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Mighty Melts Klondike Barz Live Rosin Jam Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:45 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Klondike Barz Live Rosin Jam Review
Mighty Melts
Klondike Barz
Platinum Punch Remix x Platinum Kush Mints
Sourced From
Mighty Tree
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Unique color, texture, and aroma
As smooth as hash gets
Playful, energizing effects
Doesn’t stick around long in the stash


The gram of Mighty Melts’ Klondike Barz live rosin jam we got our hands on is a memorable phenotype that we hope continues to make the rotation in future grow-wash-press cycles. It presents beautifully, smells unlike most strains you’ve probably tried, and is incredibly smooth to dab. While it isn’t loud on the flavor front, its effects are pleasantly energizing and social. For those of you who can’t get enough when it comes to kush crosses, it’s a must-try and clocks in just shy of a TerpGuide Headstash product. Our professional recommendation is that you should grab some if the chance presents itself.


Mighty Melts’ Klondike Barz live rosin jam was received from the Mighty Tree dispensary having been stored at room temperature and is completely shelf stable from what we could tell. As far as jams go, it’s definitely on the thicker, borderline custard-y side of the spectrum but is still much more gooey than your average cold cure. This rosin is easy to manipulate and will glue itself to the side of the jar if you leave it there, as opposed to some less viscous jams or sauces that flow back to the bottom of the container over time. Color-wise, the Klondike Barz is a beautiful, very pale yellow with a borderline white or even silver reflection. I struggled to capture that unique aspect in the images but it’s a sort of alluring egg-white tone that I rarely have seen before in other solventless products. 

The new packaging Mighty Melts has rolled out is really well composed and consists of nice foil stickers on the top and sides, with the wrap around side sticker offering a tamper-evident seal to make sure no one else has been poking their nose in your hash. Better yet, it also came with a metal, airtight pop-top seal which made a satisfying “ping” sound when I first opened the jar to inspect it. I’m happy to report that when I circled back to this review well over a week later the rosin remained the same as I’d received it texture-wise.

Mighty Melts Pop Top Live Rosin Packaging Picture


This sample of Klondike Barz rosin has a rather difficult aroma to pin down, but it does smell delicious in its own way. It’s not really fruity, gassy, or earthy like many hashes tend to be, broadly speaking. It took me a little while to nail it down, but there is an interesting scent blend of pine and menthol that has a distinctly fresh, floral note at the end which ties everything together quite nicely. When I think of high quality “live” rosin, the way the entire profile comes together speaks to me the way live, true full spectrum solventless should. The essence here is quite uncommon and I suspect many others would find it refreshing. Mighty Melts put something out here that is different in a very good way.

Mode of Consumption

Given the above average complexity of the aroma and general terpene profile, I felt that straight glass was for sure the way to go with my US-made quartz banger. I have gone back and forth lately between my trusty Puffco Peak Pro and the classic rig and torch experience, but have started to use my rig a lot more often for the strains that seem to have more going on with them. For this review I enjoyed a medium-sized cold start dab. It did take a little poking and scraping at the edge to get the hash to detach from my tool; it’s quite sticky and a tad stubborn in that department. As I heated the banger, it was fun to watch this very lightly colored rosin bubble politely and transform into a thin, cloud-like vapor.

Klondike Barz Live Rosin Jam from Mighty Melts Review

Flavors & Mouthfeel

The flavor of the Klondike Barz is subtle, sweetly minty, and exceptionally smooth. It’s just a very, very clean hash on the palette that almost dares you to take a second, bigger dab immediately. I didn’t cough once or even come close, and the silky nature of the vapor itself was fairly remarkable with the cold start dab. I didn’t experience any dry mouth either, which of course can always be induced with enough consumption, but the actual mouthfeel is oddly sublime. 

The tradeoff for the velvety smoke is that it's quite light on flavor, even though it does taste very good in the way an refreshing aperitif might. It’s just that it ends a little too soon, so I found myself taking multiple, small dabs over the course of an hour or two as I went through the rest of the jar. The terpene test results weighed in at just under 7%, which is certainly solid but aren’t broken out into discrete terpenes by concentration unfortunately. Even though I didn’t detect any strong citrusy notes in the aroma or flavor profile, I would guess that limonene makes a meaningful behind-the-scenes appearance as the effects lead me to believe.


I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy both of the strains that went into Mighty Melts’ Klondike Barz cross in flower form previously, which I mention mainly because I couldn’t find anything out about this particular cross online and that both Platinum Punch Remix and Platinum Kush Mints (both being projects from In House Genetics) are worth seeking out individually. This live rosin jam however is a rather potent, energetic, and cerebrally-engaged strain that I’d put much more in the orbit of the sativa galaxy. It’s not one I would reach for to downshift into relaxo-mode, but the effects could be summarized as a well rounded, day time-friendly rosin.

It consistently offered me a sort of playful, thoughtful high that would be excellent for any appropriate social situation where being sober isn’t necessary or perhaps for watching comedy. I did find however that while lighter consumption episodes did not yield a particularly stony reality, medium sized globs and above certainly did, almost to the point of what I’d expect out of Haze-type strains. If you’re after a concentrate that puts you in a good mood and is rather versatile, I’d definitely recommend picking some of this hash up to keep in the stash.

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