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Olio Biesel Mixed Micron Premium Cold Cure Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:44 pm
March 24, 2024
Olio Biesel Mixed Micron Premium Cold Cure Rosin Review
Mixed Micron Cold Cure Rosin
Biesel (Diesel X Great White Shark X Super Silver Haze)
Sourced From
Higher Grade Dispensary
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Sweet n-sour essences
Greasy and stable at room temperature
Balanced and comfortable effects


If sour, savory gas strains are in your lane of interest, Olio’s Biesel Mixed Micron Premium Cold Cure Rosin is an approved grab the next time you see it at the dispensary. Smooth on the palate and graced with some of the most balanced effects, this hash is a good one to know about if you’re in need of some mental restoration or a reset.


The cold cure was formed into a firm, marble-sized ball inside of the white Olio branded jar. Having been refrigerated when I picked it up from Higher Grade dispensary, the waxy mass looked dormant until I let the jar sit at room temperature for about 36 hours. At that point I could tell that it had noticeably softened based on the oily sheen that coated the surface of the rosin marble. Curious about the inside texture, I slashed the mass gently with my dab tool and began poking at it to break it apart. As I gently prodded it with a dab tool, the rosin began to loosen up even more, releasing some terpy residue that coated my tool. It was really interesting to see the transformation of this one with just a little time at room temperature and some gentle manipulation.

A closeup texture shot of Olio's Biesel Mixed Micron Cold cure Rosin


Upon opening the Biesel, the first scent I noticed was a herbal-sour smell. It initially reminded me of a hot and sour chicken dish that you might pick up at your local Chinese restaurant - not to sound ridiculous. As I brought it closer for a deeper evaluation, faint earthy and pungent notes of diesel exhaust reached my nose. The menthol-like sourness still lingered on my nostrils, blending with traces of diesel fuel. The Biesel definitely has a unique and layered aroma profile and Olio really captured something special in the nuanced profile of this strain.

Mode of Consumption

I enjoyed this rosin using my freshly cleaned glass rig with cold water and my quartz banger heated to about 525°F. I was looking to maximize the effects while still keeping a palatable flavor profile so I opted for a hot start this time to do so. The rosin melted into a clean dark yellow oil after bubbling for a few seconds.

An open Olio rosin box sitting next to a gram jar of rosin that is wrapped in tissue paper

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Olio crafted up quite the savory treat with this Biesel cold cure rosin. The flavor profile aligned quite well with the aroma, which I find to be uncommon unless it’s an orange-forward strain. The same herbal-sourness that came through on the nose also presented in the taste department with a dash of garlic added. It also had sort of a peppery mouthfeel but it was still smooth on my air passage. After a few dabs of this one, I was left with a slight skunky hash aftertaste and a fairly dry mouth.


This product provided me with a nice medium high; enough to feel lifted but still clear headed. My previously tense mood soon shifted to a more content, relaxed state, allowing me to clear my head and reset my thoughts. This was a functional high that left me feeling present yet comfortable, like I could easily carry on with my day or engage in conversation. When I say “a nice medium high”, I mean that the rosin delivered stabilizing effects, not making me feel overly energetic or sedated. I would recommend this one as a mid-day or early evening strain when you want to enhance your mood and alleviate stress without being fully couch-locked. Its uplifting qualities make it suitable for social situations or checking off to-do lists while still allowing mental clarity.

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