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Sunshine Honey Banana Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:43 pm
March 24, 2024
Sunshine Honey Banana Full Spectrum Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Honey Banana Full Spectrum Cold Cure Batter Live Rosin
Honey Banana (Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo)
Sourced From
Unity Rd. Dispensary
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Bright fruit scent
Soft greasy batter
Mellow & focused effects


For a good number of folks, the name ‘Honey Banana’, whether in the context of food or cannabis strains, is quite appetizing. I tend to get excited when I hear the bud tender list it as an option, especially in premium hash rosin form. The Honey Banana strain itself doesn’t make an appearance in the Colorado solventless market all too often these days either. So, when I saw Sunshine’s Full Spectrum Cold Cure Batter at Unity Rd. dispensary in Boulder, I knew it was worth trying.


As with most rosins, this one was refrigerated when we picked it up. The jar came in a tastefully bright Sunshine-branded box, which really stands out on the fridge shelf. It came in a roughly formed ball, looking like a stable batter with a greasy sheen on its surface. It was overall on the stiff-waxy side of cold cures, which was more apparent when I poked my dab tool into it. Whenever products come in a round shape, I find it amusing to break their form apart, not only to check out the texture, but also to unlock layers in the aroma that are hidden within the ball.

Sunshine Honey Banana Cold Cure Rosin in Packaging


Simply put: this product smells amazing. Layered into its tart fruitiness is an interesting honey-mustard twist. The upfront fruit notes it emits lean more towards strawberry than banana, which is unique from other Honey Banana rosins I have tried that were seemingly banana forward. The traits I experienced make sense, as the parent strains of Honey Banana, originally bred by Elemental Seeds, are Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo. The honey-floral-earthy wave mingles together with the sharp ripeness and becomes more present if you intentionally seek it out.

Mode of Consumption

Using my glass rig and quartz banger, I dabbed Sunshine’s Honey Banana at around 530°F. This is my go-to temperature, and it's a comfortable place for me to start with new strains. I routinely change the water in my bongs every few days, but I always clean the piece and use fresh water when doing a review.

Close up shot of Sunshine Honey Banana Cold Cure Rosin Ball

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Surprisingly, the flavor was mild, which was unexpected given its radiant aroma. I did get some light banana-clove notes that were not sweet, but more on the spicy-herbaceous side. Simultaneously I could smell the rosin as it bubbled in my banger even more than I could taste it. It was like an unsweetened banana scent paired with the delicate flavor of the vapor. The clean dab rig with cold water aided in a very smooth mouthfeel overall.


I dug into the Honey Banana cold cure on a Tuesday evening while winding down after dinner. The main effect I noted was a warming wave of euphoria that stays in your chest and core for several minutes after the dab. It was a soothing feeling which was perfect for the evening hours. Throughout most of my experience, I felt focused and determined enough to complete a few work tasks before bed. However the tail end of the high had me pretty dazed, as a lot of rosins do. I kept having random, distracting thoughts that led to me navigating to different computer tabs and forgetting what I was originally working on—classic stoner things. All in all, Sunshine’s Honey Banana Rosin delivers a nice and comfortable experience that I would personally go for at the end of the day or when I don’t have things to complete.

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