WYLD Sour Tangerine Hybrid Enhanced Gummies Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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April 3, 2024
WYLD Sour Tangerine Gummies Close Up
Sour Tangerine Hybrid Enhanced Gummies
Food Type
Sourced From
Milligrams Per Serving
Product Ingredients List
Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Gelatin, Malic Acid, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavoring, Citric Acid, Pectin (Pectin, Soduim Citrate), Cannabis Extract, Sunflower Lecithin Contains: Coconut
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On point sour tangerine flavor
Widely enjoyable effects
All around good THC gummies


If you love edibles that taste great and have consistently fun effects, you should definitely check out WYLD’s Sour Tangerine Hybrid Enhanced sour gummies. They do in fact taste of slightly sour while still sweet tangerines, have a nice soft texture, and left us happily each time. They’re probably not the best choice for going to bed with, but for just about every other application from going out to watching movies they’re a solid bet for just about everyone.

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

WYLD set the bar high very early on in Colorado in the packaging department with their uniquely colorful, geometric cardboard box design that opens like a flower to reveal a standard white plastic pop top container. The Sour Tangerine gummies we got our hands on here are noted as “Hybrid Enhanced” with “Euphoric & Playful” as the marketed effects. The box itself really is nicely designed with shades of yellow and orange alongside bright orange fruit illustrations. The gummies themselves smell exactly like a slightly tart mid shelf quality orange juice and are this bright, very Sunny Delight color. They’re sanded too, which is a plus usually.

WYLD Sour Tangerine Gummies Packaging Image

Amount Consumed

I worked through the container and tried the full 10mg THC standard gummy dose, as well as in 5mg and 2.5mg variations as well. I always give this disclaimer in my edible reviews but I am not one of those people who has a high tolerance for them, so take my effects descriptions and multiply them by your ideal serving size to get a straight idea of what to expect. As always, unless you’re ready to munch and know what to expect, starting small is never a bad idea. They also contain botanical-derived terpenes which includes limonene, linalool, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene, so that's a plus as well in our book.


These gummies do actually taste of sour tangerines and oranges. They’re delicious. Even though the active ingredient is almost certainly distillate according to the label (ethanol is the solvent used to describe the extraction process here specifically, however), you can barely taste any hashy-ness at all, which I didn’t mind. They are slightly sour in the conventional sour candy way, but only weighing in at perhaps a 3/10 at most on the actual sour pucker factor. I could use a little more citric acid in that area but nonetheless they really are great in the flavor department.

Texture & Mouthfeel

The texture is of course virtually the same as any other WYLD product, at least their base gummy formulation that’s ubiquitous in Colorado, which is a gelatin-forward plus pectin mix. They have a little bit of bounce but sheer easily in your teeth with a bit of satisfying, not laborious rubberiness. The gummies are poured into thin rectangle molds and feature the mandatory THC logo that’s inset with sugar granules. For reference, a traditional Haribo-style gummy is usually all gelatin, whereas newer, vegan gummies are made with pectin only (or occasionally agar agar). They have a really nice formula here and there’s a reason they’re literally the world’s #1 cannabis infused gummy brand. They have this part of the process down. 


I’m not certain that euphoria or playfulness is what I really ever feel from edibles, and despite the possibility of feeling those ways with these gummies, I had a different experience that was more spacey, smiley, and thoughtful. When WYLD says they are hybrid enhanced, that means the strains they claim to use for these batches are perhaps somewhat sativa-leaning hybrid profiles (maybe?) in the oil production. I did find that across each gummy they were very consistent in terms of potency which I think is important. While some connoisseurs won’t touch non-solventless edibles, I’d recommend that kind of person to make an exception here and give these sour tangerine gummies a try. They do feel quite nice and could reasonably be enjoyed at most times of day unless your objective is to bomb out with some added CBN and count sheep. The combination of appearance, flavor, texture, and high here really checks most of the boxes for me and if you like citrus-laden edibles that put you in a good mood, you should definitely grab some. 

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