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Olio Mystical Honey Quest Premium Rosin Jam Review

Mallory Tjaden
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4:43 pm
March 24, 2024
Olio Mystical Honey Quest Premium Rosin Jam Review
Mystical Honey Quest Mixed Micron Premium Rosin Jam
Animal Muffinz #2 + (Supreme X Honey Banana #1)
Sourced From
Higher Grade Dispensary
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Flawless crystals:sauce ratio
Authentic honey notes
Clean and stable rosin jam


From its nicely balanced sauce to THCA crystal ratio, its pleasantly pungent aroma, to the lingering citrus-floral aftertaste, Olio’s Mystical Honey Quest Premium Rosin Jam is one that most connoisseurs will—at the very least—appreciate. For fans of the Honey Banana cultivar, this is an interesting and creative blend and the name given truly captures all that it bears. If you happen to come across this one at your local dispensary, snag it and see for yourself!


Olio’s signature Premium Rosin Jam made its first appearance in the market back in 2018. This Mystical Honey Quest rosin jam has a captivating texture that is a nearly perfect 1:1 ratio of crystals and rosin sauce/terpenes. Speaking of honey, it almost reminds me of the way raw honey looks when it crystallizes at the top of its jar. It’s on the thicker side and doesn’t appear to want to move much if it ended up not sitting upright. When it comes to jams and saucy-texture rosins, I prefer them on the thicker side. This is simply because portioning dabs is easier and you aren’t left hopelessly scraping sauce out of an almost empty jar while simultaneously losing what you just managed to collect. The color is a beautifully rich, transparent yellow that overall looks extremely clean.

A close up texture shot of Olio's Mystical Honey Quest Rosin jam


While on the lighter side, this rosin jam gave faintly sweet notes that parallel a floral honey clover cake. However, that was noted before stirring it. Once mixed a bit, this concoction, which is a blend of Animal Muffinz #2 and (Supreme × Honey Banana #1), is far from faint. It seemed that a distinct blossomy citrus was “activated” once I disturbed this rosin jam from its fixed position. Sweet yet skunk-hashy, this product seemed to have many layers of aroma, and almost takes you on a scent journey, as the strain name may suggest.

Mode of Consumption

After heating my quartz banger on my just-cleaned glass dab rig and letting it cool down to about 510°F, I dropped in the Tic-Tac sized scoop of Mystical Honey Quest rosin. The glob of jammy crystals slowly melted off the tool and slid down the side, bubbling as it touched the bottom of the quartz bucket.

An image of the top of Olio's Mystical Honey Quest Rosin Jam Box

Flavors & Mouthfeel

As always with my rig, I added enough fresh water to cover the percolator holes. I find the resistance that comes with doing so to be just the right amount and quite gratifying. As I inhaled the creamy white vapor, it gently crept into my lungs, just barely brushing my airway with little to no irritation. Upon exhaling I was delighted to taste some hashy clover notes that lingered on my palate for quite a while after the dab.

Close up shot of Olio rosin jam in its jar to show the texture


Around 4 pm on a busy Monday, I dipped into the Mystical Honey Quest rosin jam, which was my first dab of the day. The low temperature I took it at definitely played a role in the smooth and mild effects I experienced. On a spectrum, I'd consider the blend to be an indica-leaning hybrid in that I felt very chill and relaxed, but still functional enough to continue on with my day. It was the perfect midday treat to take the edge off without completely couch-locking me. I could see this being an ideal pairing for creative activities like painting, or mellow social gatherings where you want to feel present and calm while being just a little bit lifted. Overall, this one is quite unique and stands out in the stash. If you happen to see it at your dispensary, you’ll likely be glad you grabbed it.

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