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The Trichome Collective Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
8:57 am
May 6, 2024
The Trichome Collective Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
The Trichome Collective
Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin
Tropaya (Tropicana Cookies x Papaya)
Sourced From
Reefer Madness
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Lovely, soft texture
Soft floral aroma
Borderline silly, chill high


Adding this Tropaya cold cure live rosin from The Trichome Collective to your stash is a great move if you like delicate flavors, soft textured hash, or relaxing-stoney effects. The cross of Tropicana Cookies and Papaya brings some of the citrusy fruit elements out with a hint of skunk that is best consumed in the afternoon or later hours. While it doesn’t offer a particularly strong taste it makes up for it with how it smells in the jar and how nice it feels to chill out with.


It’s hard not to love that classic and now ubiquitous solventless cold cure rosin texture, which is exactly what The Trichome Collective delivered here in this gram of Tropaya.

The Trichome Collective Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin packaging shot

The simple black glass jar it’s contained in is adorned with their cabin-style logo set on a yellow-blue swirling sky. It’s a medium chunky, slightly wet but ultimately soft cold cure texture. This hash has a waxy, light ochre yellow appearance before you break it up and mushes up slightly at the bottom of the jar after a few good dabs. I really like how easy it is to portion, which is always a plus when labs go through the effort to cure their rosin in a chilled environment.

The Trichome Collective Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin scoop on a dab tool


While the strain name Tropaya invokes fruity tropical sunsets perhaps (it’s a cross between Tropicana Cookies and Papaya, surprise!), the cut The Trichome Collective ran for this batch has a decidedly strong floral aroma that doesn’t have a ton of depth but reminds me of a mellow rose perfume with a hint of skunk and distant pine. It’s especially mild when fresh out of the fridge, but after warming it up at room temperature it picks up a little more energy.

Mode of Consumption

At the time of writing much of the gram was dabbed through my rig and quartz banger but per normal I had to sample it in my Puffco Peak Pro with a recently acquired 3D Chamber atomizer. This strain is particularly light in certain respects so I sampled it across a few different temperatures but settled on a slightly warmer than normal 530°F ish as being the optimal degree. In the high 400s and even low 500s it doesn’t produce enough flavor to justify the resulting loss in vapor.

The Trichome Collective Tropaya Cold Cure Live Rosin in jar

Flavors & Mouthfeel

As I alluded to in the previous section, the flavor on this Tropaya rosin is not strong but is especially difficult to detect at lower temps. It's got a quiet, delicate citrusy botanical taste that took a couple dabs to truly detect. Once I got a feel for what I was inhaling it was there every time, though. It’s quite clean hash that smokes very smoothly and is predictably a little more pronounced on my tongue without water filtration, which is how I discovered it’s best consumed if you’re hunting for flavor as much or even more sometimes than effects. The effects and aroma are the highlights of this hash however.


Despite the weakness in flavor, the Tropaya makes up quite a bit of ground with how it feels when you take a decent sized dab. It delivered a chill, silly effect that starts out as more of an upper and settles into a relaxed but still engaged high. I found my eyes squinting and getting uncharacteristically red for live rosin but no accompanying munchies or increase in appetite. It has a vague body high too and made me want to get comfy even when I experimented with a midday smoke. Clocking in at 74% THC, it’s about in the middle of the rosin potency bell curve but seemed a bit less powerful than the Strawberry Pie I reviewed from them recently that tested a few points lower. I found myself enjoying it as more of an evening treat when I needed to start pulling the day in for a landing. If you’re looking for a new rosin to try that helps make your afternoon or later hours more pleasant, grabbing a grab of The Trichome Collective’s Tropaya is advisable.

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