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George Hashington Garlic Breath Live Rosin Review

Cliff Haney
Last updated at
4:47 pm
March 24, 2024
George Hashington Garlic Breath Live Rosin Review
George Hashington
Garlic Breath Live Rosin
Garlic Breath (GMO x Mendo Breath)
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Pungent Garlic Smell
Garlic Dessert Flavor
Whipped Honey Texture


George Hashington’s Garlic Breath Live Rosin delivered a unique twist on its GMO lineage. This strain threw me a curve ball with its pungent garlic smell and sweeter garlic dessert flavors. If you were a fan of the Harry Potter Jelly Beans, you’ll surely be a fan of this blend of unexpected flavors. This strain is sure to turn you into a space cadet. After a fat dab at 500+ degrees Fahrenheit I felt like I was transcending time and space. The creamy whipped honey texture was a delight to work with. Watching it bounce as you poke it is incredibly satisfying.


The product was stored in the refrigerator where the texture was firm and crumbly. I like their no frills approach to packaging where there is no sleeve, box, or useless dab tool that people throw away. Just a jar of fire hash. After leaving it at room temperature for an hour it appeared to become more moist. I would describe this strain as leaning more towards a wet consistency. It has a very soft texture at room temperature similar to a creamy whipped honey product. The most satisfying aspect of handling this strain was the way it responded to a gentle poke from a dab tool, bouncing with a delightful buoyancy.

Garlic Breath Live Rosin Packaging


Imagine walking into a kitchen that is alive with the aroma of freshly sauteed garlic and cracked pepper. You take a deep breath, and the pungent, tangy fragrance fills your nostrils, making your mouth water. The longer you smell the product the more you pick up on the deep, earthy notes that bring to mind freshly tilled soil.

Mode of Consumption

With the aid of an Ill Glass Rig and quartz nail, I delicately heated the rosin using a Blazer torch, gently feathering the nail with the flame until the golden goodness began to bubble. In my quest for the ultimate flavor experience, I opted for a cold start, a method that has never failed me when sampling a new product. Before trying out this new strain, I made sure to refresh my rig with fresh water, as is my custom. To intensify the effects, I followed up the cold start with a hotter dab at precisely 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Garlic Breath Live Rosin Strain Information

Flavors & Mouthfeel

It was almost as if I had indulged in a scoop of garlic ice cream, a flavor that may sound unusual, but I assure you was incredibly delicious. The taste lingered on my taste buds long after I had finished, leaving me wanting more. This strain reminded me of the Harry Potter Jelly Bean craze, where seemingly strange flavor combinations turned out to be surprisingly delicious. The garlic taste was subtle enough not to overpower the other flavors, yet still distinct enough to stand out and make the experience memorable.


After the first hit, I felt my muscles unwind and my mind start to drift, creating a sense of calm that was hard to resist. As the effects settled in, I found myself becoming increasingly goofy, laughing at things that wouldn't normally be that funny. I felt a lightheartedness that was infectious, making it easy to let go of any stress or worries and just enjoy the moment.

I also experienced a sense of tunnel vision - a laser-like focus on absolutely nothing. 

Of course, all this relaxation and goofiness also came with the classic "squinty eyes". But even though my eyes may have been a little droopy, my spirits were high, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. A regular old space cadet.

This strain is perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon when you have absolutely nothing to do or worry about. When you’re just looking to take a deep breath and enjoy life. You have no deadlines to meet, no errands to run, and no responsibilities weighing on your mind. As you exhale the smoke, you sink deeper into the couch, feeling the softness of the cushions enveloping you. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing the effects to fully wash over you. Your mind wanders to happy memories, and you find yourself smiling without even realizing it.

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