Cold Cure Labs Strawberry Pancakes Cold Cure Live Rosin Infused Joint Review

Mallory Tjaden
Mallory Tjaden
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11:43 am
March 25, 2024
Cold Cure Labs rosin infused pre-roll joint standing up next to the white plastic pre-roll tube it came packaged in with a black background
Cold Cure Labs
Strawberry Pancakes
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Enticing cheesy aroma
Fruity floral flavor notes
Well balanced rosin infusion


Joints are cool and all, but rosin infused joints are simply superior. There’s something special about smoking rosin and flower simultaneously, and since top-tier hash hole pre-rolls can be hard to find, I savored every puff of the Cold Cure Labs Strawberry Pancakes cold cure rosin infused joint we got our hands on. While they may be a newer brand in the Colorado market, Cold Cure Labs undoubtedly delivers solid solventless goods crafted with connoisseurs in mind. If you haven’t had a chance to try their products, this is a great one to get started with.

Cold Cure Labs Strawberry Pancakes rosin infused pre-roll on a black background

Appearance, Quality of Roll, & Packaging

This pre-roll came housed in a white plastic child-resistant tube which was wrapped in a Cold Cure Labs label. The handcrafted 1-gram joint was skillfully rolled with RAW brand paper, and was formed into a compact cone that still allowed for ideal airflow. Most notably, the joint was infused with cold cure live rosin, which truly is the cherry on top. The pre-roll had some greasy spots on the paper, indicating the use of a properly cold cured hash rosin, and was not twisted, but rather flattened and folded at the end.


When I initially popped the top open on this pre-roll, it hit my nostrils with a unique combo of dominantly cheesy notes, like sour cheese bringing that stinky pungency to the party. The anticipated strawberry notes weren’t as fresh fruit-like as the ones picked up in Veritas’ Strawberries N Cream flower we’ve sampled. Rather, the smell had a rich fruit complexity, kind of like a fancy symphony of strawberry cheesecake. This makes sense, given the Strawberry Pancakes lineage which is Pancakes x Strawberry Fritter. The way the cheesy, sour, and fruity elements came together created this enticing mix of scents that grabbed the best of my attention.

Flavor, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Its package denotes the serving size to be “1 inhalation lasting 2 seconds,” and while I appreciate the guidance and I’m sure many do, I feel that I am seasoned enough to know that I can handle more than what’s suggested. Whenever I get my hands on a 1 gram pre-roll, I typically smoke half of it if I’m alone, or the whole thing if there’s more than just me. Because this was infused with live rosin, I asked my partner to smoke it with me, and together we ended up just smoking half. 

The milky white smoke that was billowing from this joint had a smoky vanilla forward flavor with a floral essence that filled the room. This pre-roll produced much more smoke than others, and I am sure it has something to do with the rosin infusion. Its ash was a light grayish white and was soft like flour.


Before trying this product, I was in a bit of a mental fog, feeling somewhat sluggish after spending a majority of the day cleaning the house. However, after a few puffs, I had a surge of super-focused energy, instantly lifting the mental fog and boosting my desire to be productive. While the motivation was predominantly mental and there was a noticeable clarity and sharpness of thought, it didn't contribute much to physical motivation but rather fueled a cerebral drive to tackle tasks with a heightened sense of concentration. It was like unlocking a mental reserve of productivity.

In the future, I'd prefer consuming this product when faced with demanding mental tasks or creative endeavors. Its ability to enhance focus and mental motivation makes it an ideal choice for work sessions, brainstorming, or any situation where mental clarity and productivity are paramount. If you're looking for a boost in mental energy without the Sativa jitters or excessive physical stimulation, Cold Cure Labs’ Strawberry Pancakes cold cure live rosin infused joint is a solid choice.

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