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Lazercat Crown Jewel Cold Cure Hash Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:47 pm
March 24, 2024
Lazercat Crown Jewel Cold Cure Hash Rosin Review
Lazercat Cannabis
Crown Jewel
Becky Got Back + Grape Cookies
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
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Soft and gooey badder texture
Full body relaxing effects
Multi-dimensional flavor and aroma profile


Lazercat’s Crown Jewel cold cure live rosin expresses a complex layered aroma and flavor profile. With its sugary but not fruity scent and a slight hint of herbaceous funk, this cold cure is a unique blend of two strains that delivers a mild and relaxing experience. If you’re seeking out a rosin badder with a perfectly cured creamy texture, Crown Jewel is sure to please.


This gram of Crown Jewel Premo rosin badder from Lazercat was stored in the refrigerator until it was purchased from A Cut Above. We didn’t re-refrigerate this product after purchasing it so we could assess its shelf stability when stored at room temperature. The gram was packaged in a small white jar (without the fitted paper sleeve that Lazercat usually includes) and placed into a branded paper box. Much to our delight, Crown Jewel is a soft and gooey, yet viscous, badder texture. It wasn’t formed into a ball or puck, but rather it was taking the shape of its jar, reminding us of a whipped honey or creamy flan.

Upon being exposed to natural light, the surface of the rosin exhibits a glossy sheen. The white of the jar meets with the edges of the rosin to display oozing terpenes that contribute to this badder’s overall wetness. After about an hour at room temperature, the rosin looked looser and like the top layer was beginning to slightly soften and liquefy. When introducing a dab tool, this product showcased its thickness and revealed its sticky texture, stretching as the dab tool was pulled further from the jar.

Premo Rosin Badder Lazercat Crown Jewel Product Box Image


Upon smelling the unsmoked product, the nose initially detected a sugary aroma with a subtle herbaceous undertone and a definite hint of funk. Despite Grape Cookies being one half of this blend, grape nor any other fruit trait is not prominent here. While the aroma was convoluted, this product gave the impression that its flavor would be more sweet-forward.

Mode of Consumption

While I love dabbing off of a quartz nail, I decided to give this product a try using Puffco Peak Pro with a little bit of water. I heated the rig to 510°F (or the green setting) before dropping the product into the standard ceramic bowl. I find that heating the product in unison with the Puffco burns off some of the most favored flavor notes before the user can even taste them.

Premo Rosin Badder Lazercat Crown Jewel Package Details Image

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This blend between one of my personal favorites, Becky Got Back (Becky BX1) and Grape Cookies (GSC X Grape Kush), tasted as complex as it smelled. The flavor journey starts with funk at the very beginning and is finished with more of a spicy / pepper note. The smoke from Crown Jewel was not as smooth as I had hoped and came with a sharp hit to the throat.

Once this product had been melted and vaporized, it did leave behind a pretty dark and grainy residue in the ceramic Puffco bowl. The Puffco temperature could have been a factor here, but ultimately live rosin can carry tiny organic matter and/or trichome husks, especially a full spectrum product like this one.

The aftertaste that Crown Jewel left in my mouth was a complicated flavor combining both herbaceousness and citrus rind. The hints of citrus rind should not be mistaken for fruit flavor though and the “citrusy” aftertaste came as a bit of a surprise, given I hadn’t noticed that aroma or flavor until after it was vaporized.


While the smoke from the Crown Jewel was a bit on the harsh side, the effects were definitely desirable. After exhaling, I was immediately met with full body relaxation that felt heavier around the chest and neck area. My favorite characteristics of Becky Got Back, such as the warm wave of comfort and the body-heavy effects, came through in the Crown Jewel. Overall it has a soft onset that doesn’t necessarily smack you in the face immediately. 

In terms of the sativa-hybrid-indica spectrum, Crown Jewel felt very hybrid-indica leaning. I didn’t experience any racing thoughts, increased heart rate, or energy bursts like I have with a strain like Sour Animal from Green Dot Labs. The effects were almost entirely physical and overall pretty mild. While it felt more hybrid-indica leaning, the blend surprisingly didn’t make me feel tired. Another thing to note is that this blend did not alter my thoughts or emotions at all. I felt very present and clear-headed after the dab, just a bit more relaxed.

I smoked the Crown Jewel at 2:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon. My only dab before that was early that morning, around 8:00 AM, so I don’t think the first dab had any effect on the Crown Jewel experience. In my opinion, Crown Jewel is a good blend to try for those who may feel anxious after smoking. For me, a seasoned dabber, I feel like I could smoke Crown Jewel at any time of day and still be able to continue whatever I was working on before. Since it does provide some great relaxation, I would definitely recommend this product in the evening or at a time when you don’t have a lot to accomplish.

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