Custard Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Grape Mountain Live Rosin Custard Review
Mighty Melts
Grape Mountain Live Rosin Custard
Mtn Trop x (Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher)
Sourced From
Mighty Tree
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Outstanding floral, tangerine flavor
Diverse and flexible effects
Ripe citrus orchard aroma
Checks every box if you love fruit


Much solventless rosin these days in Colorado has to at least be pretty good to have a chance at selling given the level of competition. Case in point: Mighty Melts’ Grape Mountain raises the bar for citrus-laden hash varietals and offers a distinguished terpene profile that you can taste as much or more than it smells. Even though the Tropicana Cookies/Wedding Pies of the world and their massive family of similar strains are grown and washed far and wide, this particular one is special. Mighty Melts has really stepped up their game recently and if you’re a fan of uncommon sweetly floral and fruity flavors, it’s a must try.


We grabbed a gram of Mighty Melts’ Grape Mountain live rosin custard from their dispensary, Mighty Tree, along with a handful of other exciting hash strains. Their standard packaging nowadays is a foil-accented cardboard box which contains a sleek, black POP-VAC jar that has a convenient metal airtight seal to preserve freshness. It wasn’t refrigerated when we got it so I did some evaluation of room temperature texture versus chilled. This rosin is pretty sticky in either scenario and like Mighty Melts’ other “live rosin custards” it is an accurate description of how it behaves. It’s like a little blob of soft, egg yolk yellow, terpene-loaded Play Doh but stiffens up appreciably after 3-6 hours inside a fridge. The wet terpene sheen is very noticeable and shiny when it warms up slightly. That said, I prefer to keep all of my rosin cold within another airtight glass jar for maximum shelf life.

Grape Mountain Rosin Strain Review for Mighty Melts Colorado


Grape Mountain is a genuine Bloom Seeds creation and we’ve come to generally expect high quality results whenever their genetics are getting grown and washed. Its aroma is immediately sweetly floral upfront with a solid backing of a tangerine-reminiscent citrus. The cultivar they washed and pressed here does also have a little hint of Concord grape, but it’s rather subtle. This strain is a three way cross of Mtn Trop x (Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher), which is basically just one giant citrus fruit salad. It’s our understanding that Mtn Trop is a particularly coveted cut of Tropicana Cookies and Bloom Seeds is famous for their many prized fruit-heavy creations, including Melted Strawberries, Grape Cream Cake, and Tallymon just to name a few. In sum, this hash rosin smells incredible. 

Mode of Consumption

Over the course of a few days I tried the Grape Mountain both in my Puffco Peak Pro at around 480-490°F and took a few dabs in my glass rig plus quartz banger combo at about the same temperature. Regardless of the vehicle you use to consume it, your lowest acceptable heat is strongly suggested here to maximize the flavor opportunity each time. Rosin can offer a lot of variety in this way, but as you’ll read next I found it to be some of the tastier stuff I’ve dabbed recently. The sub 500°F range will leave you with a little extra to clean up in your bucket but I promise it’s worth it!

Live Rosin Custard from Mighty Melts Grape Mountain Strain Review

Flavors & Mouthfeel

In case you didn’t know, grapes are indeed grown in the mountains, but pretty much exclusively for wine. This strain in rosin form however tastes only a little bit grapey, and more than anything delivers a beautifully soft, sweet orange sorbet flavor that you just want to keep as long as possible on your tongue. Even though it wasn’t apparent on the first or second dab, it also offers a floral, orchid filled greenhouse sweetness in small quantities that really amps up the flavor package. It smokes very, very smoothly at each temperature I sampled but does lose some of the delicacy factor when I tried it even in mid 500°Fs. If you really care more than anything about flavor in your solventless hash, you’ll be hard pressed not to finish the entire gram off quicker than most of what else is hanging out in your stash.


Where to begin. Unlike some rosins, this phenotype of Grape Mountain that Mighty Melts is running has a pretty variable set of highs depending on when I consumed it. The midday dab was legitimately uplifting and put a smile on my face, whereas in the evening after dinner it had a tendency to be more relaxing and less focused. My blood sugar levels and how awake or sleepy I was of course factored in, but it seemed to kind of match my desired effects for the time of day in an unexpected way. It’s perhaps right about average or just a little bit above on the potency scale, which turns out to be rather nice for its ideal application: lots of smaller dabs to savor how it tastes. In sum, the effects are really clean no matter when you’re enjoying it and at no point did it make me feel even slightly clumsy, thoughtless, or sedated (although massive globs of anything will induce those experiences). I’m really hoping that Mighty Melts keeps this one in regular rotation and that it yields enough to justify future batches because if you love the Tangies and Tropicana strains of the world, this is among the best manifestations I’ve had yet of hash in that genetic universe.

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