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Lazercat Runtz X G Mac Crystal Water Hash Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:43 pm
March 24, 2024
Lazercat Runtz X G Mac Crystal Water Hash Review
Runtz x G Mac Crystal Water Hash
Runtz x G Mac 90-119µ
Sourced From
A Cut Above
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Greased up nicely
Creamy Skittles flavor
Perfect amber color


It’s easy to appreciate water hash in general, but when the gram is great, it’s a truly special and memorable experience. Lazercat did just that with their gram of Runtz X G Mac Crystal Water Hash that we picked up. These heads were greasy, and I mean the type of greasy where you set the gram on the counter for 15 minutes and the heads are melting together. Water hash can be hard to come by, especially high quality stuff like this. So if you just so happen to see Lazercat’s Runtz X G Mac in the form of Crystal Water Hash, snag it.


When we grabbed this gram from A Cut Above in Denver, it came out of the refrigerator and was packaged inside of a small white jar which was placed into a Lazercat branded box. The texture and color of the hash immediately out of the refrigerator was almost exactly like light brown sugar that had gotten partially wet and then dried. The trichome heads in this batch, whose sizes were denoted on the box label as 119-90µ, were a perfect pale-amber hue with very minimal debris speckles. They were almost entirely intact, but were beginning to grease up quickly after being unrefrigerated.

For review’s sake, I decided to leave this gram at the mercy of room temperature to assess what its texture would do. Even after just a few hours this hash was in a sticky pool looking like fresh press rosin. 

Lazercat Full Melt Ice Water Hash Runtz x G Mac Jar


I was excited to get my hands on this Crystal Water Hash because I’ve always been fond of Lazercat’s Runtz X G Mac, specifically in Ultra Premo Rosin Badder form, which has a very creamy, sour candy, hashy essence that can be hard to find. I definitely picked up on those same things in the water hash, but overall it didn’t express the Runtz X G Mac aroma as intensely as its pressed and processed cousin SKU.

Mode of Consumption

Like a majority of the dabs I take, I used my basic glass piece and a clean quartz banger for this review. My rig was filled with cold fresh water just above the incycler holes. Even though this hash was greasy when I dabbed it, I still opted to do the parchment paper flag ritual. I heated the banger and let it cool to about 475°F before melting the flag onto the quartz. It was a quick melt and left a dark amber pool of oil in my banger, which actually cleaned up very nicely in comparison to other water hashes I have smoked. If had to grade this product's "full melt" ability on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being FULL melt, I'd probably give this an 8.5.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

I pressed out a pretty good sized flag (which entails scooping the hash out of the jar and onto folded parchment paper to be flattened using the heat of your hands) as I wanted to maximize the flavor as well as make sure the heads wouldn’t burn. I was able to accomplish that right in that 450°F - 475°F range, which came with a delicious Skittles flavor. It had some creamy, maybe floral undertones but overall it was candy-forward. 


Another reason why I’m a fan of Lazercat’s Runtz X G Mac strain is that it’s perfect for relaxing without passing out. After a good sized flag, I was able to fully sink myself into the couch, yet motivated enough to pull my computer out and write this review. It’s a great evening strain and pairs well with some background music and a resting activity. After a second dab flag about an hour after the first, the effects stacked and I felt a lot more hazy and weightless. The potency of this hash and its long lasting effects helped calm my mind which eased some anxious thoughts.

Overall, Lazercat's Runtz X G Mac strain has earned its place as one of my favorite strains for chill nights. Its ability to induce relaxation without causing drowsiness, coupled with its long-lasting effects and calming properties, make it the perfect companion for a peaceful evening. So, if you're looking for a strain that can help you unwind and find serenity without knocking you out, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

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