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The Trichome Collective Strawberry Pie Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
7:37 pm
April 19, 2024
The Trichome Collective Strawberry Pie Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
The Trichome Collective
Strawberry Pie Live Rosin
Georgia Pie x Strawberry Fritter
Sourced From
Reefer Madness
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Fruity, sweet doughy aroma
Excellent scent-matching flavor
Stoney, devious high


The Strawberry Pie (Georgia Pie x Strawberry Fritter) cold cure live rosin from The Trichome Collective is a winner. Its unique fruit-doughy scent and sweet, profile matching flavor are definite highlights. It has a sneaky strong high as well that toes the line between being pretty stoney but also vaguely functional but not too much so. This new brand out of Colorado is trying to make a name for itself so it’s great to see such a high quality batch of solventless coming out of the lab from the beginning.


When I got my hands on a gram of The Trichome Collective’s Strawberry Pie cold cure live rosin, I was super excited to give it a try. They’re a new solventless brand in Colorado and without mincing words it’s a competitive market in that department so any operators that are willing to step up and try to make great hash are admirable. The simple black glass jar has their interesting house logo juxtaposed with a red-yellow swirling sky background on the label.

The Trichome Collective Strawberry Pie Cold Cure Live Rosin packaging shot

The rosin itself is a classic medium density cold cure badder texture with a light beeswax yellow-whitish hue. Once you open it up with a dab tool it sparkles curiously which might mean some of the THC has nucleated during the pressing process (aka crystalized, which it does naturally under certain conditions). Overall it’s nice looking hash.

The Trichome Collective Strawberry Pie Cold Cure Live Rosin in a black jar macro image


The aroma really stands out and made my mouth just about water when I first opened the jar and becomes that much more pronounced when left at room temperature for about an hour. It has a distinctly sweet doughy strawberry scent that is supported by a light green apple crispness. There’s also a faint amount of woody pine lurking in the background. Apparently some phenotypes of Strawberry Pie, which is a cross between Georgia Pie and Strawberry Fritter, get rather gassy but not in this one. This hash smells delicious which is a definite highlight.

Mode of Consumption

I smoked most of this gram at medium low temps through my Puffco Peak Pro with my recently acquired Peak Pro 3D Chamber, which is a game changer over the standard atomizer. I also took a few dabs through my Tsunami mini rig and quartz banger for good measure too. I think the sweet spot is a little bit north of 510°F here as in the high 4s it seemed like there was definitely some hash being left behind that wasn’t vaporizing adequately. If you want maximum vapor production I’d bump that up a bit still, but the flavor balance is always a personal judgment.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

I’m pleased to report that this Trichome Collective creation matches its alluring aroma to a flavor profile that is equally excellent. It has a wonderfully sweet, fruit-forward taste that has some clear bread notes blended in that make me think of a strawberry danish made with frozen puff pastry dough. It coated the inside of my mouth with every dab in a pleasant way, like a sugary beverage does. This cut of Strawberry Pie must have been grown quite well because it’s very clean. Even a decent sized glob didn’t leave me coughing at all, and smaller dabs required no liquid follow up.


Let me put it this way: this is not weak rosin. Their stated THC test results place the batch this gram came from at 72%, but it smoked a little stronger than that. Allegedly Strawberry Pie typically manifests as a pretty even hybrid which seemed to be the case with the phenotype The Trichome Collective ran here. The high is a fun stoney-bologna mixed with a perky, sort of devious side (I realize that’s very specific) that is partially functional but not too much if you dose it right. I mainly enjoy mini dabs just to keep myself on the mostly straight and narrow with my frequently demanding days, but this one has a place in my stash for when I want to get stoned. In lower quantities it’s a little more mentally fluid however. It’s pretty much perfect for having a fun evening with or if you don’t need to do anything serious on your day off. I certainly didn’t find myself thinking about work or other pressing responsibilities so having that weight off was a big plus. If you want to take a break from the other ends of the cannabinoid spectrum and find yourself nice and high right in the middle, definitely grab a gram of this the next time it’s on the shelf.

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