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Mountain Select Strawberry Smash Slush Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
Mountain Select Strawberry Smash Slush Live Rosin Review
Mountain Select
Strawberry Smash
Bruce Banner x Strawnana
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Sweet and complex profile
Strawnana-dominant effects
Stable at room temperature


If saucy, heat cured, sugary rosin is your jam (pun intended), Mountain Select’s Strawberry Smash “Slush” is one you should ask for next time you’re picking up some product. At only $35 per gram out the door at Horizon Cannabis, this Slush provides the ultimate bang for your buck. Given its consistency, the sweet scent is ever-present and lingering, tempting you to taste what it has to offer. Fruit forward yet complex in the aromatic department, its Strawnana parent dominantly shines through in not only the taste and smell but also the effects. A delightful cross between Bruce Banner and Strawnana, Strawberry Smash is a great strain to unwind and melt into a soft and cozy surface.


The Strawberry Smash Slush jar, which came in a lovely blue and silver textured Mountain Select box, was carefully packaged with a foil freshness seal and refrigerated until purchase at Horizon Dispensary. When it comes to rosin, I rarely ever see a freshness seal on the jar, so this really stood out to me. This Slush boasts the “rosin jam” texture that evolves as it reaches room temperature. After coming out of the fridge, it initially looks like a stationary, semi-grainy, mixture. It slightly reminded me of a warm-yellow over medium egg yolk that’s been broken and is beginning to solidify. But, be warned: as it reaches room temperature, it takes on a melty and saucy consistency. At this point, keeping the jar upright is a must, as the Slush will follow gravity.

Once stirred, the texture reveals its true nature. It transforms into an almost syrup-y and sugary consistency, which is quite satisfying to play with. After a few days at room temperature, the Slush held its form well. It seems that between each stir, the tiny THC-A crystals that give it the sugary texture sink to the bottom of the Slush, creating a shimmering top layer that is completely smooth.

Mountain Select Strawberry Smash Rosin Slush Freshness Seal Peeled Back


When cracking the seal on the Strawberry Smash jar, you are greeted by a sweet, bright scent with some slight piney undertones. The sweetness doesn’t exactly smell like strawberries, but it does smell like fruit. It has hints of overripe banana and the unique aroma of a sugared fruit mingles with an almost menthol freshness. As the scent deepens, a subtle twist of sweet pickles and dill emerges. It's a surprising yet intriguing element that adds an unusual dimension to the overall aroma.

Mode of Consumption

I opted for the glass rig and quartz nail heated to around 500°F to try this Slush. I used water in the rig, as I normally would, and I cleaned it well beforehand. The rosin melted on the nail very quickly, then bubbles immediately started forming and bursting. The vapor from the dab was extremely smooth and left a clean yellow residue in my nail.

Mountain Select Strawberry Smash Rosin Slush Dripping From Dab Tool

Flavors & Mouthfeel

When I took approximately a tic-tac sized dab of the Strawberry Smash Slush, the first impression on the palate was a semi-sweet sensation. Amidst the sweetness, a subtle note of soybean umami emerged, offering an unexpected savory undertone that balanced the overall taste. As the flavor journey continued, a refreshing hint of cucumber surprised my palate, and was finished by a sweet rubber flavor that lingered on my tongue after exhaling.


Shortly after the dab, I felt pretty blank and spacey. This was followed by some introspection, which sparked creativity and a few imaginative ideas. The effects gradually enveloped my body, inducing a gentle wave of tranquility, which led to a lazy evening of feeling sleepy and relaxed. It should also be noted that the dab of Strawberry Smash provoked some signature “starter pack” marijuana side effects, such as extreme cotton mouth, intense munchies, and some couch lock.

While I opted to pull out my computer and start writing this, watching a movie or reading a book with this strain seems like it would be a well paired combination. Enjoying this strain in leisurely moments, especially the evening, is my favorite and recommended way to partake in Strawberry Smash. Whether you're in the mood for self-reflection, creative inspiration, or simply a cozy and relaxed state of being, this Slush delivers an experience that allows you to fully embrace moments of calm and quiet.

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