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George Hashington Wedding Pie Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
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4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
George Hashington Wedding Pie Live Rosin Review
George Hashington
Wedding Pie Live Rosin powered by Outlaw Cannabis
Wedding Pie (Wedding Cake x Grape Pie)
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
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Smooth to inhale
Relaxation go-to


Hashy-sweet and essenced with hints of freshly baked lemon meringue, George Hashington’s Wedding Pie Live Rosin lives up to its dessert-inspired name with its smell alone, which is enough to make the mouth water. Not only that, but it is the perfect strain for winding down and easing the mind into a quiet state for a while. From its perfectly cured, creamy texture to the loud wave of earthy, citrus-cream terps that take over upon unscrewing the cap, this product is a go-to and it’s worth writing home about.


As someone who has purchased multiple grams of George Hashington’s Wedding Pie, all which came out of the refrigerator at Horizon Cannabis in Lakewood, CO, it’s safe to say that this strain gets better with time… and when kept at room temperature… I said what I said! Wedding Pie starts as a nice round dollop in the center of the jar, and gradually “melts” into a gooey rosin pudding that takes the shape of the jar after about 24-36 hours at room temperature. 

The way this strain changes textures after being at room temperature is one of the most fascinating and satisfying traits about this product - especially since it’s cured already. It’s almost exactly like leaving a solid stick of butter out on the counter, it doesn’t melt, it just softens. I didn’t dab this gram until it was the melty texture stated above, which I prefer, and upon putting the dab tool it was like dipping into a brand new Betty Crocker cake frosting, adding to the overall sensory experience.

George Hashington Wedding Pie Live Rosin Macro Shot


From the second I opened the Wedding Pie Live Rosin after it was pulled out of the fridge, it had a pungent, cheesy, and slightly skunky aroma that you could pick up without even getting close to the jar. After the 24-36 hours at room temperature, the aroma enhanced itself, adding notes similar to fresh lemon meringue or cheesecake. The mouth watering terpene rich sweetness, likely provided by the Grape Pie, is an aroma that I seek out time and time again, as it has become a personal favorite of mine.

Mode of Consumption

Central to my world of dabbing rosin is my Puffco Peak Pro. I find myself choosing the Puffco over the quartz nail more often lately, which is what I did for this Wedding Pie review. I heated the device up to 530°F, a custom setting I created using the Puffco app. As per usual, I did not add any water to the Puffco. While I have dabbed this product many times and at various temperatures, all in the 400°F - 545°F. At 530°, I find the effects to be most desirable.

George Hashington Wedding Pie Live Rosin Packaging Shot

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Flavorwise, Wedding Pie doesn’t taste as sweet as it smells, but you get the essence of a baked good with a hint of herbaceousness and a random touch of earl grey tea. The hashiness is definitely present in the flavor and leaves an earthy taste in your mouth. The vapor was extremely smooth and milky white, leaving a clean, dark yellow oil in the Puffco bowl. While I love to take glob dabs, I typically take smaller dabs when using the Puffco so it doesn’t get congested with resin.


Immediately after dabbing the Wedding Pie, I was met with a chest, neck, and upper back rush. Following that, I found myself getting into the hot tub for some late afternoon relaxation. This coupled well with the strain’s soothing and floaty effects, allowing me to truly loosen up and unwind. This dab was my first of the day, so it hit a little harder than if I had taken a dab earlier. This was ideal for me, as I was seeking a heavy high with relaxing effects.

late-afternoonAbout 45 minutes to an hour after, I was pretty unmotivated to do anything but recline horizontally and find a good show. Lucky for me, it was Friday afternoon and I had nearly everything crossed off the to-do list. This strain may not be good for all situations, but if you’re seeking a serene moment, George Hashington’s Wedding Pie Live Rosin is one you can count on to deliver just that.

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