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Single Source Headstash Chem De La ‘91 Live Rosin Review

Matt @ Snarf's Stash
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March 24, 2024
Single Source Headstash Chem De La ‘91 Live Rosin Review
Single Source
Chem De La '91 Headstash Live Rosin Batter
Chem De La Chem x Chem ‘91
Sourced From
Colorado Harvest Company
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Strong, energizing effects
Ideal batter texture
Beautiful color
Impressive cleanliness


While the market still demands fruity solventless options, we think it’s important to still have strong examples of more classically dank cannabis profiles. When the pendulum of consumer taste inevitably swings back, this modern take on an old school classic will stand out even more. It smooths out the harsher edges of its parents’ flavor while still providing a heavy hit. If you enjoy Chem flavor profiles, feeling like you're far, far away, and an energetic high, then Single Source’s Chem De La ‘91 is the droid you’ve been looking for. 


While the packaging is rather simple, I enjoy the silver foiled logo aesthetic and the repeating logo pattern on the inside of the box. What lies inside the box and jar is far from ordinary though. This “Headstash” tier of live rosin batter is the highest tier offered by Single Source’s lab and their latest batches have really been hitting the mark texture-wise. This Chem De La ‘91 live rosin offers a nice, wet batter consistency that strikes a great balance between holding its form and leaking terps at room temperature. The color is a beautiful shade of golden yellow and under my macro lens I didn’t notice any particles or contaminants. Very clean! The rosin was easy to portion out the appropriate dose, with no special tools required thanks to the solid-yet-bouncy texture.

Single Source Solventless Chem De La '91 Live Rosin Jar


I would describe the nose as a more approachable, well-rounded Chem profile that is less astringent than traditional Chem D. Up front I get raunchy herbal notes with subtle hints of pine and menthol. The mothball effect is subdued, leaving more of the funky fuel, lemon chemical, and herbal garbage notes to shine through. It’s one that I found myself continuing to sniff, catching something new and different each time.

Mode of Consumption

While I preferred the kick from my dedicated rig with a Gavel SE quartz bucket, the Puffco Peak Pro (with 3DXL Chamber) has been my go-to for low temp flavor. I noticed that when I switched from the 3D chamber to the 3DXL, I lowered my Preset temperatures across the board by about 15-20°F. When using my quartz setup I went in around 510°F due to the smaller size doses I was taking with this rosin. With the Peak Pro and 3DXL, it’s set to 480°F with a 45 second sesh length (double tap adding 15°F and 15 seconds).

Chem De La '91 Headstash Live Rosin Batter Review Image

Flavors & Mouthfeel

When dabbing, the vapor actually opens my sinuses up, cooling them in the process, and allowing me to taste more. Chemmy funk dominates the flavor profile, with lemon/citrus notes aiding the transition to a raunchy, bad-breath fuel finish. Usually cultivars with fuel vapor effects tend to sting my nostrils, so I was impressed by the menthol-like effect with Chem De La ‘91 here. The flavors do linger on the palate, but they do not overstay their welcome.


Usually I will reserve my first dab of the day for trying something new, so that I experience it unclouded. I started to feel the effects rushing in while I was halfway through finishing my dab. And thus my quartz cleaning “process” was no longer muscle memory, but instead conscious effort all while weathering the incoming cerebral head rush. The storm did eventually relent, but my coffee-dab-music morning ritual had stretched out to become an hour-long endeavor. I will say that I was quite productive that day and for many hours afterwards, but I learned that smaller doses were needed for effective use (even for veterans).

If you are prone to anxiety or don’t enjoy that aspect of cannabis, I would tread lightly and start with a smaller dose than your usual. There wasn’t any noticeable energy crash or sleepiness afterwards and it had long lasting medicinal body effects. I found it best when I consumed it with an intention to do something afterwards, such as hiking, doing chores around the house, or working on a creative project. Not my choice for watching a movie or trying to relax with a book, as I found my mind wandering and unable to stay on task. However, for morning or mid-day use, I found it the perfect tool in my toolbox of cultivars on hand.

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