710 Labs Cake Crashers Live Rosin Pod Review

Eric Vlosky
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March 25, 2024
710 Labs
Cake Crashers Live Rosin Pod
Cake Crashers (Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher)
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Wildly loud for a vape
Smooth, fruity palate
Deceptively potent
Excellent hardware performance


Not all vapes are quiet, as the 710 Labs Cake Crashers Live Rosin Pod we got our hands on demonstrates how good a properly made solventless cartridge can be. Be warned, it’ll smell up your car or your pocket, and probably isn’t the kind of vape you could discreetly sneak a rip on at a formal event. Its super smooth, fruit smoothie sweetness is deceptive in its potency and left us feeling great. The hardware is on point, too – the proprietary 710 Labs battery is compact in size, easy to use, and didn’t leak in our upside down test. If you want a truly top quality live rosin cart, this is it. 

Clarity & Perceived Viscosity

Well, first things first. Even though aroma is not a standard part of our vape review process because so few of them have much of a discernible smell, this live rosin 710 Labs’ Cake Crashers vape absolutely reeks. It will make itself known in your pocket, your car, or anywhere that it’s not in a sealed container. You’ve been warned. 

Given the design of the pod itself, there really isn’t as much to see compared to many 510 threaded cylindrical cartridges. After holding it under a decent light source, the live rosin contained is a beautifully consistent translucent pineapple yellow that appears pretty thick viscosity-wise. The air bubble in the one we received took a long time to migrate around. 

Cake Crashers Solventless Rosin Vape Packaging

Hardware Used

There’s a lot to say about the hardware on this one. Upfront, you should know that 710 Labs uses their own proprietary, non-voltage adjustable battery and a pod-style cartridge, so if you don’t have one of their batteries already you’ll need to pick one up too (which are about $15 - $25 depending on where you get it). It has a USB-C charging port and an auto draw. No buttons or anything to fuss with, just a small green light when it’s doing work. 

There isn’t that much information out there on the actual cartridges 710 Labs uses, either, except that they mention on their website that the carts themselves should be stored in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature before using. While that’s nice in theory, we didn’t do that because vaporizers shouldn’t have to be stored like great hash does.

Thankfully, both the battery and the cartridge passed the test across the board. After I wrote the initial review, I put this cartridge upside down in a pair of old pants I hung in the closet to see if it would leak. It comes with a pretty black rubber cap as a sleek, branded safety measure, but didn’t seem to lose a drop in the two weeks it sat there. It didn’t lose any smell from what I could gather either. It would be an improvement to have voltage adjustability, but the battery and pod performed flawlessly across many uses.

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Vapor Production

One of the main compromises you’ll typically make when consuming rosin from a vape cartridge instead of a dab is on flavor, but in this case, the Cake Crashers is as close as we’ve seen them come to a fresh glob. It draws vapor effortlessly and simply tastes delicious by offering a very fruit-smoothie forward flavor that finishes with just a hint of gas. The mixture of the two is phenomenal and this particular strain has a pronounced sweetness you can probably only tease out in a hash form. 

After testing a couple different draw sizes to see how much cloud I could make, it never really burned even with a deep, long request from the pod. Vapor production is on point but dissipates very quickly, which is what most people want out of a cannabis vape anyway. You can tell you’re vaping high quality solventless because nothing lingers after the gas fades, it’s simply clean oil that is easy to enjoy.

710 Labs Cake Crashers Solventless Vape Closeup Picture


We’ll have to sample some of the 710 Labs’ Cake Crashers in other forms should they become available, because in the live rosin pod form, it’s one of those products that is a shapeshifter depending on when you consume it. Some strains in their particular form, whether it’s live rosin or flower or whatever, are super consistent. Day or night, it’ll make you feel a certain way. This doesn’t seem to be the case here, as during the day it felt fairly uplifting yet hazy, and at night it tended to have a more space cadet, ready for blastoff to Dreamville effect. In either case though it is quite potent, which flies in the face of the tested 66% THC cannabinoid results – many vaporizers on the market, especially distillate ones, are significantly higher in total cannabinoids but severely lack in their personality outside of brute strength. 

Overall the effects can generally be summed up as one of those true feel good strains that will put you in a good mood whether you’re trying to go up or down a floor in your day. 710 Labs Cake Crashers live rosin pod sure isn’t one though that will help you solve math problems or other technical tasks perhaps, as I found my thoughts were largely angled towards basic topics for the duration of the experience. The convenience of a vape when it tastes and feels as good as this one does is a marvel, and if you’re into great solventless on the go, keep an eye out for this one at your local shop.

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