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Mighty Melts Ombré Citrus Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Cliff Haney
Last updated at
4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
Mighty Melts Ombré Citrus Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Mighty Melts
Ombré Citrus Cold Cure Live Rosin 90-149u
Ombré Citrus (Strawberry Pie + Satsuma Sherb + Oreoz)
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Wet Texture
Tropical Smoothie Smell
Dried Lemon Candy Flavor


Who needs an actual smoothie when you can just dab one instead? This strain reminds me of summer. I was just laughing and goofing all day after this one. It was easy to handle and portion the perfect sized dab without the sticky mess of something on the wetter side of the spectrum.


This badder was a breeze to work with, its soft and slightly firm texture allowing for easy handling and dabbing without leaving behind excess product on the dab tool. I would describe it as wet and juicy. Straight out of the fridge it is harder to stir but easier to portion out. After about an hour at room temperature it softens up significantly.

Ombré Citrus Cold Cure Live Rosin Strain Information


Opening the jar of this was like stepping into a tropical paradise, as its intoxicating scent wafted and filled the room. It smells almost identical to a Sunrise Sunset smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. A single whiff of this fragrant strain was enough to transport me straight to a sandy beach, with the warm sun on my skin and a refreshing drink in hand. Its aroma was a tantalizing mix of sweet pineapple, tangy citrus, and juicy mango, with each scent vying for my attention and creating a symphony of fragrance that lingered long after the jar was closed.

But beware - this strain is not for the discreet smoker, as its pungent smell is impossible to conceal. If you're trying to keep a low profile in a public place, it's best to keep this jar sealed tight and save it for a more private setting. Because once you've experienced the full force of this strain's tropical scent, you won't be able to resist the temptation to indulge in its equally delightful flavor and effects.

Mode of Consumption

This product was consumed using an Ill Glass Rig and quartz nail. I always use fresh water in my rig before trying a new strain - especially after a citrus strain similar to this one that is likely to take over the flavor of the rig itself. I opted for a cold start, a technique that would allow me to savor every nuance and subtlety of the rosin. I used a Blazer torch to lightly feather the nail with the tip of the flame until the rosin started to bubble. But I wasn't content with just savoring the flavors - I wanted to experience the full power of this product. So, after the cold start, I cranked up the heat to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the full force of the effects to wash over me.

Ombré Citrus Cold Cure Live Rosin Packaging

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Although the aroma of this strain was a tropical paradise, the flavor was a completely different experience altogether. As soon as I took my first hit, my taste buds were transported to the shores of Hawaii, with a distinct flavor of dried lemon candy taking center stage. The candy's distinct tangy sweetness was balanced by the bitter zest of the peel, making for a truly unique and satisfying taste sensation.

However, it wasn't just my taste buds that were affected by this strain's powerful flavor profile. As the vapor made its way down my throat, I was hit with a sharp punch to my throat and nasal passages. This is a common occurrence for me with pungent citrus strains, and it's a small price to pay for the effect. I would guess that this is from a strong concentration of limonene or valencene terpenes.


Imagine after exhaling that you put on trippy glasses and drive through a tunnel. As you slip on the glasses and enter the tunnel, the world around you begins to evoke the weirdest questions. Your mind starts to wander, and suddenly you find yourself fixating on the most peculiar of things. As you drive through the tunnel, you begin to wonder what lies within the walls of your apartment. Are there secret passages or hidden rooms that you've never noticed before? Or perhaps there are strange creatures lurking just out of sight, waiting to be discovered.

The sky outside the tunnel suddenly catches your attention, and you find yourself pondering the mysteries of why it's blue. Is it because of the way sunlight interacts with the atmosphere, or is there some other, more mystical reason behind its hue?

As you continue through the tunnel, your mind is filled with a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity. You laugh uncontrollably at the absurdity of your own thoughts, reveling in the sheer joy of exploring the unknown. And as you emerge from the other side, you feel a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for the world around you, forever changed by the magic of the trippy glasses.

This strain possesses an unparalleled potency and distinctiveness that sets it apart from the rosin varieties found on most shelves. Its impact is best characterized as a surreal, otherworldly sensation that transcends the body. I'm grateful that this particular batch had the ability to transform a stressful day into a tranquil one. Even a small portion was sufficient to produce a profound effect, allowing me to savor its benefits for an extended period compared to other jars.

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