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Äkta Rainbow Rozay (Sativa) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:41 pm
March 24, 2024
Äkta Rainbow Rozay (Sativa) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin Review
Rainbow Rozay 90 + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin
Rainbow Rozay (Cherry Cookie x Sunset Sherbert)
Sourced From
Reefer Madness
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Delicious sour-sherbert flavor
Legitimate cherry notes
Pure and well crafted


If you’re partial to hash rosin made from living-soil grown cannabis like the TerpGuide team usually is, äkta is definitely a brand you should check out. We recently picked up their 90µ + 120µ Rainbow Rozay Cold Cure Live Rosin, a sweet and sour cultivar that radiates notes of various fresh fruits. This texture is an example of dedicated craftsmanship and careful processing from the grow all the way through the press and cure. We've consistently had great experiences with äkta’s solventless products and encourage grabbing some if you see it on your local dispensary shelf.


This Rainbow Rozay hash rosin came in a sophisticated white jar with an äkta label and was placed inside of their signature orange trichome themed cylinder paper container. The cold cure is a golden-tan straw color that stands out in an appetizing way against the white glass. Its texture is thick, bouncy, and also fully moistened by terpenes. It’s effortless to play with and easy to scoop as the consistency is like soft clay.

Packaging image: cylinder paper concentrate box on its side showing the top of the box with a black background (Äkta Rainbow Rozay (Sativa) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin)


In my personal experience with äkta products, I’ve picked up on a specific organic richness that comes through on the nose consistently from batch to batch. It has something to do with their growing method and their use of living soil, it just makes the overall essence so much more distinct and gives it that lingering skunky hash aroma. Their Rainbow Rozay has that same familiar scent of course but what really steals the show is the sweet and sour array of fruit that smacks your nostrils. This strain has a lot going on - from sour peach to tart cherry and even hints of citrus, perhaps lime? There’s also a thin layer of zesty funk, similar to what Poon Tang Pie possesses.

Mode of Consumption

This gram of Rainbow Rozay went fast, which is a testament to how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I smoked a majority of this hash using my freshly cleaned Leisure glass rig and quartz banger. I aimed for the 525°F - 530°F temperature range to ensure optimal flavor fidelity, which allowed those delicate nuanced fruity notes to shine through. The remainder of this gram was shared with a friend via Puffco Peak Pro during an outing. Using the handy Puffco Connect app I set the temperature to 515°F, started the heating cycle, and dropped the product in once the Puffco vibrated. I prefer letting the device heat prior to putting the product in so I can preserve as many fragile flavor notes as possible.

Packaging image: cylinder paper concentrate box on its side showing the bottom label (Äkta Rainbow Rozay (Sativa) 90µ + 120µ Cold Cure Live Rosin p) with a black background

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Similar to the aroma, the Rainbow Rozay’s flavor was also fruit forward but in more of an acidic way. The vapor leaves a tart and sour essence in your mouth, like the aftertaste of biting into a ripe grapefruit or drinking tart cherry juice. Layered into these zesty notes is a subtle sweetness like a sorbet or sherbet has. As with all äkta products in my experience, this one has smooth and silky vapor that really feels like medicine when it enters your body.


As someone who can be sensitive to some sativa strains, I tread with caution when sampling äkta’s Rainbow Rozay, which was labeled with the (S) to indicate it as a sativa. I took a scoop that was probably 4X the CO MED’s recommended amount. That sounds crazy but that’s a pretty typical serving for me, plus their recommended amount is about the size of a grain of turbinado sugar. Almost immediately after exhaling I was hit with a pretty strong wave that created a bit of raciness. Most of the effects of the Rainbow Rozay were physical for me with the exception of the motivating mental stimulation. I did have some mild jitters, similar to caffeine’s effects, but those were short lived. Overall, Rainbow Rozay provided an uplifting sativa experience with relaxed body effects to balance it out. In the future I'd choose the Rainbow Rozay for morning or midday consumption when I'm seeking a fun pick-me-up. The strong sativa kick warrants moderation for me personally, but the strain's complexity and bright flavors are delightful nonetheless.

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