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Summit Select Solventless Watermelon Sorbet Live Rosin Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:42 pm
March 24, 2024
Summit Select Solventless Watermelon Sorbet Live Rosin Review
Summit Select Solventless
Watermelon Sorbet Live Rosin 90u - 120u
KC Mango x Watermelon Zkittlez
Sourced From
Silver Stem Denver
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Delicate, floral-watermelon flavor
Super clean rosin
Mind calming effects


If you like fruitier live rosins with delicate, floral flavors and indica-leaning effects, you can’t go wrong with a gram of Summit Select’s Watermelon Sorbet 90u - 120u live rosin. Its clean, mellow profile is sure to delight any discerning dabber and its mentally calming effects are perfect at the end of a long, busy day. We found it to be a top choice for anyone that needs a break from their own mind and a delicious smoke at the same time. This one is another winner and you’ll be missing out if you pass it up the next time you see it in stock at your local shop. 


This gram of Watermelon Sorbet from Summit Select Solventless arrives in their current signature green, mountain-themed square clamshell box which reveals a small white jar. When unscrewed, it revealed a beautiful slightly shiny pearl of creamy, off white custardy live rosin. It’s noted as 90u to 120u which is typically the prime range so to speak of the trichome world and it clearly looks like a classic cold cure. Turns out it behaves as much too. It’s a soft but cohesive badder that’s easily manipulated and just looks proper. It’s clear from just first impressions that some care went into the production of this solventless which is always reassuring.

Summit Select Solventless Watermelon Sorbet Packaging


If you love actual Watermelon Skittlez (another one of the most abused strain names of the recent past) and fruity melon, floral profiles with a hint of hashy-ness, chances are you’ll be a big fan of the aroma this one offers because that’s exactly what it supplies. Summit Select Solventless denotes that their Watermelon Sorbet is the ubiquitous yet wonderful Watermelon Zkittlez x KC Mango (aka the breeder K.C. Brain’s cut of Mango), which amounts to fruit on fruit but also has a little spicy Afghan lurking in the lineage. I also detected a small but refreshing amount of pine in the mix. The stated terpene lab results for this batch land at a healthy 6.17%, with limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool coming in as top testers. Yum.

As an important side note to put my biases out there, to this day the best dab the author has ever had was some Watermelon Zkittlez live rosin that the legacy hash maker Matt Rize made and was serving patrons such as myself at a private Harvest Moon Gardens glass event circa Emerald Cup 2017. So, I happened to love this sample from the start.

Mode of Consumption

For this gram I ended up splitting the dabs I took between my Puffco Peak Pro and my Tsunami mini rig with quartz banger. Both provided delightful hits at my usual, science-suggested temperature range of just over 500°F. I did notice however that when I experimented in the 480-495°F range that the vapor production decreased slightly (predictably) but did offer an interesting and subtle increase in some of the floral notes specifically of the rosin. After this discovery I ended up sticking to the lower temps to savor its botanic essence a little more. 

Watermelon Sorbet Live Rosin from Summit Select

Flavors & Mouthfeel

I’ve got to hand it to the Summit team, their Watermelon Sorbet rosin is really as clean as it gets. Its flavor is a particularly delicate mixture of soft, barely sweet watermelon on a bed of herbaceousness. The strain is perfectly named in this case because the earthy, spicy hash notes on the nose are only present faintly on the palate. As I noted previously though, its essence does change a bit when you get into warmer dabs. Those 520°F ish temperatures dialed it up on the flavor scale and increased the volume in my mouth of the melon factor. I ended up preferring the very mellow, almost whispering blossomy taste that sub 500°F dabs consistently provided however, so if you get your hands on a gram, make sure to try it both ways! 


Although their website claims the phenotype of Watermelon Sorbet in Summit Select’s library is a sativa varietal, I did not experience it that way no matter what time of day I enjoyed some or how I was feeling prior to consumption. I try not to look this sort of information up prior to getting into a review but it did require investigating after the fact. This rosin had a noticeable, halting effect on my thoughts and major effort had to be undertaken to write about it accurately whilst under the influence. My eyes became heavy each time and the desire for darker lit spaces plus chill music (Tycho, anyone?) was persistent. It’s like each puff tied an anchor to my agenda for the rest of the day and sent it down to Davy Jones’s locker. I found it equally unsurprising that the tail end of the high resulted in a sudden sleepiness.

Usually batches of effects such as these cross into the venn diagram of the munchies, especially with rosins above the 70% THC threshold (72.80% in this case). Not this time, which is actually welcome because that can be a real problem if you’re not provisioned properly. Much of the time these days I find myself trying to wander into the world of active, uppity sativas, but it’s really nice to have an option in my stash that just puts the brakes on an overactive mind. Perhaps others will experience it differently, but if you’re looking for a dab that will ensure you don't want to do a damn thing, I strongly suggest signing up for Summit’s drops and keeping an eye out for the next round of the Watermelon Sorbet live rosin.

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