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Äkta Hard Lemonade (Hybrid) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:41 pm
March 24, 2024
Äkta Hard Lemonade (Hybrid) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Hard Lemonade (H) 90 + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin
Hard Lemonade (Motorbreath #15 X Lemonge)
Sourced From
Reefer Madness
Terpenes %
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Incredible lemon essence embodiment
Terpene-saturated creamy texture
Genuinely versatile hybrid effects
Gorgeous lemon curd color


Äkta's Hard Lemonade Cold Cure Live Rosin serves a clean and invigorating experience that epitomizes connoisseur-grade cannabis consumption. The sui generis lemon aroma that this strain possesses is so pure and delicately captured while its crisp flavor profile leaves a lingering citrus rind tang. The excellent texture and color of this hash will impress even the harshest of critics. So if you’re looking to show up at the sesh with something truly unique and “heady-elegant" if you will, äkta’s Hard Lemonade leaves a lasting impression.


I’ve always been a big fan of äkta’s circular warm toned packaging. It feels very welcoming, which is great for getting new consumers to try the product. Like all of their rosin grams, äkta's Hard Lemonade Cold Cure comes packaged in a white glass jar that fits perfectly inside their signature cylindrical paper box printed with a recognizable trichome graphic design. The packaging is incredibly unique, as I have yet to see another brand use a round box for their concentrate grams, and overall gives off an inviting, premium vibe. As for the rosin itself, it’s easily one of the most stunning hues I’ve seen with a texture I always hope for. It’s a legitimate cream infused lemon curd yellow and its consistency is like a whipped honey butter or thickened custard. This texture was extremely resilient and maintained its consistency throughout the span of a handful of days that I had this gram in my rotation. In a lot of ways äkta’s Hard Lemonade looked and acted very similar to the Lemon Heads Rosin Batter we reviewed from Single Source.

äkta hard lemonade cold cure live rosin orange packaging on its side showing details of the top round box lid


Testing at nearly 7.5% terpenes, äkta’s Hard Lemonade gives a lemon zing almost exclusively when you take a quick whiff. Those citrusy lemon notes shift into a herbaceous, partially floral, partially piney, fresh natural cleaner scent after a longer smell evaluation. This strain stays in the citrus lane and doesn’t possess the common underlying funky, dank, skunk-esque notes that so many solventless hash rosins do. While the unsmoked cold cure has a very delicate and pure aroma, the vapor has a much more toasty and earthy scent, as most do when heat is applied.

Mode of Consumption

I eagerly first dug into this gram almost immediately after I snagged it. Since I was on the go, I used my Puffco Peak Pro to sample it, which was the perfect way to break up my Friday afternoon errands. I heated my device to my custom 530°F setting and dropped the product in once the heating cycle was complete. I find that this method better preserves some of those delicate flavors so they don’t cook off during the heating cycle. The majority of the gram however, was dabbed on a quartz nail attached to my Leisure Glass incycler, cleaned and ¼ filled with fresh cold water. I aimed for the 520°-525°F range which is my usual go-to temperature.

äkta hard lemonade cold cure live rosin packaging on its side showing details of the bottom label

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Consistent with its aroma, äkta’s Hard Lemonade live rosin bears an extremely fresh, distinct lemon flavor. Upon inhalation, the prominent rind flavor sparks the palate with its sweet yet tangy essence, reminiscent of a college apartment crafted Jell-O shot nestled in a citrus rind, hence hard lemonade. As the vapor travels across the taste buds, subtle crisp notes emerge, similar to the invigorating fizz of lemon soap or a chilled Sprite. The mouthfeel is soft and smooth while the exhale delivers a sharp yet satisfying tingle to the nostrils. Using the Puffco at 530°F compared to the glass rig at approximately 530°F created a more toasted flavor so lower temperatures on the Peak Pro are preferred. With my newly cleaned rig filled with fresh chilled water, this hash tasted so tart and delicious. I definitely think the torch and quartz ritual is 100% worth the effort to capture and maximize this TerpGuide Headstash rated palate.


Äkta indicates that this Hard Lemonade is a hybrid product by marking it with an (H) after the strain/ product name. I’d say that’s spot on, even though the term hybrid can be a very broad descriptor, this one doesn’t lean too far left or right on the indica sativa spectrum. Every time I dabbed it I felt a sense of physical peacefulness but a mental recharge at the same time. For example, I was able to sit down on the couch to write this without feeling the need to pop up and tend to those Sunday house tasks. I was mentally dialed in and able to complete things more efficiently but in a pleasant, uplifted state. 

The Hard Lemonade strain, which is Motorbreath #15 X Lemonge, provides a sublime and balanced hybrid experience. Every puff provided a smooth, delicate high perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or evening hang out. Going forward this would be my choice for creative endeavors or light outdoor activity when seeking both physical ease and mental motivation. Äkta absolutely lived up to their reputation for high quality and an exceptional consumer experience with this top shelf live rosin.

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