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Mighty Melts Strawberry Lemonade Live Rosin Custard Review

Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Strawberry Lemonade Live Rosin Custard Review
Mighty Melts
Strawberry Lemonade
Sour Lemon Drop x Strawberry Guava
Sourced From
Mighty Tree
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Clean hash that’s lovely to dab
Limonene without the anxiety
Cerebral, creative effects


The Mighty Melts Strawberry Lemonade live rosin custard lives up to its name and is a nice lemony, lightly sweet flavored smoke that will get your mind going in thoughtful directions. The texture is a pleasure to work with, it smells like tart lemons, and actually has a mellow taste reminiscent of actual, homemade lemonade. If you happen to like limonene-forward strains that are excellent for doing something creative but not necessarily active, the Strawberry Lemonade will be right up your alley.


Mighty Melts’ denoted this rosin as a “live rosin custard”, which is a relatively accurate description if you’re familiar with those kinds of desserts, even down to the color. The variety we sampled here had a bit more of a wet, sugary texture than you’d typically see with a traditional cold cure while being a deep, ever so lightly amber blonde with a shimmer of glistening terps. Visually, the Strawberry Lemonade is very pleasing. It is also easy to work with using my dab tool and comes at room temperature. The rosin’s stability is notable given that it traveled a fair distance, sat in a warm car for a while, and seemed to be unchanged from the lab to when it was first opened.

Another noteworthy aspect of this gram of hash rosin is that Mighty Melts somewhat recently did a complete overhaul of their jar packaging. Not only did it come with an attractive raised foil patterned sticker that had a serrated seal to ensure it hadn’t been opened previously, but it also came with an airtight metal pop-top like disc which I have not seen before. The device did indeed pop open, indicating freshness, when I first did so. All of this is a nice touch that shows real effort from the hash production team to make sure its live rosin has the best shot at staying stable from Mighty Melts’ facility to the end user. 

After opening and closing the jar a handful of times, the metal pop up lid tends to reset itself, so be aware that may happen to you too as Mighty Melts has seemingly rolled them out across their entire hash rosin line.

Mighty Melts Live Rosin Packaging Example


When you first inhale deeply through your nostrils, the Sour Lemon Drop side of the equation dominates. It has a relatively tart, citrusy-aroma that contains few if any floral notes; you can almost smell how sour it is likely to taste. It’s only at the very end of the scent notes that you get a hint of strawberry sweetness, even though it's quite subtle. Strawberry Lemonade is an accurate name but this particular phenotype is heavy on the unsweetened lemonade with only a few drops of strawberry in the profile. It’s not exploding out of the jar but connoisseurs of limonene terpenes will especially enjoy the aroma.

Mode of Consumption

In order to get the best possible flavor, I went ahead and loaded up my mini rig with a little bit of water alongside its Joel Halen quartz banger. I did a small sized cold start dab, heating it to approximately 500°F before drawing deeply. The Strawberry Lemonade produces a nice, classic milky-white vapor.

Strawberry Lemonade Live Rosin Custard from Mighty Melts Close Up

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This batch of Strawberry Lemonade live rosin custard has a very balanced flavor that sits right in the middle of a starchy lemon/fruity sweetness venn diagram. It’s clean and smooth on the palette which is enjoyable. You can tell immediately upon receiving it into your mouth and lungs that it’s good, clean hash. I didn’t find myself reaching for water and there was no discernible cotton mouth either, which is a plus. Perhaps if you take a bigger glob that sort of thing is inevitable, but while stopping short of being refreshing the way a cold beverage can be, it’s in the ballpark of that feeling. 

The taste you get seemed to fade rather quickly and didn’t coat my mouth the way some of the heavier fruity or gassy strains tend to. Overall, it’s flavorful but on the lighter side of the spectrum which is somewhat of a surprise given the stated 6.35% total terpenes test result (which doesn’t go into any more detail than that). 


For me this turned out to be a surprisingly robust cerebral experience. The effects mainly sat right behind my eyes and in my cranium, leaving me to wonder about a variety of disparate concepts for much of the duration. As far as live hash rosin potencies go, Mighty Melts’ Strawberry Lemonade verges on the stronger side and clocks in at just over 73% THC. The small dab I took hung out for a while longer than I expected, which was a pleasant bonus but would need to be accounted for with heavier consumption if you had anything serious you actually needed to do. 

In my case, I’d describe the high as a slightly mentally energetic hybrid-leaning sensation that certainly didn’t make me want to go do anything active however. Throughout I kept finding my more purposeful thoughts clattering off the tracks while I started pondering some new, random line of thinking that I’ve since long forgotten. If you’re into lemony strains that don't leave you racy with anxious thoughts, but instead get your brain gears going, this one is probably for you because the comedown is a soft landing that I didn’t find particularly sleepy. For those who leverage cannabis to pursue creative endeavors, the Strawberry Lemonade is likely to give you quite a bit of rosin bang for your buck.

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