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TS Labs Spritzer Live Rosin Review

Matt @ Snarf's Stash
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April 9, 2024
TS Labs Spritzer Live Rosin Review
TS Labs
Spritzer Live Rosin
(Runtz x (Grape Pie x Miracle Alien Cookies))
Sourced From
L'Eagle Denver
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Fragrant red fruit and lemon notes
Excellent quality to price ratio
Very clean rosin


It is always nice getting to check out new live rosin offerings, especially on the more affordable range of the spectrum. This was our first experience with TS Labs and I think they offer a compelling product for this price point. Under my macro lens there was zero contamination and the rosin melted very cleanly in my quartz banger with no residue left behind. Fruit fiends will be pleased with what Spritzer brings to the aroma and flavor wise. TS Labs had our curiosity when they brought similar quality and flavor, but for 2/3 the price of your competitors now they have our attention.


Opening the jar, you’re met with a pristine sphere of pale golden yellow cold cure live rosin. It's a very neat and clean looking presentation thanks to the contrasting white colored jar. This hash smashes down pretty well into itself, releasing its terpy “juices” within along with pleasant smelling preview of what’s to come. The yellow to green to light blue gradient design on the label catches the eye and the mandatory safety wording is well incorporated into the overall design. Inside the lid rests a padded foil style sealing layer, that works quite well for keeping your rosin true to form.

Spritzer Live Rosin Jar from TS Labs


This cut of Spritzer offers stronger sweet and fragrant red fruits, almost like a bouquet of fruit and flowers under your nose. The beginnings of a sour funk peek out in the middle of the aroma. A lemony effervescent terp weaves its way through the entirety, sometimes blending in and other times standing out above the rest. The jar entices you to smell it repeatedly, as you notice different parts each time. Overall, it's sweet and fragrant, but not cloying or too artificial in nature. Imagine a rosin infused carbonated lemon water with fresh berries sitting on top of the ice.

Mode of Consumption

With this gram from TS Labs, I found myself opposite my last review in how I mainly consumed it. While I did use my quartz nail and glass rig a few times for review purposes, the consistent lower temperature dabs over longer periods of time with my Puffco Peak Pro were my go-to this round. With the 3DXL chamber, I chose my Purple 480°F preset that lasts a full 60 seconds allowing for more opportunities to experience the flavor. The overall vibe from this cultivar matched my “at the desk” use case for the Peak Pro whether I was working or gaming.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Interestingly it offers a pretty accurate aroma to flavor translation, with the pleasantly fragrant mixed fruits giving heavy “red” flavor vibes. The depth and clarity of the flavors keep the dab interesting as it shifts through the temperature drop in my quartz banger. It is a tasty one, but I wish it was more of a mouth staining level of flavor intensity instead of fading like a piece of Fruit Stripe gum. The mouthfeel is good, but as I said I wish these great flavors were a little louder and hung around a little longer. Thus my preference for the Peak Pro, which I find to help maximize flavor expression over packing the punch of say my Highly Educated Control Tower quartz.


As soon as the slight stinging in my sinuses started to fade and I’ve caught my breath, the high starts rushing into my head with measured intensity. The buzz ballooned my head and after a few minutes I noticed heavy tugging behind my eyes. As the sensations plateau, the buzz becomes a cyclical vibration in my chest and a sense of peace emanates throughout my entire body. It’s a very pleasant sensation that never feels overwhelming and honestly mimics what most people would consider the stereotypical “high”. This rosin has a very smooth inhalation and exhalation experience regardless of consumption method (analog or electronic).

For a high tolerance medicinal patient like myself, I found the staying power of the effects to be a little lackluster and my only real complaint, if you can call it that. I’ve often found many fruit forward strains to lack the punch of their gassier siblings. Perhaps Spritzer is simply a cultivar that needs a longer flowering cycle to fully express its potential strength-wise. A weakness can also be a strength though and here I found it to be excellent daytime medicine that never failed to shift my mindset to a more positive and calm place. Mild muscular and nerve pain relief, but moderate muscle relaxation and propensity for giggles. Zero paranoia or anxiety exacerbating effects, just good vibes here.

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