Cold Cure Labs Tropicana Bitchslap! Live Rosin Vape Review

Eric Vlosky
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7:26 pm
March 26, 2024
Cold Cure Labs
Tropicana Bitchslap! Live Rosin Cartridge
Some kind of Orange Zkittlez cross
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Unity Road
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Multilayered flavor profile
Super clean rosin
Nice overall solventless vape


It’s hard to beat a well made live solventless vape when you’re looking for something discreet in the cannabis department that is actually made with the good shit. If that’s your jam, Cold Cure Labs’ Tropicana Bitchslap! live rosin cartridge is likely to please. This perfectly light golden honey rosin serves up a balanced and interesting blend of grapefruit citrus-earthiness without the cloying sweetness of some strains. Its effects range from eyebrow-raisingly engaged to fuzzy depending on the dose even though it’s billed in the realm of an indica. Unless you’re looking for an extremely specific effect or flavor profile, you can’t go wrong grabbing one of these half gram carts.

Clarity & Perceived Viscosity

The comically named Tropicana Bitchslap! live rosin cartridge we procured from Cold Cure Labs came in their simple signature blue-branded pull tab child resistant box but when opened reveals a beautiful sight indeed. While we haven’t tried every solventless cartridge they’ve made, this one carries a beautifully clear golden color throughout that is the hue of a light honey. The oil itself is perfectly consistent in its appearance with no discernible streaks or dots of discoloration, waxes, or even much of an air bubble. The half gram white ceramic 510 threaded cartridge arrived pretty much full to the brim, so maybe it was a little bit of a baker’s dozen scenario. Regardless, it’s as nice as any rosin oil you’ll see in vape form.

Tropicana Bitchslap! Live Rosin Cartridge Packaging

Hardware Used

I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my AVD Alpha pen lately which is very convenient and offers two voltage settings, an H and an L. The H is billed at 3.5 volts, whereas the L is 2.6. I will say that on the low setting the flavor is sublime typically when a great rosin cart is sitting upon it, but that if you want mouthy clouds you’ll have to go with the higher setting. Even when I ripped it as hard as my lungs would allow on low, the vapor was very light visually which I certainly don’t mind because it means no one would even notice minus the brief wafting of lovely solventless aromas. If you want to blow that chronic fog, stick to the H setting. 

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Vapor Production

I was surprised to find that the Tropicana Bitchslap! doesn’t carry much of a sweet flavor at all, but instead is sort of herbaceous and slightly earthy with an overlay of grapefruit citrus that lingers pleasantly on the tongue. Again, there’s not really any sugar in the mix but with a big enough draw it finishes out on a spicy note. There might even be a tiny bit of diesel behind the scenes, but it’s hard to suss out and only runs through the profile in a thin thread. The stated terpene results claim 5.6% which feels appropriate because it isn’t very strong on my palate but is rather subtle between its elements in a curious way. It’s smooth and clean, which in addition to generally better flavors and highs is why it’s always worth it to cough up the money for a rosin vape. The cartridge itself looks like ceramic which is always a plus and certainly lends itself to a better experience throughout the cartridge in our experience with disposables.

Cold Cure Labs Live Rosin Vape Macro Shot


Cold Cure Labs’ packaging denotes that the Tropicana Bitchslap! is an indica strain, but based on the effects I experienced across multiple times of day, it’s likely to be more firmly in the middle of the hybrid continuum for many people. Its potency is tested at just under 75% THC which feels like just a bit over its actual batting average. That said, if you want to get lit, you won’t have to work terribly hard to accomplish the mission. Its effects for me ranged from mentally engaging and even introspective on the small dose side all the way to a pronounced yet relaxed fuzziness when I went full bore on a couple big rips. Obviously most cannabis products will take you in that direction eventually if you have enough of them, but it’s interesting in that this rosin vape doesn’t just amplify what it starts out at with greater amounts. If you’re looking for a high quality vape to take the edge off that won’t leave you mentally bereft of common sense (unless you really go to town on it) that packs a unique citrus profile, you should definitely grab this one the next time you see it. 

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