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Egozi Peach Pit Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
8:07 pm
May 2, 2024
Egozi Peach Pit Live Rosin Review
Peach Pit - Ronald Pheno A5 Rosin
Peach Pit (GMO x Peach Pie)
Sourced From
Alto Dispensary
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Greasy and stable texture
Tart pungence
Genuinely sweet on the palate


Sour-sweet, earthy, and satisfyingly greasy, Egozi’s Peach Pit (Ronald Pheno) A5 Rosin, is an example of some of the best rosin available in Colorado. With its upfront tangy essence, this cured glob of goodness tickles the senses. If GMO crosses get you excited, this one is one you need to pick up.


We received this gram of hash from Alto Dispensary unrefrigerated, which is how all Egozi grams come, as they are made to last and be stored outside of a fridge. Inside the black and metallic branded box, wrapped nicely inside a tissue paper, was the black jar with a wood grain cap. Inside was a once perfectly round rosin ball that had “deformed” slightly since being hand rolled. It almost looked like a ball of butter starting to melt on a low heat surface, which was of course enticing to me. Off to a great start so far with zero signs of dryness. In fact it was quite the opposite. This Peach Pit was so loose and greasy that it simply refused to hold the curated sphere shape.

A closeup photo of a hand rolled ball of Egozi Peach Pit A5 Rosin

After shooting photos of the texture the way it came, I poked at it and manipulated it with a dab tool to cover the bottom of the jar. It transformed into a super greasy and creamy texture after a whip. I closed the cap and unintentionally left it for four to five days. It was in a puddle of its own terpenes when I opened the cap to finally dab it.

A photo of Egozi Peach Pit A5 rosin after it has been stirred from it's original state


The initial aroma I picked up on this hash was strongly reminiscent of lemon juice, and once the sourness hits your air passage, an undercurrent of funk follows. Hilariously, the ‘Ronald Pheno’ name was given by Mikey, the Lead Solventless Tech at Egozi, because of, “the way it smells on the plant…like Ronald McDonald’s cheeseburgers that were left in the backseat for a few days”. Super specific, and I’m all about getting creative to describe aromas and flavors. While I didn’t get cheeseburger exactly from the rosin, a similar interesting funk to what was noted during cultivation certainly comes through in a delicious, sour-savory way.

Mode of Consumption

I first dabbed this rosin with my glass rig and quartz banger heated to about 525°F. The hash bubbled gently for a couple seconds and then settled into a dark gold oil, which was duplicated on lower temperature settings in my Puffco Peak Pro with its new matching 3D Cloud Chamber (which is a massive step up over the regular atomizer, by the way). It produced a nice potent white vapor that gently grazed my air ways without any irritation when I used either my rig or my Puffco.

Packaging shot of Egozi Peach Pit A5 rosin showing the black and gold box the gram of rosin came in at two different angles

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This Peach Pit phenotype (aka the Ronald Pheno), was hunted in house at Egozi from a Great White Buffalo Genetics seed pack. As you might imagine a GMO and Peach Pie cross might be when it comes to the flavor, this was something special and quite tasty. As I inhaled the smoke and slowly exhaled after a few second hold, I stopped mid-exhale to taste the vapor. At first, it gave a sort of sour-floral essence, and then a bold garlicky-funk emerged as I exhaled. It was a perfect balance between sour and savory and a unique take on GMO.


Most of my encounters with GMO and its crosses or blends have led to pretty heavy and sedating effects. For me, this Peach Pit did pretty much that. Luckily it was the evening, so I could somewhat embrace its laid back qualities. I had some things to wrap up on the computer though (this review being one of them), so I dabbed this rosin and got comfy on the couch. I found that it took about 20 minutes before I actually started doing anything productive, as I was looking for what I wanted to listen to. My mind was not in a productive place and I kept getting distracted for the first 30 minutes or so. I managed to reel in my wandering mind and slowly knock a few things out one by one, which led to some end-of-day contentment. While these are the effects I prefer, I wouldn’t go for the strain during the work day or when I want to feel motivated. I would however, use this strain to wind down and possibly zone out into a TV show or movie.

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