WYLD Boysenberry 1:1:1 THC CBD CBN Indica Enhanced Gummies Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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April 5, 2024
WYLD Boysenberry THC CBN CBD gummies photo
Boysenberry 1:1:1 THC CBD CBN Indica Enhanced Gummies
Food Type
Sourced From
The Green Solution
Milligrams Per Serving
Product Ingredients List
Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Boysenberry Juice Blend (Blackberry Juice Concentrate Raspberry Juice Concentrate, Boysenberry Juice Concentrate), Gelatin, Natural Flavoring, Malic Acid, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Pectin (Pectin, Sodium Citrate), Cannabis Extract, Sunflower Lecithin - Contains: Coconut
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Effects match the marketing
Unique fruit flavor
3x the cannabinoids


It’s not often that the extravagant claims of an edible brand’s marketing department actually and consistently match the experience of a given product. WYLD’s lengthily named Boysenberry 1:1:1 THC CBD CBN indica enhanced gummies rise to that level and deliver a wonderful, slumberous stoniness every time. The uncommon choice of fruit provides a yummy mixed berry flavor that comes close to perfection aside from  their quite faint added cannabinoid isolate aftertaste. If you love edibles for relaxation and to make getting some sleep easier, there’s a good chance you’ll be buying these ones frequently if you aren’t already. 

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

At risk of sounding like a broken record, just like all of the other WYLD edibles out there, these Boysenberry “indica enhanced” gummies come in a gorgeous purple, fruit-illustration adorned package. All of the box images across their lineup are reminiscent of vintage botanical drawings that were made in the wilderness by early scientists. The gummies themselves are a dark, sugar-sanded indigo purple and offer this rich, sweet berry aroma that’s sort of a mix between blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Lots of berries, yes. Boysenberries look almost identical to blackberries, so the choice by the team to pick an uncommon fruit is interesting. If you want to check out another particularly good WYLD product, make sure to look at our review of their Sour Tangerine gummies too.

WYLD Boysenberry indica enhanced gummies packaging

Amount Consumed

Each boysenberry gummy contains 30 milligrams of total cannabinoids, which is a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD, and CBN at 10mg each per piece. My edibles hardiness is not particularly high so I tried a quarter, half, and full gummy in separate sittings. If you want to doze off, enjoying them at the upper end of your tolerance range is suggested. They’re billed as the sleepiest selection WYLD offers and anyone who’s sampled very old cannabis knows it tends to be that way. That’s because THC degrades into CBN over time and this particular cannabinoid has a marked drowsy effect for most people. The CBD though seems to be added just for good measure (and with a moderate increase in price as well as a result).


When you first bite into this WYLD creation the sweetness of the sugar coating hits your tongue first, which is followed by a candied blueberry-tart raspberry flavor that is immensely satisfying. That classic mixed berry essence yields momentarily at the end to a vague but brief bitterness that must be due to the CBD and CBN isolates. They’re hard to completely mask but I’ll give credit where it’s due and these gummies are a solid 7.5/10 on the tasty scale. 

Boysenberry indica gummy edibles from WYLD

Texture & Mouthfeel

Texture is a big deal when it comes to great edibles, especially gummies and is an important purchase criterion for most. Everyone has preferences and the consistently solid WYLD formulation carries through here with their classically chewy, medium bounce mouthfeel that shears easily between your teeth. They contain both gelatin and pectin which makes for a hybrid style gummy that is broadly appealing. For reference, an all-gelatin example would be Haribo brand gummy bears, whereas softer, less chewy vegan gummies will only contain pectin or even agar agar. 


This wasn’t the first time I’d tried this product and was happy to get my hands on another container of them for the review. WYLD’s Boysenberry selection is a go-to edible for many folks I’ve talked to who don’t smoke much if at all and just want to go to sleep. That regard, they are very likely to be effective in turning down the volume on your brain and putting it in white noise mode. They also have a variety of botanical terpenes included as well, which are linalool, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and terpineol. Myrcene in particular tends to make people relaxed and sleepy, which is why downing a couple high IBU IPA beers (also heavy in myrcene from the hops) has a similar effect.

On the light dose end of the range they weren’t terribly sleepy for me and actually were just somewhat calming and thoughtful. When I upped my intake however all of the stereotypical, stoner movie “indica” effects were indeed manifest. You can most likely expect heavy eyelids, wanting a “hard to justify” snacky snack immediately following a filling dinner, and a general sit your ass on the coach vibe. They took a little while to ramp up each time, so avoid driving, heavy machinery, or booking yourself for any serious tasks after eating them. If you’re needing to wind way down after a long day, definitely try them at your next opportunity.

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