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Green Dot Labs Peach Oblivion Live Rosin Jam Review

Cliff Haney
Last updated at
4:45 pm
March 24, 2024
Green Dot Labs Peach Oblivion Live Rosin Jam Review
Green Dot Labs
Peach Oblivion Live Rosin Jam
Rambutan #2 x $@%&! Cake
Sourced From
Kind Love
Terpenes %
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Peach Candy Flavor
Shelf Stability
Hundreds of THCA Crystals


Bursting with an array of taste and smell, this Peach Oblivion live rosin jam from Green Dot Labs delivered an unparalleled sensory journey. The entire experience had me reminiscing on my favorite childhood candy - Trolli Peachie O’s. It’s hard to beat the feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket that this strain delivered. If you’re looking for relaxation, incredible flavor, and shelf stability this jam won’t disappoint.


Immediately out of the refrigerator, this jam resembles a thicker, more solid crystallized badder. After letting the rosin reach room temperature you will be mesmerized by the layer of flowing terpenes that will slowly separate from the micro crystals as the jar is tilted to the side. Rosin jams are able to flow and take the shape of any container unlike any other rosin texture. The oven cure this rosin experienced before hitting the shelves created hundreds of tiny THCA crystals in this jam that are a lot of fun to stir with a dab tool. 

The way the terpenes shimmer in the light make the pale golden color of this jam very enticing. The clarity of this product made it easy to identify any contaminants in the jar and this product was one of the cleanest I’ve seen after inspection with a macro lens.

The no frills packaging approach of this rosin is something I can get behind. It’s just a standard jar with labels. The best part of this packaging is the included hash maker note of “Peach Gummies”. This perfectly captured the essence of this product.

Peach Oblivion Live Rosin Jam Packaging


Among the sea of rosin strains available, only a handful possess the unique ability to permeate the room with their aroma upon uncapping the jar. This particular strain stands tall among them, boasting a fragrance reminiscent of succulent peach candy with a subtle undercurrent of gas, an irresistible scent that speaks to almost anyone that encounters it. This rosin jam's texture was carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of its aromatic compounds over time. Remarkably, even after a week without refrigeration, the bouquet remains undiminished, offering a consistently fresh and delightful experience.

The potent smell and taste of peaches leads me to believe that this strain is heavy in D-limonene, linalool, and geraniol, but without any terpene test results it is hard to pinpoint with certainty.

Mode of Consumption

In my quest for the pinnacle of flavor exploration, I chose the path of the cold start, a method that has never once disappointed me in my voyage of discovering new products. But before delving into this uncharted strain, I knew that I had to show my Ill glass rig some care by replenishing it with fresh water – a standard practice to honor the vessel that brings me so much delight. While the rig is an important element, I find that a proper American made quartz nail is essential to the perfect dab. After getting an idea of the flavor and effects from the cold start, I followed up with a traditional dab at about 500°F. This seemed to be the perfect temperature for me to balance flavor and the intensity of effects I was seeking.

Peach Oblivion Live Rosin Jam Macro

Flavors & Mouthfeel

It will be hard to forget such a close resemblance to my favorite childhood candy - Trolli Peachie O’s. The initial notes were an explosion of sun-ripened peaches. The distinct essence of juicy peaches transported me to an orchard on a warm summer day, plucking the fruit fresh from the tree. But the complexity of this rosin's flavor profile did not stop there. Just as I began to revel in the pure, sweet pleasure of the peaches, a subtle twist emerged. A gentle undertone of tartness crept in, reminiscent of the mouthwatering tanginess that often accompanies these delightful candies. It was as if I had bitten into the candy itself, feeling the balance between sugary sweetness and a faint zesty tang.

I’ve always been a sucker for a sweet and fruity strain. My sweet tooth often makes me want to skip dinner and go straight for dessert. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be craving this treat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was surprised that the subtle gas smell didn’t translate to the flavor of this product. Green Dot Labs is known for their impressive genetic library and this special cross of Rambutan #2 (Papaya x Guavaz 74) and Candy Cake (Zkittlez Cake x Jungle Cake) lived up to all of the hype.


After consuming this strain, the soothing touch of relaxation gently enveloped me. This unique strain boasts the exceptional power to both relax your body and sharpen your mind, making it the perfect companion for moments requiring focus and mental clarity. As you enjoy the warm embrace of relaxation, your mind awakens with heightened attentiveness, poised to tackle tasks with newfound purpose and precision. Within this union of mind and body, you unlock a profound ability to effortlessly navigate challenges. Whether indulging in creative pursuits, problem-solving, or simply immersing yourself in the present moment, this strain unveils a mental acuity that inspires productivity and excellence.

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