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710 Labs Lime Glaze #12 Live Rosin Sauce Review

Eric Vlosky
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4:46 pm
March 24, 2024
710 Labs Lime Glaze #12 Live Rosin Sauce Review
710 Labs
Lime Glaze #12 Persy Sauce 90u Live Hash Rosin
Lime Glaze #12 (Glazed Cherry F2 x Key Limeade)
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Actual sweetness of flavor
Shelf stable live rosin sauce
Calming effects


710 Labs Lime Glaze #12 hash rosin sauce, which is a T4 Persy 90u product of theirs, is resoundingly sweet in flavor and offers a politely balanced high that perhaps leans slightly into indica territory. The Lime Glaze #12 isn’t full on fruit, but is more reminiscent of a delicious hard candy on the palette than the name suggests. While we wouldn’t necessarily say this is a strain that will unwind you after a long day, it will definitely satisfy just about anyone who enjoys quality solventless hash. 


While we’re going to spend most of this review more or less raving about the terps the Lime Glaze #12 puts out in its live rosin sauce form, the texture is a true crowd pleaser. It lands somewhere between a tiny jar of applesauce and wet sugar that’s a beautiful, very pale yellow. The tiny white crystals lurking in the terpenes when isolated on a dab tool get even lighter than what you see in the jar or the pictures here, which is quite visually appealing. This saucy, terpene-rich, mini THC-crystally rosin is both easy to get the exact sized dab you want and to play with. Another bonus is that it’s completely shelf stable from what we can tell, having been sold at room temperature and left that way since. For long term storage, refrigeration in an additional airtight jar is always suggested, but this gram probably won’t make it that long to warrant such preservation measures. 

Another perk that 710 live hash rosin has is the use of small mostly or entirely airtight jar lids for each gram, which in our experience definitely keeps it more terpene rich for longer. Beyond the jar itself, the 710 boxes are deluxe by way of the slick magnetized close functionality and the tiny “Intel” paper pullout which boldly instructs the following: DAB AT LOW TEMPERATURES FOR ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Agreed.

Persy Sauce 710 Labs Lime Glaze #12 Product Image


The Lime Glaze #12 has a fairly complicated aroma that took a lot of sniffing, comical eyebrow raising, and mental calculating to get to the bottom of. It isn’t overflowing with fruity cherries or citrus terpenes, but is some funk-backed mixture of the two. This conundrum demanded a little research on the genetics. Kief Sweat, the breeder behind the Glazed Cherry F2 side of the equation, has a nice little blog about the strain that’s loaded with pictures. Umami appears to be responsible for Key Limeade’s heritage, and has crossed it with many other strains, so clearly it has strong genes worth expressing in multiple crosses. 

Admittedly the scent of this one is puzzling, but in a very good way. Is it sweet? Yes, but alongside the citrusy hints is a subtle skunky edge that hints at baked bread or some other savory thing you’d be just as happy eating as you would dabbing. After reviewing what other descriptions out there of the hash’s aroma describe as “sweet lemon chocolate” or “fresh baked donuts”, the batch we received seems closer to the latter. A fruit jelly-filled donut might be right on the money here, but regardless of where this phenotype that 710 Labs washed lands, the smell is enticing… whatever it is.

Mode of Consumption

Another day, another dab out of the Puffco Peak Pro. I started with a smallish sized dab on the blue setting, which equates to 450°F and always wastes a little bit for a consistently terpene-rich experience (forgive us if you end up reading the phrase “waste to taste” about 1,000 times on TerpGuide). It’s always satisfying to watch the hash you put in quickly melt into a puddle of terpy, hashy goodness at the bottom of the ceramic dish.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Upon inhalation, the flavor profile of the Lime Glaze #12 from 710 Labs reveals itself slowly and not all at once like some hash strains do. Much like the aroma, the essence of this one takes a little untangling. It starts out softly sweet, like a delicious fruity hard candy that coats the inside of your mouth, and fades into a mildly hashy aftertaste that doesn’t completely linger. It also doesn’t leave you reaching immediately for a drink; it’s creamy on your palette and wants to be appreciated, which was easy enough. Perhaps a higher temperature dab of it would render these comments differently, but it is much more of a subtle, varied sweetness across the board than we expected. 

Despite the fact that 710 Labs denotes this as a tier 4 product, meaning it’s generally not a highly sought after flavor profile combined with being a higher yielding strain, we might politely disagree this time. It may not be rare, but it is good hash. The Lime Glaze #12 Persy sauce is definitely one that discerning dabbers will enjoy who can appreciate a more tranquil terpene profile that speaks a little more softly than some of the other popular fruit-dominant hashes. Suffice to say, it’s louder in the jar than it is on the tongue, but the summation of its flavor is quite pleasurable.


The ongoing enigma extends all the way into its high, which seemed to roam in the territory of a mentally relaxing, mild body high above all else. I tried the Lime Glaze #12 promptly at the end of my work day, which perhaps contributed to this effect, but it isn’t something I’d dab much earlier if I had important things to do. On a weekend or day off however, I’d wager I would have some just about any time and found it surprisingly introspective. A visually stimulating documentary or easy walk suits the Lime Glaze #12 perfectly if you tend to want to do a little something when you wind down. 

On the spectrum of possible effects that a 710 Labs live hash rosin might deliver, the Lime Glaze #12 is comfortably perched in the middle of “pretty chill” on a venn diagram. Coming down from the dab induced a bit of sleepiness and hunger, although neither of those elements seemed present during the bulk of the high. As with much cannabis consumption in general, how much of the final effects are driven by one’s pre-inebriated state versus the cannabinoids themselves is a bit of a toss-up, but after multiple samples, this one delivers the same experience consistently. If you’re trying to relax without being worthless, the Lime Glaze #12 Persy sauce will point you in the right direction. 

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